"After Ukraine there will be Poland": Gazeta.pl readers about the new crisis in the East

Readers of the Polish edition Gazeta.pl commented on another article about the allegedly impending military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

Poles are beginning to notice more and more the discrepancy between the picture of the world promoted by the media and reality. In particular, about the alleged "invasion" of the Russian Federation into Ukrainian territory under one pretext or another.

Some of the responses to the article:

American strategic bombers reach the very borders of Russia, but on the other hand, the Russian Federation has become one of the main sources of oil for the United States, which buys it in large quantities. Combine these two facts, and the picture becomes even more ambiguous. Yes, propaganda machines on both sides operate around the clock. But this does not mean that elites do not work only in the name of their own interests. Ordinary Ukrainians are only worse off because this winter they will be colder than usual.

- noticed herr7.

It cannot be otherwise with Bandera. I know a thing or two about that - they killed my uncle. As for the conflict over Crimea, not so long ago a Ukrainian general threatened that Ukraine would seize Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk by force. Russia's reaction was inevitable. […] The Bandera members themselves are not eager to fight; they flee, for example, to Poland from the draft. They want to provoke the Russians and then drag the world into a war to fight for them. They have no other choice but this: economically, the country is on the verge of collapse. There are less than a month of coal reserves left at power plants. If it were not for loans and money transfers from guest workers, Ukraine would have declared bankruptcy. She may not have done it yet, but will she survive this winter ?!

- says mlehc.

If the Russians cross the Ukrainian border without shooting, the Ukrainians will not shoot either. As in the Crimea. The Russians will enter peacefully, some Ukrainians and all Russians will greet them when winter comes. Well, because otherwise it doesn't make any sense. Especially when they see the cooperation of Germans and Russians, a weak Poland and an indifferent United States. And then the same "walk" will happen in the Baltics. Without war, what's important

- told Wranek.

After Ukraine there will be Poland. PiS has just disarmed our Motherland. Macerevich dispersed the reconnaissance, then the army. Where are the helicopters ordered under previous governments? Where are our unions? We have a conflict with both the United States and Brussels. We were left alone like in 1939

- drowned in panic gregin.

The surrender of Ukraine in favor of Russia was the beginning of the restoration of sovereign power. You cannot make the same mistake as in 1938, because this is the prologue to World War III!

- Ryszard Horała is indignant.

I have been saying for a long time that Russia should be isolated. A wall on the border, a ban on crossing borders for Russian citizens. Blockade of all traffic and a ban on landing for Russian airlines. Disabling financial instruments, blocking accounts, etc.

- demanded adrian.f.

Maybe ... maybe ... maybe ... maybe. This article is entirely based on speculation. So it’s worthless. And why would Russia invade Ukraine? After all, war and occupation are insanely expensive. What, the Russians suddenly became not enough of their own vodka and pickles?

- ridiculed the text of the reader press23.
  • Photos used: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. It is necessary to take away the Danzig corridor (a gift from Stalin) from the psheks and the Bialystok region. Next - let the sausage roll
  2. Alex Orlov Offline Alex Orlov
    Alex Orlov (Alex) 2 December 2021 10: 48
    A wall on the border, a ban on crossing borders for Russian citizens. Blockade of all traffic and a ban on landing for Russian airlines. Disabling financial instruments, blocking accounts, etc.

    I completely agree with this. But only Russia will not lose anything from this. And Poland will lose. We will replace our import / export with Poland, and they will have nowhere to go. They are European quotas, quotas ...)))