A joint photo of the Russian and American military in Syria sparked heated debate on the web

Another joint photo of the Russian and American military, taken somewhere in the vastness of northeastern Syria, has appeared on social networks. At the same time, the uniform and combat equipment of military personnel caused heated discussions and controversies on the Web.

For example, on the VKontakte social network, the topic of "army leggings" on a fighter from Russia, dressed in the "kit of the future soldier" - "Warrior", which is a complex of modern means of protection, communication, observation, aiming, weapons and ammunition, was especially prominent.

Our leggings are in fashion

- wrote Dmitry Shakhov, whose comment received more than 90 likes.

In our army, contract servicemen followed this tight-fitting fashion, it is so dumb, not practical and inconvenient that I even felt sorry for them

- Anton Trifonov said in response.

Why is "Warrior" so wretched ?!

- asked Yuri Dud (journalist's namesake).

A Russian serviceman has a good modern domestic radio station of the Azart series (a unified tactical radio communication system - ed.), A bulletproof vest and a protective helmet are considered one of the best in the world, what's so bad about that?

- Petr Petrov drew attention in response.

Visually, very tight trousers look strange, everything else should not look, this is not a suit with a shirt or jeans, this is utilitarian clothing

- added Petr Petrov.

It is very sad to note that the US has better uniforms and equipment than Russia!

- says Roman Davyd.

These are normal leggings (women's leggings, tight-fitting legs - ed.). Where can I buy?

- Edward Brevchik joked.

Yudashkin put his hand again!

- thinks Ivan Ivanov.

What local fashionistas stuck to their pants, VVZ (army wind and moisture protection suit - ed.) Have not seen, or what?

- drew attention to Artur Kovalenko.

Where are the knee pads? The American has, and we have?

- Mikhail Gorbachev asked a question.

Green ... 100 percent camouflage in such terrain

- criticized Pavel Barinov.

The American looks much cooler ... And our trousers are kind of messy. For joint patrolling with the Turks, it may work

- Samvel Kamalyan thinks.

Guys, why are you breeding something - "the American's uniform is cooler, our guy is thin-legged" - like grandmothers in the bazaar, by God. Many served here, how much can you say about a fighter in appearance? Let me dress like an American now, and what, become a cool fighter? Normal fit kid, uniform - nothing superfluous, so convenient means and enough for all tasks

- Stepan Klimov sobered his colleagues.
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  1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
    Alexndr p (Alexander) 25 November 2021 09: 57
    Samvel Kamalyan.

    Roman Davyd

    Whose Karabakh? Oh, those Sochi critics wassat

    The uniform was suitable, when I served, the whole uniform resembled a substitute and everyone was different in the ranks - only the boots were the same for everyone, but then it was launched by Putin - the state defense order and rushed
  2. mark1 Offline mark1
    mark1 25 November 2021 11: 02
    Reasoning in style

    Don't you know that no one is fighting in a single-breasted one now?

    Like a ladies fashion show. Only the comments of those who practically fought in this outfit are of value, the rest is idle talk and rubbish.
  3. Georgy Soloviev Offline Georgy Soloviev
    Georgy Soloviev (Georgy Soloviev) 25 November 2021 11: 02
    Yes, against the backdrop of amerikos, the Russian serviceman looks like something completely ...
  4. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 25 November 2021 11: 07
    After reading the title, thought that the Web was "arguing" over the very fact of such a joint, American-Russian, photo, somehow "interpreted" in the light of the rivalry-confrontation in Syria between the Russian Federation and the United States "in the high empyrean", and the real relationship between Russian and American I was interested in military personnel "on the ground". winked
    And then, it turns out, "about the pants" there was a "dispute", who has "cooler and richer equipment" and how much "fashionable" ... "network bots" muddied empty holivar. wassat request
  5. Wild_grey_wolf Offline Wild_grey_wolf
    Wild_grey_wolf (Vladimir) 25 November 2021 11: 28
    And what about the cool American pants?
    That when he evacuates or moves, everything will interfere and cling, the Russian fighter has a reasonable compromise, there is a photo with more advanced equipment, I see the commentators forgot the brain on the pillow when they woke up)))) funny.
  6. Cynic's Corner Offline Cynic's Corner
    Cynic's Corner (Rams Rider) 25 November 2021 16: 43
    I think the most reasonable thing would be to snatch all these tick-tokers and blokhera right on the street, send them to a medical board in some hospital so that they don't get a medical certificate for the slope to buy about enuresis and flat feet and send them all to serve, for example, in Zheldorvoisk. To recruit the battalion "Sphincter" from them and send them all to serve somewhere on the BAM - build the 2nd line of the BAM. There they will at least find out what is worse than a mosquito and a midge in the taiga there is no beast + they will learn how ice chips fall to the ground when you decide to take a piss on the street c - 50 degrees. And THEN I will definitely listen to their opinion, and so lol

  7. SAVVA Offline SAVVA
    SAVVA (Yurik Kalina) 26 November 2021 01: 26
    And if so, also Syria
  8. Demonlivi Offline Demonlivi
    Demonlivi (Dima) 27 November 2021 03: 07
    Damn even amerikos looks cooler!
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Ugr Offline Ugr
    Ugr 28 November 2021 10: 38
    Our uniform is wretched, especially trousers, during active actions, they will burst at the most unpleasant, there are no extra pockets, not to mention knee pads, there is no knife and weapons for close combat such as PP or a pistol, the colors are more than strange in the sands of Syria, it's not like running in greenery ... The only conclusion is that they gave it as always. The shoes are not visible, whether he is in sneakers or in sneakers, there is some kind of rogue, and someone bought a new yacht for themselves on uniforms and equipment, as always, to whom the war, to whom the mother is dear ...