When leaving, turn off the light! Why is the United States so persistently blocking Nord Stream 2

Have you read the title? The states are also familiar with this expression, but do exactly the opposite. They plan not to leave in 2022, but to come to Europe with their LNG and put out the light there, making it prohibitively expensive for the residents of a communal apartment called the EU. As a result, Europeans will soon be unable to afford light. This is Biden's fix idea, with which he has been worn all the time, on which he tried to hook Putin at their June meeting in Geneva. Putin promised to think it over. I thought and did not come either to Rome for the G26, or in Glasgow for the XNUMXth climate summit, which greatly upset the old Biden.

Why is America doing this? I hope you don’t think the States are a villain who crap just because they cannot live differently, how are they trying to expose us in front of the whole world? That would be the simplest explanation, acceptable only to the idiotic Yankees. No, everything is much more complicated here - this whole fucking circus was started for a completely different super task. What exactly became clear at the 26th UN Climate Conference on Climate Change, at which Putin and Comrade Si did not come to Scotland, which greatly upset Comrade. Biden and made this whole climatic circus completely meaningless. What's the point in an action that was ignored by the protagonists?

The task of Biden, who muddied this whole masquerade, was to force the whole world to reduce the demand for electricity in front of the threat of an impending climatic danger, which, allegedly in 40-50 years, could lead our globe to overheating with all the ensuing consequences, such as melting glaciers, raising the level of the World ocean and inundation of most of the earth's land. The fact that this is a stupid primitive divorce, designed for suckers, with the goal of ensuring another 70-100 years of comfortable existence for the United States, which have undertaken the mission of receiving the lion's share of dividends from the carbon tax, which Biden was going to impose on all countries that produce hydrocarbons or use them in one way or another in the production of their final product (for example, smelting steel), it is clear even to a child, if his name is not Greta Thunberg. But what do you order the States, which are accustomed to living well, but faced an unexpected problem, that it is no longer possible to print dollars for this and scatter them around the world, exporting inflation there? It was here that Biden came up with the idea of ​​decarbonization, or in other words, a "green transition" to a carbon-free the economythat does not use in its production cycle e / energy generated by combustion of hydrocarbons. How can this be achieved? The solution was found truly congenial - it is necessary to reduce the demand for it by increasing the cost of electricity from gas and coal generation, equating it in cost with expensive green energy. E / energy should become so expensive that ordinary people and industrialists can no longer afford it in the same volumes, or in other words, it is necessary to make e / energy beyond the affordability of its consumers. And then the invisible hand of the market will itself bring the business started by Biden to its logical end, as a result of which investments in exploration and production of fossil energy resources (in particular, oil and gas) will become economically unprofitable, as a result of which the gas station in Europe will lose the lion's share of its income and, ideally, the ending will cease to exist altogether, disintegrating into molecules (who is our gas station in Europe, have you forgotten yet?). And voila - the idiot's dream has come true! A proud banner of stars and stripes flies over the whole world and it does not matter that the path to this lies through depopulation, de-industrialization and energy poverty.

"And whoever disagrees, we will turn off the gas!" - as the heroine of Nonna Mordyukova said in the famous film. In other words, whoever does not agree to play by Biden's rules in decarbonizing the economy and "green transition", the punitive protective duties on its environmentally harmful products produced using hydrocarbons are complete obstruction and ignore. Where will he go from planet Earth? Let him supply his products to Mars. She has no place on a green planet! As a result, he will bend himself to the joy of the hegemon. A place in the sun on planet Earth for just one. Bolivar will not stand two, let alone three (I hope, it is clear who we are talking about here? Beijing and Moscow, according to the hegemon's plan, are superfluous).

How can Biden achieve this? How to get Moscow and Beijing to subscribe to what is not profitable for them? This task seems impossible only at first glance. But you probably forgot who you are dealing with. If Moscow and Beijing do not want it in an amicable way, then they will want it in an amicable way. True, old Trump said exactly the opposite:

If you don’t want it in a bad way, it will be worse in an amicable way!

But Biden, unfortunately, is not Trump. Therefore, additional tools are used to solve a local problem. There are many of them in Washington's arsenal. But there is the simplest and cheapest one. You guessed it right - this is Ukraine. Right now, the good-natured Joe people are equipping her on her last journey, tying a suicide bomber with a belt and pointing the way to Donetsk. Under the Russian tanks, according to Washington's plan, their Ukrainian non-brothers should perish. And it’s not a pity, there is enough of this good in Ukraine. The best wars are those waged by someone else's hands. In these matters, the Anglo-Saxons are masters. How much can you feed a Ukrainian boar? Chekhov also said:

If a gun hangs on the wall in Act 1, then in Act 4 it must necessarily fire.

Now you are watching, just the end of the 3rd act. 4th is scheduled for January 2022. And it does not matter at all that it is Ukraine that will attack the Donbass first, the whole world will learn from the most unfavorable democratic media that it was Russia who unleashed the massacre there. It's not for nothing that they have been raping our brain for a month with information about the pulling together of Russian troops to the borders. Square... Putin is like that - he cannot live without Ukraine. What can I say? A sick man! Imperial!

The task facing Biden is extremely simple - he needs to declare the Russian Federation an aggressor and an outcast, include all possible sanctions and restrictions, cut off all flows, including the Ukrainian and Polish routes (only Turkish and Blue to Turkey will remain). As a result, Europe will remain without gas, prices for it, having taken off like a candle, will break through the ceiling at 3, and 4, and 5 thousand dollars per thousand. cubes, which in a matter of days will equalize gas power generation with green, which will make the latter uncontested. Voila! The American Dream has come true. Hello green new world and carbon tax! Another 100 years of American domination. What's a bad plan?

Baghdad Ban. Logistics rules the world!

Before you criticize him, I want to say a few words in defense of this idea. Contrary to popular belief that the First World War began because the young imperialist predator Germany, who was late for the division of the world colonial pie and demanding a revision of the status quo existing at that time, rudely and shamelessly unleashed it, taking advantage of the Sarajevo shot of the Bosnian Serb bomber Gavrilo Princip, who cut off the lives of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Archduke Ferdinand and his morganatic wife Sophia Chotek, in fact, everything was a little different. This war was not unleashed by Germany, but by Britain. Germany simply could not come to terms with the fact that the ruler of the seas at that time Britain controlled the entire world water area and 25% of its land with the help of her navy, and was unable to compete with her cruisers and battleships at sea began to build a transcontinental railway from north to south, known as Baghdad Ban, designed to connect the Baltic Sea with the Red Sea bypassing the Suez Canal along the route Hamburg-Berlin-Vienna-Sofia-Istanbul-Baghdad-Cairo-Basra-Persian Sea ports (now this sea is called the Red Sea) ... The emergence of this route would break the existing sea trade logistics flows in favor of the capitals listed above and make London nervously smoke bamboo, watching the German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires grow fat with the Bulgarian kingdom that joined them, and nothing about it. could do about it - his entire magnificent fleet on land was completely useless.

How it all ended, you know - the death of 10 million people and the disappearance from the world political cards of four empires (in addition to those listed above, through the efforts of the Germans who paid for the revolution in Russia, the Russian Empire, which fought on the side of the Entente, also disappeared). Only London and Paris benefited from this, as well as the USA that joined them. The consequence of the fact that Germany did not come to terms with its defeat was the Second World War (but this is a completely different story). In this whole story, we are only interested in the logistics that rules the world.

I hope now it becomes clear why the States, with perseverance worthy of better use, are fighting against Nord Stream 2, as well as against all streams connecting the West and East, Russia and Europe by land (the Chinese New Silk Road can also be here ascribe).

And if for the implementation of these plans it is necessary to extinguish the light in Europe, then Biden will do it without hesitation. If at the same time such a territorial misunderstanding as Ukraine disappears from the political map of the world, then this is not a question at all. This is her fate! What the hell is Ukraine when the existence and prosperity of the United States is at stake ?! Don't make me laugh, gentlemen, I beg you.
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  1. Nord11 Offline Nord11
    Nord11 (Sergei) 28 November 2021 21: 14
    Washington's new strategy in action - if you can't become stronger than your opponent, make him weaker ..
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 28 November 2021 22: 00
    Everyone writes what they think of.
    Previously, they wrote here - Putin was not invited. Here they write - Putin himself did not come anywhere ...

    And that the Omerev gas workers benefit from expensive gas is already clear. Market - pay, and the Arabs will also gladly sell.
    1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
      Volkonsky (Vladimir) 29 November 2021 04: 05
      where was Putin not invited? To Rome? Glasgow? what nonsense? Biden personally invited both! Personally tete-a-tete
      Biden doesn't care about gas, including his own LNG! who now prevents him from supplying its own gas to the EU? its task is to equalize brilliant green at a price with gas generation, and then reset the latter as such
      Somehow I thought you, Sergei, smarter! You read everything, but nothing remains on the hard disk, do you store everything in RAM? where after turning off the power, all bases are reset to zero
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 November 2021 12: 16
        Wah! how are you about your colleagues!
        Previously, there was an article about "neither to Rome in the GXNUMX, nor to Glasgow," that even remotely they were not allowed to speak online ...

        And what the authors cheat on the readers has long been clear
    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 29 November 2021 10: 27
      Putin promised to think it over. I thought and did not come either to Rome for the G26, or in Glasgow for the XNUMXth climate summit, which greatly upset the old Biden.

      Putin did not come because the West did not recognize the Sputnik B vaccine, which Putin was vaccinated with. What if they wouldn't let him in? Russian skaters were not allowed into the United States to compete, because they were vaccinated with Sputnik, not the Western vaccine! I think this is the most advantageous explanation of Russian diplomats for the recognition of Sputnik B in the Western world.
  3. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 28 November 2021 23: 05
    Let's remember why Russia lost the 1st World War. So as not to repeat the mistakes. And why she lost the cold one, although she won the hot one. That's it. We must take care of our welfare. Countries and people. This is our only weakness that can be corrected in a year and a half. And then everything can be solved. You don't even have to deal with Ukraine. They will come running and ask: what will you please? Zelya will immediately declare: I have always said that the main thing is to be together with Russia, because we are one people.
  4. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
    svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 28 November 2021 23: 12
    Yes, the reason is obscenely simple. Satellites of America, in the person of Poland and Ukraine, will lose very good income and someone will somehow have to compensate for them. America does not like to give money just like that. These two satellites and so under it, as dogs look at the owner, so what to pay for? That's why the states don't want flow 2
  5. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 29 November 2021 10: 25
    Quote: NikolayN
    Let's remember why Russia lost the 1st World War. So as not to repeat the mistakes. And why she lost the cold one, although she won the hot one. That's it. We must take care of our welfare. Countries and people. This is our only weakness that can be corrected in a year and a half. And then everything can be solved. You don't even have to deal with Ukraine. They will come running and ask: what will you please? Zelya will immediately declare: I have always said that the main thing is to be together with Russia, because we are one people.

    You seem to be Nikolai, though not the second, and you don’t know that the bloc that included Russia won in WWI, respectively, and Russia won, and only the collapse of the country after two revolutions did not give a taste of victory. But we were on the winning side. Thank you for this you need to know, the bourgeoisie and the generals of tsarist Russia. You have shown complete historical illiteracy.