The main opponents of Nord Stream 2 in Germany oppose US sanctions

The US Treasury has introduced new sanctions against Nord Stream 2. This time, they hit the Cyprus-based Transadria company and the Marlin ship, connected to a new Russian pipeline along the bottom of the Baltic Sea. The ministry's resource indicates that these measures were taken in accordance with the law "On the protection of energy security in Europe" of 2019.

Washington's restrictions were not approved in Berlin. Omid Noripur, a member of the faction of the Union 90 / Greens party in the German Bundestag, opposed the US prohibitive measures. It is important to note that the German Greens have always been the enemy of Nord Stream 2. Despite this, Noripur considers SP-2 to be the case of Berlin and Moscow, and the intervention of third parties in this case is unacceptable - the partners do not do that.

The pipeline is and will remain the wrong German decision - not the American one

- stressed the parliamentarian (quoted by Reuters).

According to the deputy of the Bundestag from the party "Alternative for Germany" Jan Nolte, the Americans took these actions to weaken the ties between the Russian Federation and the EU.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed his intentions to impose sanctions on the Russian gas pipeline. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called such steps by the American side "egregious" and noted that Washington is applying sanctions with or without reason.
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  1. The main opponents of Nord Stream 2 in Germany oppose US sanctions

    The Greens do not want to turn blue from the cold ...
  2. Harp Offline Harp
    Harp (Ibrahim) 24 November 2021 16: 30
    Russia should rely on LNG and the NSR icebreaker fleet. You sell LNG where they pay there is no longer any dependence on transit countries, etc. All these pipelines to Europe are a very large dependence of Russia on Europe and especially on transit countries. You can see the situation with SP-2 for yourself.
    1. Alexndr p Offline Alexndr p
      Alexndr p (Alexander) 25 November 2021 12: 11
      Russia should bet on LNG

      it's great that the Kremlin teleported to the future from 2017 at 21 to read your commentary on the ax and do it right! Having laid the construction of Yamal

      That’s really, without comments on this site there would not have come to their senses - in the same place, as the puffing counterfeit swill - steelmaker, says, incompetent crooks are sitting! Thanks!

      1. Harp Offline Harp
        Harp (Ibrahim) 26 November 2021 11: 55
        Yamal LNG is scarce. All efforts should be put into LNG projects, I mean, there is no need to think about SP-3. If more than half of the exported gas is LNG, then here are the rules.
  3. zenion Online zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 24 November 2021 16: 40
    Russia and the United States are digging a hole, and in the calculations it should be a pool. But it may turn out that it will be a huge grave that Europe will have to expand. The USA is standing there with one foot. And they want to jump over the abyss that has formed with a triple jump.
  4. a couple of Germans completely goofed up sitting for half a century under amerskoy ass! Is this the country of Bismarck! Look, the doodles are ordering them where to buy gas, and they tremble like a flogged lapdog! Shame!