"Russia needs to show strength": readers of The Drive on the escalation between Russia and NATO

Readers of the popular American resource The Drive appreciated Russia's capabilities in the field of confrontation with the West. The reason for such an exchange of views was a new article in the magazine, where they tried to analyze the reasons and consequences of the expected "invasion of Russia" in Ukraine in the light of the recent statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the alliance does not admit the idea that the Russian Federation has any rights on the sphere of influence. This statement was a response to the previously voiced opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the "red lines" for the West in Ukraine.

Separately, the authors of the article touched upon the topic that the alleged "invasion" has a chance to become a reality due to the need of the Crimea for fresh water, the source of which is now blocked by Kiev.

Reader Comments:

If Putin decides to invade Ukraine, in whole or in some areas, then what next? After the occupation, I guess NATO will have to send troops and machinery to support its member countries such as Poland, Latvia and Lithuania ... and the Ukrainian government will be forced to retreat to one of the NATO countries in order to regroup and fight back with the remnants of its own forces. And of course, NATO will have to supply everything necessary for this ...

- writes MimiDaisy.

The only way to pacify a bully is to show him his superior strength. If Russia believes that it can get away with the invasion, it will go on a campaign, but if it knows that it will have to pay a high price, it will remain in its hole.

- noted KBabcock.

It is one thing for NATO to protect the integrity of Ukraine. It is another matter to use Ukraine as a forward foothold for their own plans against Russia. And Putin is right, because the US has never respected Cuba's sovereign right to have Soviet nuclear missiles on its territory, has it? This game was initiated by NATO. Several countries were invited to join NATO when they had absolutely nothing to contribute to the alliance. The goal has always been to put the US military machine right at Russia's doorstep

- writes Pierre Aycard.

Can China be Dissuaded from Attacking Taiwan? I do not know. But I am really confident that Russia and Putin will be forced to retreat in the face of force. Will NATO be able to demonstrate it? Well, we'll see. And yes, Stoltenberg said everything well, 100%

- noted ArmchairExpert.

Considering that there is a crisis here, which Russia itself has created, then here it does not demonstrate an understanding of the situation. […] Why does the country, which ranks 11th in the world in terms of GDP, spend so much money on wars in Syria and Ukraine? There is no question that this behavior is precisely the reason why NATO and Ukraine would like to use containment methods such as those that Putin has labeled as the "red line." It's time to sit down at the table and discuss all this. Skirmishes make no one better

- commented Dazza06.

In my humble opinion, which I expressed earlier, almost all NATO actions in Europe since 1991 have been undertaken in accordance with the idea that the alliance will expand, period. Russia was asked to shut up and come to terms with this fact [...] In his Munich speech in 2007, Putin marked the red lines, and in Georgia a year later Russia was already acting in accordance with them. This is about the moment when all the speeches of Putin, and even more so, someone like Stoltenberg, became meaningless to the opposite side.

- noted Z'ing Sui.
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  1. Guest throat bone 3 December 2021 09: 50
    Strength is in truth, which one is stronger ..
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 December 2021 10: 56
    In the confrontation with conventional weapons, the Russian Federation has no chance due to the overwhelming preponderance of NATO in industrial mobilization and military potential.
    Mobilization potential of NATO - 500 million EU + 300 million US + their allies against 145 million Russia
    In the economic confrontation, the Russian Federation had a desire to enter the five leading imperialist state formations, i.e. as a maximum - to catch up with Nemetschina, Japan, Britain, France, not to mention the United States.
    The Russian Federation can oppose NATO on an equal footing only in the field of strategic nuclear weapons. The withdrawal of the Sshasovites from the treaties limiting strategic weapons makes it possible to increase them quantitatively and qualitatively, and the desire of the Russian Federation to maintain parity leads to a redistribution of the budget to the detriment of non-military sectors and, as a consequence, to social tension.
    Fully confident that the Russian Federation will not dare to use nuclear weapons in response to non-nuclear aggression, NATO and behaves accordingly in relation to the “homeless nation” - violates the borders, imitates nuclear strikes, moves military infrastructure to the borders of the Russian Federation, builds up its potential, conducts subversive work, openly calling the Russian enemy an enemy.
    The Russian Federation should show not strength, but Determination, as, for example, the DPRK does, whose potential and capabilities are incomparable with the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, he adequately responds to all provocations up to the destruction of border violators, and, accordingly, the attitude towards the DPRK is incomparably respectful, which was clearly demonstrated at least by the past Olympic Games.
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 5 December 2021 02: 43
      Mobilization potential of NATO - 500 million EU + 300 million US + their allies against 145 million Russia

      The US population is 335 million. Of these, 66,7 are under 15 and 43,6 over 65. In order to drive 300 million into the system, it is probably necessary to polls from 10 to 80 years in the army to shave, of all sexes and religious beliefs, the sick, the lame and the cunning.
      In my opinion, you got a little excited yes
  3. Valery Bor Offline Valery Bor
    Valery Bor (Valery) 3 December 2021 11: 31
    Those who do not know history are forced to repeat it ... How many times has a united Europe tried to punish Russia? You can lose count, but it always ended in the same way - they got the soup in full, ran away like mongrels, tail between their legs, whining and licking their wounds. The Russian Bear is kind and a little lazy, you can laugh at him endlessly, you can even bark at him for a long time, try to drive him out with packs of mongrels, but if he gets angry, woe to everyone who is around. He has already proven this many times. And it will prove more than once. It seems that every new generation of Russian apologists can't wait to get their portion of the "vaccine" ...