"Come alone, we will also come alone": in Russia and the United States appreciated the footage of Putin's negotiations with Biden

The American White House tweeted video footage of talks between US and Russian Presidents Joseph Biden and Vladimir Putin on Tuesday December 7. One of the main topics of conversation between the heads of state concerned the situation in Ukraine.

VKontakte users from Russia and Twitter users from the United States reacted ambiguously to what they saw. Here are some comments:

Come alone, we will come alone too

- noticed one of the readers, hinting that Vladimir Putin came to the meeting alone, while Biden called several of his subordinates.

And don't take the knife, we'll take it too

- added the previous comment by another user.

Actually, Putin was not alone either.

- wrote Pavel Berezkin, attaching "fotoeba".

Biden is not the age to negotiate for 2 hours. He cannot perform adequately for 5 minutes, he confuses everything. And here is so much time alone with Putin

- said Shamil Ammaev.

Biden's Yankees are afraid of leaving their defective one-on-one with Putin. After all, he with insanity can demand that Alaska be returned to Ukraine, Crimea - to the Japanese, Donbass - to Assad

- echoes Word Xl.

As I say, Biden cannot do without help. Someone must remind him who is the President of the United States and who is the President of Russia, and what is generally going on in this strange room without windows.

- Sergey Korshunov supported the conversation.

How cute ... Even Biden has a portrait of Putin in his office

- joked Artsfluencer, attaching a photo of the American president in front of a duplicate screen with Putin on the wall.

"Come alone, we will also come alone": in Russia and the United States appreciated the footage of Putin's negotiations with Biden
  • Used photographs: Press Service of the President of Russia, US White House
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 8 December 2021 15: 47
    Photo toad is credited.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 8 December 2021 16: 48
      and I like the humor of our users)
      in general, the Internet is certainly cool thing
      1. Vladislav N. Offline Vladislav N.
        Vladislav N. (Vlad) 8 December 2021 21: 08
        Quote: Alexander P
        and I like the humor of our users)

        Strelkov I.I. called this photo "Schoolboy at the teacher's council."
        Good humor?
  2. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 8 December 2021 23: 31
    No need to laugh, such conversations are supported by a platoon of translators and a whole regiment of analytic advisors who track everything in real time, right down to gestures and facial expressions. This is political poker - who bluffs whom or catches who bluffs. or you can lay out such a card in time that your partner will bury himself and save ... and on many issues ... diplomacy ... this is not a complete Arctic fox behind Lavrov's back - here the Arctic fox and the Armageddian are in trump cards, and fate rushes to the table millions of people and billions of evergreen bucks ... Do you think this is just a conversation between two men over a can of beer by the garage? These are the faces of two opposing sides. Emotions are tracked and analyzed, who said what and what he wanted to say, how he blinked, how he scratched, is the smile kind or mocking? In this regard, Biden is needed by the American elite - this is a mummy, without a glimpse of emotions and intelligence, a talking head ...