The Nord Stream 2 project was predicted to end in the event of a war in Ukraine

The information orgy about Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine, which has lasted for several months in the West, is increasingly reminiscent of a well-thought-out plan. According to him, Kiev should start active hostilities in Donbass, after which Western countries will accuse Moscow of interfering in Ukrainian affairs and put an end to the Nord Stream 2 gas transmission project, additionally imposing sanctions on the Russian Federation.

The West has only to convince Ukraine that nothing bad will happen to it in case of war, and the attempt to "liberate" Donbass will end well. Indirect confirmation of this theory is provided by numerous statements by American and European functionaries, in whose words the specified pipeline, the conflict in the Ukrainian southeast and Ukraine as a whole are intertwined.

For example, the head of the largest faction in the European Parliament - the European People's Party, German Manfred Weber said that if Moscow uses force against Kiev, the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 will be completely ruled out.

When Putin uses weapons, then it will be the end of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

- he predicted (quote from the German newspaper Handelsblatt).

The functionary believes that the situation around Ukraine is "a test for the NATO bloc and the entire Western community, based on similar values." At the same time, the Alliance must make it clear to Russia that its actions against Ukraine will have a "high price". In addition, he pointed out that the new government of Germany (the coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP) should also clearly indicate this.

Weber is known for his repeated anti-Russian statements - it is a "relay" policy USA in Europe. He is a member of the German political force, the Christian Social Union in Bavaria (CSU), which until recently controlled the German government in an alliance with its sister party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany. (SPD).
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 5 December 2021 20: 26
    At the same time, the Alliance must make it clear to Russia that its actions against Ukraine will have a "high price".

    Let's predict what the price will be?
    SP-2 will not receive certification. But why are we fixated on SP-2? He still does not work. It may not work further.
    SP-1 and all other flows can suddenly stop for scheduled repairs. Or unplanned. How it goes.
    Ukraine's GTS will suddenly be damaged. As a result of hostilities or terrorist attacks.
    The total gas export from Russia to Europe is currently estimated at 168 billion cubic meters per year. Or 14 billion cubic meters per month (if the calculator doesn't lie to me). What is the spot price? I should multiply by a thousand bucks, but something tells me that I will have to multiply by 3-4 thousand bucks. I ran out of zeros in my calculator. And this is only a month.

    I would say so. Any intervention by the Alliance in Ukrainian affairs will have an extremely high price for Europe. I simply do not presume to calculate this price.
  2. tulip Offline tulip
    tulip 5 December 2021 21: 34
    SP-2 has already paid for itself without even working. Nothing will happen to the pipe - it may lie for another 10 years until they freeze in Europe. Any "hellish" sanctions against Russia will turn into billions of dollars in losses for the West and a collapse of the economy, which is tied to the same Russian resources and the huge Russian market. The question is - will the Europeans and Americans suffer for the Banderaites?))) They will not - we will just see another sobbing and condemnation and that's it. No one in the West is ready to fight and die for Svidomo Crimea or Donbass
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 5 December 2021 21: 52
      There is one more moment for Europe. There are millions of migrants in Europe. And hundreds of thousands (if not millions) on benefits and in camps. Moreover, what is remarkable, almost all of them are in the countries of Western Europe. This is all flammable material. Will they endure hardships, hunger and cold from which they fled their countries?
      I think that the Alliance will have to take care of the security within its countries.

      According to legend, when King Cyrus captured all of Asia Minor, the Spartans sent their ambassador

      “I have come to inform you, king, of the will of my people. We, the Spartans from the Peloponnese, demand that you do not harm any cities in the Hellenic land, because we Spartans will not tolerate this.
      After listening to the message of the Hellenes, Cyrus said to the Spartan herald, not hiding his contempt:
      - I was never afraid of such people who have a certain place in the middle of the city where they gather and under oath deceive each other. If I live, the Spartans will have no time for other people's troubles - theirs will be enough!