Will Putin be able to stop NATO rushing to the East?

The last days were marked by a number of very tough and uncompromising statements made both by high officials of our country (up to its president) and by the "top officials" of NATO, as well as the leading countries of this bloc. Practically, all of them dealt with an extremely painful for Russia and fundamentally important issue in the eyes of the North Atlantic Alliance: the prospects for its expansion to the East. First of all - at the expense of the countries of the "post-Soviet space". At the same time, if the rhetoric of the "North Atlanticists" was, in general, traditional - both in essence and in terms of the level of anti-Russian "intensity", then fundamentally new notes sounded in Moscow's speeches.

The demand for an official NATO refusal from further expansion towards our borders has never been presented by the Russian leadership. Now it was voiced by Vladimir Putin himself, who made it clear that these are not “routine” phrases, but a fundamental moment in which the Kremlin does not intend to retreat a single step. At the same time, the negotiability of our Western opponents on this issue initially raises extremely serious doubts. There are very specific reasons to believe that for them this is the same fundamental line in relations with Russia, which they do not intend to surrender. Let's try to figure it out - is there even a hypothetical chance that a mutually acceptable compromise will be reached on this issue? And also to understand what specific circumstances could contribute to it.

"Better later ..." or is it too late?

How far the saying that “later” is still better than “never” is applicable to the current situation is a very controversial question. By and large, a barrier for NATO's advancement to the East, to the Russian borders, should have been erected back in the time of Mikhail Gorbachev, in the process of the orgy of the triumph of "new thinking" arranged by him, whether it was three times wrong. Speaking about the "reunification" of Germany and other similar things, the secretary general was simply obliged to raise this topic. His pitiful assurances that his "partners" from Washington and London promised him something and even "guaranteed" should not be taken into account, since history does not know even the most miserable piece of paper with records of the corresponding content. And in general - could the one who made the surrender of the interests of the USSR and its physical destruction as the goal of his life, in principle, care about such moments as the depth of the subsequent advancement of the North Atlantic Alliance in the territory where there is absolutely nothing to do? Gorbachev was simply not worried about anything like that.

The next step that gave NATO confidence that it was free to do absolutely whatever it wanted “from the taiga to the British seas” was the aggression against Yugoslavia, which the Russian leadership was already powerlessly and wordlessly staring at. After that, it became somehow inappropriate to try to "roll out" any "present" to the North Atlanticists. Moreover, given the then state of our army. While we enthusiastically “disarmed” and carried out “conversion”, NATO was marching victoriously to the East, absorbing first the member states of the Internal Affairs Directorate, and then the Baltic republics of the USSR.

We admit the obvious - to put any “barriers” before the North Atlantic Alliance, who was too presumptuous and believed in its indisputable military superiority over the “country-gas station with rusty missiles”, was completely useless until very recently. We would simply, excuse me, be sent away - and in the most rude and offensive form. To change the Alliance's level of perception of what was said in Moscow, they needed "Vanguards", "Zircons", "Prometheus" and everything else - according to the list. And also a number of essential points that are worth mentioning separately. Reunification with Crimea, a successful campaign in Syria, disruption of the "color revolution" in Belarus, the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh stopped at Moscow's will - all this makes our "sworn friends" look at Russia in a completely different way and, albeit forcefully, reckon with her. One should not forget one more factor - the potential possibility of concluding a military alliance between Moscow and Beijing, which is the most terrible nightmare for the entire "collective West", and, above all, for the United States. However, as we can see, even this was not enough.

What was said in response to the words of Vladimir Putin and Sergei Lavrov that Moscow will not ask, namely demand from the North Atlantic Alliance "written guarantees of the security of its borders, including in the form of legal obligations to stop expanding to the East"? Jens Stoltenberg's impudent speech that "it is not for Russia to decide the issues of Ukraine's joining NATO, it is not for her to establish spheres of influence and control its neighbors." And also the absurd words of the head of the US State Department, Anthony Blinken, who, it seems, did not hear the head of our Foreign Ministry at all and who began to demand from him "the withdrawal of troops from the Ukrainian border" and "the implementation of the" Minsk agreements ". "Dialogue" between the deaf and the mute in all its glory ...

Is the "Belarusian crisis" in the style of the "Caribbean" inevitable?

There is nothing surprising in what is happening. Blinken, Biden, Stoltenberg, Johnson and all other Western "men" act on the basis of the postulate, which is absolutely indisputable and determines all thoughts, words and deeds: "We won the Cold War!" And if this is so, then Russia, which is (according to its own statements) the legal successor of the USSR, should humbly accept the realities arising from this fact, and not try to change anything. In order for the "collective West" to retreat from this delusion, mere words about "red lines" and warnings, even the most formidable ones, are not enough. To our great regret, there is a feeling that the matter will not be complete without a large-scale, if not a global clash, testing the strength of the forces and determination of the opposing sides. In the past, the most striking example of this should, perhaps, be considered the "Cuban missile crisis". It was called, as we remember, just by the US attempt to get close with its Pershing to our very borders.

For all my personal dislike for Khrushchev, I must admit that the subsequent "symmetrical" response from the USSR, as a result of which our nuclear missiles soon ended up in Cuba, was most likely the only possible option for an adequate response to these actions. This excursion into the past is presented in order to make an assumption - in the current conditions, you will probably have to act in exactly the same way. Vladimir Vladimirovich, it seems, has recently announced "a number of military-technical measures of a protective nature" that should be taken in connection with the "approach of NATO's military infrastructure to our borders"? And Alexander Lukashenko, if his memory serves right, also made it clear recently that he does not object at all to the return of our nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus, for which he has “all the sheds preserved”?

Well - here is a ready answer to the question: "What to do if NATO atomic bombs appear even in Ukraine, but at least in Poland?" Immediately take advantage of the kind invitation of Alexander Grigorievich, while certainly explaining in detail which capitals of Europe these warheads will be aimed at. Potential Caribbean-style crisis? And in another way it will not work in any way. All peace-loving appeals from the Kremlin will continue to be lost in vain, without being backed up not just by force, but by a real demonstration of readiness to use it. With Ukraine - generally a separate conversation. It has been said many times that delaying a cardinal solution to this issue will not lead to anything good.

And here you are - the head of state is forced to “broadcast” almost every day the idea that the “military development” of this territory by the West should be stopped immediately, and the “anti-Russia” project implemented on it, if not curtailed, then at least put to pause. And the point here, by and large, is not at all about the formal membership of Kiev in NATO. He will never receive it - and this is perfectly clear to everyone. Here it is somewhat different - not only the Alliance, but also the "collective West" as such, must clearly and distinctly make it clear to Ukraine that it has no prospects in this direction. And it never will. In fact, to renounce the "nezalezhnoy", created by him in 2014, in its current eerie and ugly form, leaving it to his own fate. It seems to me that this is what Putin, by and large, is trying to achieve, and not just guarantees of non-deployment of missiles "near Kharkov". All this applies to Georgia to the same extent. The situation there is not so tense yet, but precisely that “for now”.

The current conflict over "NATO's eastward movement" actually has a much deeper meaning than it seems at first glance. The military-strategic aspect is only one of its sides. In fact, we are talking about a global rethinking of the structure of the world and the establishment in it of completely new spheres of influence - in no way repeating the Cold War times, but not those that were established by the United States and its allies during the period of their “unipolar” hegemony. Based on this, we have to admit that neither a simple, nor, moreover, a quick resolution of this conflict can be expected. Stop the North Atlantic bloc and moderate its unhealthy ambitions to an absolute minimum either by military force (and this is fraught with a global nuclear war, that is, the end of the world), or by a whole range of actions, during which, alas, our country will have to balance on the brink of military confrontation or international isolation (at least - attempts of such). However, there are simply no other options for Russia. Vladimir Putin is unequivocally right that all the "red lines" of her national interests are openly ignored by the West and further developments in this vein will not lead us to anything good.

To ensure its own stable and secure future, Russia will have to force both the North Atlantic Alliance and the entire "collective West" not only to peace, first of all, to the recognition of our country's new place and role in it. The task is, in principle, realizable - only strength and determination would be enough.
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  1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) 3 December 2021 10: 08
    Vova has already stopped. Ukraine will never be here. And Georgia will not be in here. Because Russia created such conditions in these Papuans that they could not. And so they wanted
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 December 2021 10: 59
    The task is not to stop NATO's advance to the east, this is already a fait accompli, but to withstand the political, economic and military aggression of NATO
  3. sgrabik Offline sgrabik
    sgrabik (Sergei) 3 December 2021 11: 17
    In general, we need to stop these clumsy attempts by any means to make peace with the United States, we need to clearly and much more confidently defend our national interests without regard to claims and objections from the West, we must not succumb to pressure from the United States if we again give in and again back down, we will miss all our opportunities to restore our importance in world politics.
    1. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
      gunnerminer (gunner miner) 3 December 2021 12: 02
      Stop. Don't have to. Make sure. Do not give in. That was good 50 years ago. Under the mighty USSR.
  4. gunnerminer Offline gunnerminer
    gunnerminer (gunner miner) 3 December 2021 12: 01
    Of course it will. NATO is afraid of being left without gas. It is afraid of the Poseidoners, Petrel, Caliber, Vanguard, Peresvet. It is afraid of de-dollarization. So the sanctions will be lifted. laughing
  5. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 3 December 2021 13: 27
    Going to figure it out, there is no point in attributing the sinister "warlock" goal of surrendering the interests of the USSR to such a pitiful character as Gorbachev.
    For such purposes, there is a fully capable owner.
    The states used Gorbachev only to break up the Warsaw Pact.
    They made the collapse of the USSR with the hands of another character.
    Yeltsin and his team, under the pretext of “fighting party privileges,” staged a palace coup in Moscow, destroyed the USSR and tricked Russia and its people into capitalism. It happened before my eyes. I didn’t get out of my Moscow business trips then.

    After that, it became somehow inappropriate to try to "roll out" any "present" to the North Atlanticists.

    This is when in 2004 the question of joining NATO of the Baltic states was being decided.
    Now, under the muzzles of revolvers pointed to our heads from the Baltic states and not only, it has finally become completely “appropriate” for us.

    To change the Alliance's level of perception of what was said in Moscow, they needed "Vanguards", "Zircons", "Prometheus" and everything else - according to the list. And also a number of essential points that are worth mentioning separately. Reunification with Crimea, a successful campaign in Syria, disruption of the "color revolution" in Belarus, the armed conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh stopped at Moscow's will - all this makes our "sworn friends" look at Russia in a completely different way and, albeit forcefully, reckon with her

    This is where you saw that they began to look at Russia in a new way?
    With great appetite, you mean? I only see an increase in their self-confidence.
    This, by the way, casts great doubt on the real effectiveness of the notorious factor:
    "Vanguards, Zircons, Prometheus and everything else - according to the list."
    As for the success of the USSR in 1962, in addition to the deployment of missiles in Cuba, a “warning shot” was also fired by nuclear weapons (the Tulip exercise).
    Such actions could have been made by the current government even before 2004, and did not require either Vanguards or Poseidons.
    If she didn’t do it then, she won’t do it now.
    1. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
      YES UZH (YES) 4 December 2021 07: 23
      Especially polite ones do not react to words, but mock and mock. We need a weighty sobering argument to demonstrate.
  6. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 3 December 2021 13: 54
    “We won the Cold War! And if so, then Russia, which is (according to its own statements) the legal successor of the USSR, should

    Russia owes nothing to anyone except its own people! All the more so for the West.
    You have not won. There was a gentlemen's agreement to end the Cold War and liquidate military blocs, as a result of which the USSR removed its military from the West and closed the Warsaw Pact. But the West turned out to be not a gentleman (which he never was!) And deceived the USSR. This is not a victory, but fraud and cheating. And swindlers and cheaters end up hitting in the face with candelabra.
  7. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 3 December 2021 23: 23
    Dear Author, Alexander Necropny, just give Luka a Russian nuclear weapon on "his territory", depending on "his favor" - there will be a uniform, then you will not end up with such a manipulative lever - it will get such a manipulative lever, "make a nightmare with his whims" (Putin will and Shoige "la-la," Poplar "")! fellow
    Remember the voiced "reverse plans" of the Arab League for the oil transit pipeline, when But Father Russia did not give up something as he wanted! winked
    So it’s just that the Russian oil pipeline is within walking distance, and not nuclear missiles on conveyors! winked
    Who knows that Father will still climb into his head, seeing such power at his side, in which direction it will swing ?! what
  8. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 3 December 2021 23: 25
    Everything will depend on Putin's decisiveness. In the West, they reason like this. For the sake of preserving the profits of energy companies, Putin will gradually give up positions. And somewhere they are right ... If there is already talk about the deployment of nuclear weapons on the territory of Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Ukraine ... Not because of the good life now Shoigu tells us about the desirability of moving the capital to the Asian part of the country. Putin clearly, without any grimaces, must tell the West that the first missile deployed in the specified countries will lead to the destruction of these facilities. That is, there will be a Cuban missile crisis-2. The West understands only strength ... There is no other way.
  9. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 4 December 2021 01: 58
    "Better later ..." or is it too late?

    In general, I see it as "late", alas!

    They don’t wave their fists after the fight!

    Now all that remains is to "build mines ..." like "I didn't really want to"!
    In 2014 in Ukraine (as before in 2008 in Georgia), the Kremlin's "strategists" hopelessly missed the moment of the "window of opportunity"Did not put the squeeze on, overcautious, self-confidence and a bit of insolence were not enough "to win back in full", they were content with a little, they say, "a tit in your hands and okay"! winked
    But a synergistic effect could have been achieved from the reunification of the not yet "banded" pro-Russian, South-Eastern, part of Eastern Ukraine-historical Novorossia with Russia!
    But the Russian bourgeoisie, as well as the Ukrainians, were frightened by our Russian Spring with its passionate anti-privatizing socialist popular slogans.
    And they, old "respected partners" in a joint "gesheft", in the "best traditions of imperialism", together began to choke and drown in blood the Russian Spring, its recognized leaders of the people!
    Because Why would the nouveau riche, who "rose" on the "dashing privatization" of the national Soviet property, need a flourishing developing Russia and the happiness of hundreds of millions of ordinary workers, if what they "grabbed" will be nationalized in the interests of the Russian State and all its citizens ?!
    Now, after so many years, the effect of surprise has been lost - the collective West and Washington, heading it, have been "warned" of such sudden "blowouts" by the cornered Russian government (and the threat of a very imminent loss of the Sevastopol naval base of the Black Sea Fleet, which arose after the February "Maidan override" RF, in the absence of an acceptable Novorossiysk, and a shameful flight, under the pressure of the bloody outrages on the peninsula of the Banderva and brutal gangs of Crimean Turkomans, from Crimea, against the background of the universal massacre of Russian residents, with the already falling rating of President Putin and his "rowing team by 2014 ", the presence of" borisek "and" impudent "leading the case to the Maidan, unhindered subversive actions of liberal" foreign agents "in the Russian Federation itself, was such a" dead corner "!) and, therefore," armed "- not only figuratively, but and literally!
    Russia "has become stronger" - so the West has also become stronger since then!
    Already after 2014, NATO members have become more active, they are re-equipping themselves, they have transported a lot of military equipment from across the ocean (and they are still being transported), repeatedly conducted exercises to Europe and eliminated most of the discovered "jambs" in infrastructure and logistics! They conduct constant air and ground reconnaissance along the entire perimeter of the Russian borders (and reconnaissance satellites and unmanned space bombers constantly hang over the heads of the Russians), conduct frequent air and naval exercises with the development of "training nuclear missile strikes" on key targets in the Russian Federation!
    The nuclear arsenal of the Russian Federation does NOT scare the leaders of the West at all - they even stopped conducting exercises of their civil defense on actions under the threat of a nuclear attack!
    Alexander, do you remember from the history of ancient Russia of the period of the "Tatar-Mongol yoke" how the specific Russian princes, without fail, left their sons hostages in the Horde, as a guarantee of their loyalty and obedience ?!
    The same is true today, with those living (temporarily or permanent residence with citizenship, as, for example, with the wife and daughter of Putin's press secretary, who will not try to neutralize the "nuclear briefcase", seeing how the "patron" rustles with "codes" and tries on to the "red button" of launching ballistic missiles on the "family's country of residence" ?!) in the West by children, wives and close relatives, property and foreign currency accounts of Russian officials and businessmen!
    Although according to the Constitution, the foreign policy of the Russian Federation is determined by the president, but Putin (like the "most loyal ally of Russia", the "Russian with a quality mark" is the Belarusian Father) is greatly dependent on his "team" and its sponsors, therefore, never, in his right mind , will not go against "his own (he also says publicly, they say," we do not abandon our own! ")"!
    It's as clear as God's day!
    But VVP, of course, is a good fellow - he knows how to "tell beautifully" ("throw a spectacular phrase into the crowd") and with a sly "all-knowing" smile, "meaningfully", "keep a pause" (we watched the same Soviet films, we remember this "secret of artistic success" of an elderly theatrical "prima" played by the unforgettable Vija Artmane yes )!
    The Vanguyu-collective West will continue to incite its vicious mongrels, introduce discriminatory sanctions, "squeeze" the Kremlin and Russia as a whole on all fronts, and in 2024 "will not recognize the elections" and will try once again to "stir up the Maidan", knowing full well that for this, nothing will happen - only instead of the already "crossed red lines" the Russian authorities will "draw" the following ones - even closer to the walls of Moscow, and in such a tense "international situation" the problem of "transit of power" cannot be disregarded, especially "let it go"!
    China will get overwhelmed and, in the end, come to an agreement with the United States (and then Beijing will "sit on the river bank and wait, who will take out whom" so as not to fail to take advantage of the "opening opportunities"!) - the Chinese guys are pragmatic and know how to not wash, by rolling, "wrap around" sharp corners! request
    And with what, then, on what, Moscow can "balance" ?!
    It is necessary to equip in every possible way, to put things in order in your own home, and the first step is to overcome this mocking ugly gap in the standard of living between the super-rich minority of nouveau riches and the impoverished working majority of Russian citizens!
    In addition, it is necessary to seriously work with the ideology and promising goals of the development of a multinational Russian society (without distortions in national policy and privileges for individual national minorities)!

    IMHO, I do not impose.
  10. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 4 December 2021 12: 49
    Will Putin be able to stop NATO rushing to the East?

    Photo credit for the article! yes laughing