The Russians came. On the purposes of the recent visit of the CIA director to Moscow

"Russians are coming!" - with this cry, on May 22, 1949, the 1st US Secretary of Defense, Lieutenant James Forrestal, walked out of the 16th floor window of the psychiatric clinic, where he was receiving treatment after his resignation from the post of head of the Pentagon. He held this position from September 17, 1947 to March 28, 1949. So at the age of 57, the very successful life and career of a descendant of Irish immigrants ended. Prior to that, he worked very successfully in the US Navy, where President Roosevelt appointed him as his special assistant on June 22, 1940.

It came as a surprise to many when, just six weeks later, former naval pilot, lieutenant of the US Navy Air Force Reserve Air Force, James Forrestal, by Franklin Roosevelt's decision, was appointed to the post of deputy. Minister of the US Navy, where he proved himself to be a fairly skillful leader who managed to bring the industry in line with the needs of wartime. Therefore, when, after the unexpected death of his boss, Frank Knox, on April 28, 1944, from a heart attack, he took over his chair, becoming the 47th US Secretary of the Navy, it no longer surprised anyone. In this post, Forrestal very successfully led the US Navy in the last year of the war, which also included the demobilization of personnel at the end of active hostilities.

Not being a career soldier (Forrestal in 1917 received the junior officer rank of ensign, having completed training in the Royal Air Corps of Canada, having risen in 1919 to lieutenant in the reserve of the Navy, from which he retired), he insisted on the need to use sea-based aviation when conducting offensive combat operations at sea. However, his ideas did not find support in the US Department of the Air Force, created in 1947, which rejected his proposals for the construction of new aircraft-carrying ships, deciding that military operations should be supported by ground-based aircraft. However, a year after his death, Forrestal was proven right in the Korean War, which showed the crucial role of aircraft carriers in the wars of the new era. Therefore, as a tribute to the innovative ideas of the 1st US Secretary of Defense, the lead aircraft carrier of the new series of heavy aircraft carriers USS Forrestal (CV-59), launched in 1954, was named in his honor.

However, Forrestal himself, who gave the name to a whole series of heavy attack aircraft carriers of the United States, ended badly, going nuts on the basis of the Soviet threat. The words "Russians are coming!" have already become a meme. But the Russians then did not come to the rampant McCarthyism of President Truman's time. They will not come even now, although again all the media of the free world are full of similar headlines. For, as history teaches, Russians do not come themselves, they come only after someone invites them to visit them. And it’s a no brainer that if you don’t poke a stick into the den, the bear itself will not get out and hit on the neck. But why do our "partners", with persistence worthy of better use, continue to poke all kinds of obscenities into our den, this time using Ukraine as such?

There are many versions of why all the Western media are again talking about Russian troops being pulled to the borders of defenseless Ukraine. Sometimes they contradict each other. First, the simplest - all this was started in order to disrupt or maximally tighten the SP-2 certification. A task that was initially doomed to failure, because Russia is not going to attack anyone, as Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu have already stated more than once. It is impossible to force her to attack Ukraine. But they, of course, do not believe Putin's words and they are doing everything to ensure that she still attacked, inciting Nezalezhna. The second a possible version is the disruption of the upcoming US-Russian negotiations at the highest level. This already looks more like the truth, because the six months allotted by Washington to the Kremlin in Geneva for reflection expire on December 16, it is quite possible to continue the negotiation process in an expanded format, at least online. The recent visits of not the last people of the American establishment to Moscow testify to this (I mean the visits of the US President's Special Representative for Climate Affairs John Kerry, US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and CIA Director William Burns). Just like that, such people do not run to Moscow.

The third version - all this aggravation is the result of lobbying the interests of the military-industrial complex on the eve of the upcoming final approval in the US Congress of the Pentagon's defense budget for 2022. Articles in the leading American media about the growing Russian military threat are paid for by the military-industrial lobby, concerned with funding their projects. Only in the face of a clear threat to the closest allies of the United States can Congressmen be forced to fork out. Another thing is surprising - in Ukraine, which initially challenged such statements, suddenly began to sharply agree with them. The reason is trivial to tears - the threat of fuel and energy crises looming on the horizon, which not today or tomorrow should fall on Nezalezhna due to the complete unfitness of its leadership, who slept through preparations for the autumn-winter heating season and did not stock up the required amount of coal and gas for a calm passage of the season ... And now they only have a Russian military threat to try to distract their population from bad thoughts about the coming cold batteries and rolling blackouts. The staggering throne under Zelensky, rocked by Ukrainian oligarchs who have forgotten past disagreements and rallied in the face of the threat of zeroing their status, can also be kept only with the help of a possible Russian invasion. This can also include the scandal with Wagnergate, which was inspired by the overseas and overseas partners of the Ukrainian Soros in order to put pressure on the intractable Zelensky, pursuing his own goals, he can also be neutralized only by the threat of an impending war. Therefore, the pre-war trumpets are blown for a reason - all actors involved in this have their own goals and their own goal-setting.

So I thought, building my own fourth version of upcoming events, believing that with this white noise Biden is trying to cover up the real initiator of hostilities in Donbass, which, according to Washington's plan, should become intractable Kiev, but the whole world will have to learn from the unwelcome pro-Western media that the massacre in Donbass was actually unleashed by Putin. Why, ahead of time, public opinion is fertilized with fakes about the Russian military threat and the possible winter offensive of the Russians. And all this is only in order to accuse Russia of all grave problems before the fact of these "atrocities" and finally lower the "Iron Curtain 2.0" before it. But he is not the ultimate goal of Biden (what is the real benefit to him?). The real reason that prompted him to start this whole circus, from my point of view, is Washington's maniacal desire to persuade Europe to the so-called "green transition" lack of this raw material as such. After all, the consequence of the Iron Curtain 2.0 would be the chopping off not only of Nord Stream 2, but also of all possible streams connecting Russia with Europe. As a result of all this simple combination, America would impose a carbon tax on air pollution and the greenhouse effect on all users of fossil raw materials who use it for the production of the final product, and would extend its comfortable existence and dominance for at least another 100 years. And voila - the dream of the American establishment has come true. After that, Biden, with a sense of accomplishment, can safely go to another world, and the next aircraft carrier will definitely be named after him.

Bifurcation point. An attempt to conclude a new Yalta-1945

But meanwhile, I was not let go of the thought that in my reasoning I had gone down the wrong path. As you can see, anything can be convincingly proved, you just need to choose and arrange the available initial facts correctly. But what if all this smoke screen with thermal missiles, which I bought into, was actually intended to hide the preparation of the 2nd part of the Marlezon ballet, namely, the RF-US summit (part 2)? And all this white noise in the American press regarding Russian military preparations was directed only to strengthen the American negotiating position? To have something to trade at the summit.

Or could it be the intrigues of the so-called Capitol Hills, which do not agree with Biden's plans for rapprochement with the Russian Federation? I hope you can guess that not only in Moscow there are Kremlin towers, each trying in its own way to influence the decisions of the top leadership of the Russian Federation, but also in Washington there are hills that are waging their own wars for access to the body of Sleeping Joe and the decisions he made. Such notorious hills in Washington include the State Department, headed by the ideological Russophobe Anthony Blinken and his deputy Victoria Nuland, and national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who is essentially a CIA man in the inner circle of the 46th president, as well as both chambers of Congress, where a real menagerie, each individual of which has not yet been noticed in great love for Russia. It is these forces that are now rocking the boat, using the levers of influence available to them for this.

The thing is that right now our ball has come to the edge, near which the decrepit hegemon is forced to share the powers to rule the world, which he has so far single-handedly usurped for himself. But he cannot continue to pull this honorable cart on himself. There is not enough resource. And in the face of the threat that these powers will be taken away from him by force who economic and the military power of China and the Russian Federation, he is forced to negotiate. But, as always, he tries to carry them out from a position of strength. But the strength is not the same! Both Moscow and Beijing still hope that they will be able to part ways with Washington, outlining the rules of mutual existence, and adopting a new concept of world law and order for the next 50-70 years. The time has come for this. Who else, how not to negotiate? Naturally, there are opponents to this on both sides of the ocean (not only in Washington, but also in London).

Biden, oddly enough for us. More precisely for myself. But even he understands that the States have no future without the Russian Federation. Old generation politicians... Leaving nature. What is their change, you can see by looking at his vice-president Camila Harris - she filled up everything that she was not entrusted with. Dead-end branch of the development of the Negro nation. In Ukraine, the representative of this new generation of politicians, Zelenskiy, is a disgrace to the Jewish nation. Digital generation. Debilitated by a smartphone. Personally, I don’t know to whom to transfer the reins of government. Putin, by the way, too. So I do not exclude the next term of the GDP. May God grant him strength and health (although I did not understand him with covid, why would he need it? Digitalization and chipping of the population? People do not agree with forced vaccination, the rating has already fallen against the background of this pandemic terror).

By the way, the visit of the CIA director to Moscow in last time I may have misinterpreted. This was not an ultimatum from Washington, but an offer to cooperate. William Burns, after all, Biden's man, brought word from his boss - what could not be written, he conveyed in words. This was the real purpose of the visit of the head of the American foreign intelligence service to the capital. American General Wolf, just not behind his back, but on behalf of Biden. Whether I am right or wrong, we will see soon. Either the war in Donbass and the "Iron Curtain 2.0" with all that it implies, or the Russia-US 2.0 summit in an expanded format (even online) and the new Yalta-1945. Everything will become clear within the next couple of months (before the Beijing Olympics, which starts on February 4, 2022).
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  1. YES UZH Offline YES UZH
    YES UZH (YES) 30 November 2021 06: 02
    And the gibemon is still able to fulfill agreements and obligations, due to world, internal problems, the can will survive, the situation is similar to the USSR in the late 80s
  2. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 30 November 2021 08: 36
    No one and nothing with the United States will agree. The United States has shown to the whole world that treaties are an empty sound for them. The United States is squeezing out everything that is possible. , will confront the already fait accompli of new spheres of influence, which the United States no longer has the forces or influence to change for itself. And this process did not even begin yesterday. Yankees are well aware of this, hence all this rushing from threats to flattery, etc. But the train The Yankees lost this war, all they have to do is to minimize losses, which is what they are actually doing. The truth is very rude and clumsy.
  3. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 November 2021 09: 20
    At the new negotiations, it is time to raise the issue of the US debt to Russia for Alaska, money that the US squeezed and did not pay in full.
  4. Sofa division Offline Sofa division
    Sofa division (Maksim) 30 November 2021 11: 47
    Quote: Bulanov
    At the new negotiations, it is time to raise the issue of the US debt to Russia for Alaska, money that the US squeezed and did not pay in full.

    I propose to raise at times the standard of living of the POPULATION in the REGIONS. And the Ukrainians will come running and Alaska.
    1. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
      Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 30 November 2021 15: 38
      Division, you are not the first (first) to suggest this. I hear these messages from the Kremlin every year.