Ukraine may receive Mi-17 helicopters bought by Americans in Russia

Washington is exploring the possibility of supplying Ukraine with air defense equipment, as well as sending military advisers. In addition, the transfer of other unnamed weapons systems to Kiev is under consideration. It is reported by the American television channel CNN. The United States intends to take such actions against the backdrop of a probable invasion of the neighboring state by Russian troops.

CNN, referring to "numerous sources", indicates that it is about the supply to Ukraine of portable anti-aircraft missile systems "Stinger", portable mortars, additional anti-tank systems "Javelin", as well as Mi-17 helicopters, which were previously purchased by the Americans in Russia in the interests of the Afghan army.

At the same time, some members of the Biden administration fear that such steps by Washington may be regarded in Moscow as an attempt to renew the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which will inevitably lead to an escalation.

As retired US Army Lt. Col. Cedric Leighton told CNN,

Javelin anti-tank systems are very effective against T-80 tanks, which the Russians are already using in Ukraine. However, any additional assistance to Kiev is undoubtedly fraught with further exacerbation of tensions with Moscow.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 23 November 2021 13: 44
    It is clear that the US does not just buy cartridges and other things in Russia - in that case, all this then shoots at our military. But for our hucksters who sell weapons, money does not smell.
  2. Sergey Zemskov Offline Sergey Zemskov
    Sergey Zemskov (Sergei) 24 November 2021 17: 09
    Well, great - helicopters will be delivered, spare parts will be supplied by Russia. Why cheers patriots splashing saliva.