"Summit for Democracy" will split the world into two camps again

The "Summit for Democracy", organized by Washington, promotes the incitement of ideological confrontation and the creation of "dividing lines" in the world. This was stated by the ambassadors of Russia and China to the United States, Anatoly Antonov and Qin Gang, as part of a joint article, TASS reports on November 27, citing The National Interest, in which it was published.

An obvious product of the Cold War mentality, (this summit) incites ideological confrontation and (fosters education) in the world of schism, creating new "dividing lines

- emphasized in the article. “This trend is contrary to the development of the modern world,” the diplomats point out, stressing that such an approach “cannot prevent the formation of a global polycentric architecture,” but it can “slow down the objective process.

China and Russia strongly reject this move

- noted in the publication.

The joint article of the Russian and Chinese ambassadors to the United States, published in the American edition, is clearly not accidental and has a pronounced character of a geopolitical statement. The reason why high-ranking diplomats of the two countries wrote it right now is an attempt to give the world a signal that the United States not only wants to unleash a new Cold War on its own, but is also trying to drag a number of other states into it. And all under the pretext of developing democracy, which has become the hallmark of American foreign policy propaganda. After all, it is obvious that if the United States could privatize the very concept of "democracy" and patent it as a trademark, they would do it. American democracy is generally an extremely “useful” and “popular” export product. It is enough to ask the inhabitants of the Middle East countries bombed by the Pentagon - do they like the wondrous American understanding of the concept of the power of the people, for the sake of which their countries were destroyed in the bud? Thousands of people killed and millions of refugees is nonsense, isn't it? Obviously, democracy, according to Washington, is more important, so that the United States, under the pretext of promoting it, is again trying to satisfy its foreign policy ambitions. This time in the form of an international summit.

Countries for Democracy or the Washington List

The list of countries that will participate in the "Summit for Democracy", officially published by the US Department of State, includes 110 delegations. The countries of the European Union were invited by the States in their entirety, with the exception of Hungary, albeit a member of NATO, but adhering to an independent point of view on a number of fundamental issues. However, Turkey, another formal US ally in the North Atlantic Alliance, also did not find itself among the invitees, and for quite understandable reasons: relations between Washington and Ankara after the purchase of the last Russian S-400 missile systems gave a serious crack.

Analyzing the "Washington list", it is important to note which of the countries of the former USSR the United States has invited to the summit. According to the materials of the State Department, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia got there from among the former Soviet republics. And if the Baltic republics, Georgia and Ukraine were on the list is quite expected, given their current political leadership, the presence of Moldova and Armenia in it cannot but raise questions. First of all, to how their participation in the summit correlates with their position in relation to Russia. For example, when Moldova, on the brink of an energy collapse, needed to conclude a gas contract with a huge discount, it was Russia that went to meet her. While in Washington they kept silent, obviously, having forgotten about the promises to fill up the whole of Europe with their liquefied gas, and in the European Union, where the new Moldovan authorities are striving so much, they only “morally supported” by phone calls made “to the public” and posts about them , but already in social networks.

And the situation with the invitation to Armenia, in turn, requires a separate analysis, because it is the only country that is a member of both the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Eurasian economic union, which turned out to be included in the "democratic" list of the United States. By the way, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were not included in it. Which, however, is for the better, because the question here is not at all about the level of democracy in countries, but about how deeply the American foreign policy machine has taken root in them.

Why did the United States need another international structure?

Looking at the extensive list of states invited to the summit, a logical question arises: why did the United States need another international structure? And the answer to it is quite obvious if you carefully consider the American foreign policy of recent years. The shameful flight from Afghanistan, the inability to maintain their geopolitical positions in the face of the growing influence of Russia and China, as well as the persistent desire of Brussels to create its own army, which means that NATO in Europe may become unnecessary - all this leads to the fact that in Washington they are beginning to understand that step by step they are losing the fight in the international arena. And that is why, clinging to the fading concept of a unipolar world, torn apart by other geopolitical players on all fronts, the United States is seeking to outline around itself a circle of affiliated states that are, to one degree or another, satellites or potentially capable, according to Washington, of converting to such. So the main reason for organizing a "summit for democracy" is precisely America's desire to deepen as much as possible the contradictions between Western countries on the one hand and Russia and China on the other. To divide the world into friends and foes, loyal to Washington and dissidents - this is one of the primary tasks facing this meeting.

And if the United States plans to offend Russia by being included in the list of a number of post-Soviet republics, then the American leadership is trying to provoke China by including Taiwan as a guest, not paying any attention to the gross contradiction of this with its own statements.

President Biden has made clear that the United States is committed to the "one China" policy and the principles on which it is based. And he made it very clear that the United States is interested in the fact that there are no unilateral steps that change the status quo between the island and the mainland, and that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are maintained.

- This is how a high-ranking representative of the American administration described the results of the virtual meeting between Biden and Xi, which took place two weeks ago.

For the sake of consistency, it's worth noting that the virtual summit between the leaders of China and the United States took place on November 15th. The list of countries invited to the summit of democracies, together with Taiwan, which is part of it, was published by the US State Department on November 24. Thus, Biden's promises of the United States' commitment to the "one China" policy lasted exactly nine days. This is primarily to the question of the hypocrisy and negotiability of the current American regime, if someone does not understand.

Thus, announcing the creation of a new international structure, which is the Summit for Democracy, the United States first of all wants to strengthen its geopolitical positions and unite affiliated countries around itself as clearly as possible, which can really lead to a split of the world into two camps. "Democratic", which the United States is going to lead, single-handedly determining the list of its participants, and another, in which all other states that do not want to obey Washington and conduct a sovereign policy will inevitably find themselves. Among the latter, first of all, Russia and China, officially declared opponents of the United States, will turn out to be. What this division of the world can lead to, given the previous experience of the decades of the Cold War and the presence of nuclear weapons in both camps, is anyone's guess.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 29 November 2021 09: 29
    The United States treats the rest of the world as the American sheriff treats the Indian tribes. And while he will sell his stories about democracy to naive Indians, unnoticed by the "Indians" he will also sell him his dollars, which the United States prints annually in trillions. If this continues, then soon they may be at the price of Zimbabwean dollars. I remember how they took their lands from the Indians for glass beads. History repeats itself.
  2. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 29 November 2021 13: 28
    any such purely political and ideological undertakings quickly end where each country individually will be forced to choose between its national interests and the interests of the United States. When the US will demand to punish "undemocratic" countries with sanctions, rejection of projects, cooperation, etc. - by acting against one's own interests for the sake of a common ideology (for the sake of the interests of the United States), then it will become obvious that no one is ready for this, except for inadequate governments. The United States, as the main market of the planet, blackmails by restricting access to its market, restricting access to technology, and limiting military aid. But the fact is that more and more countries do not depend on the American market, benefit from cooperation with the "other world" and in the conditions of the global crisis and uncertainty can no longer sacrifice their interests for the rapidly weakening USA. Therefore, it is likely that more and more countries will refuse to sacrifice their interests for the sake of the United States. That the USA will see itself in a world where they will hear more and more "sorry, its not possible". Germany with SP2, an attempt to crush Huawei are only the first examples of the rejection of US initiatives. The world will not self-destruct in order to slow the extinction of the United States to one of several poles on the planet.
  3. Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 29 November 2021 18: 11
    The definition of the state as a political organization of the ruling class opens up the broadest opportunities for transnational corporations and banks to expand their influence throughout the world.
    Therefore, the goal of the summit of "democracies" is not a split of the world, but its globalization under the control of US transnational corporations. This is evidenced by the number and composition of the invited state institutions.
    We could also invite personal apologists for the “democracy” of rogue countries such as Chubais, Venediktov, a lady in a hearse, a sable, recognized by the “democrats” by the president of Belarus by aunt Tikhanovskaya, Nobel Prize laureate Aleksievich.
    In fact, all this is a motley bunch - an extras run by the Sshasovites, designed to create a critical mass and formalize the creation of a world "democratic" organization, but unlike the UN, under the sole control of the United States.
    Therefore, there is no place at the summit for those who disagree with the policy of the United States and, first of all, the PRC and the Russian Federation, which leaves them on the sidelines of life and deprives them of the possibility of any influence on the solution of world problems - war and peace, for example.
    I am aware of this in the PRC and the Russian Federation, because the main split is along the lines of the UN and the right of “veto”.