"Forget about Ukraine and think about migrants": the political scientist spoke about the distracting maneuver of Putin and Lukashenko

The internal struggle in the team of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky will grow and aggravate the actions of the opposition forces to the head of state, which bring citizens dissatisfied with the situation in the country to rallies. Moreover, the European migration crisis can also negatively affect the situation. Ukrainian political scientist Andriy Kucher spoke about this on November 22 at the GolosTV UA site.

According to him, Russia and Belarus took advantage of political instability in Ukraine and jointly carried out a diversionary maneuver of the West from Ukrainian problems to solve their problems. The presidents of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin, respectively, "came up with a cool theme" by organizing the migration crisis on the outskirts of the European Union. For example, it is beneficial for Russia that the EU, due to the refugee crisis, forgot about the transit of gas through Ukraine and began to think about other issues.

The expert recalled that the topic of migrants has long existed in Europe, which does not know what to do about it. He explained that people from poor countries strive to get to rich European countries in order to provide themselves and their families with at least the minimum needs.

Moreover, he called the state border of Ukraine "an open hole, take it - come in, and no one will notice you", through which illegal immigrants get to Ukrainian land is not difficult. He stressed that the situation on the Ukrainian border and inside Ukraine could worsen due to refugees, i.e. what was previously observed on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border, and now takes place on the Polish-Belarusian border, may begin to occur tomorrow on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. Then the question of Kiev's readiness will be raised.

It’s one thing that Yatsenyuk didn’t finish building his wall, but another thing is how ready our staff is, are there any special means to respond to this, and in general hundreds of kilometers of this territory, I don’t know how far it is visible, 100%? I'm not sure

- he specified.

Therefore, of course, this should also concern us. Unfortunately, I must state that Ukraine is hardly ready to withstand such an influx of migrants. Therefore, if this happens, then it will be a strong blow to us.

- Kucher warned.
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  1. Guest throat bone 23 November 2021 19: 28
    Who needs you, flawed ...
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 23 November 2021 20: 00
    Well, ram, what kind of "coachman" is this ?! fool
    The "European migration crisis" has not stopped for a dozen years!
    And the fact that now on the Polish-Belarusian border is only pitiful tears from the total volume of illegal migrants to Europe!
    And one of the main such "transients" is the defrauded "Ukraine"!
    Through the western ukroborder with Europe, channels of "refugee transit" have long been established - tens of thousands of migrants have passed and will still pass "without noise and dust" if the "right people" have been paid in full on both sides of the cordon (about the alleged "non-corruption of European officials" - these are European emissary "tales" for naive "nelokhs" from the "world community" and enchanted zapadoids from poor "countries of the third or fourth world")! yes
    This is such a "helper" for the local authorities and their Kiev "roof" that there is a constant "undercover struggle" with human victims ("for control of spheres of influence" they kill even seemingly "untouchable" employees of the "baseback" of considerable rank!) "share" in this super-profitable "business"!
    Only cheap "freeloaders" had problems with "transit", who flooded (including from the Ukrainian side of the border!) To Belarus when Father announced that Belarusian border guards were "washing their hands" and would no longer catch illegal immigrants in the border strip, how they conscientiously caught ALL THESE YEARS (but the neighboring Warsaw and Vilnius, actively fomenting the Maidan coup in Minsk, clearly demonstrated that this good service of Belarusians is not appreciated at all and dirty "spit in the face" of their voluntary defenders!) West, following Ukraine, razaydan and RB!
    So, listening to the "screams" of all these "Ukrainian" noodles, the "nods" of Goebbels' "Yatsenyukh coachmen" to Minsk and Moscow, one should always remember that behind these manipulative "alarms" there are "business interests"

    The loudest shouts "Stop the thief!" the thief himself, the one who has a "snout in the fluff" to the very top!

    And with careful movements, remove the enemy "noodles" from your ears! wink