"Sarajevo" shot in Donbass: US proposal to start a war could drive Zelensky into a corner

I continue the series of articles on the deterioration of US-Russian relations, begun by earlier.

For the uninitiated, it may seem strange - how much worse ?! Believe me, there is still much more! And the situation can radically change and not for the better for us, literally in the next two months. Even before the Beijing Olympics, which may not even be. It will be canceled due to the circumstances that have arisen, if China also does not stand aside, but takes advantage of the deterioration in Russian-American relations to radically resolve the Taiwan issue. But even if Beijing, under the guise of a naughty arisen, does not dare to restore its territorial integrity, then we will simply have nowhere to retreat - Washington will force us to enter an armed conflict with Ukraine, provoking with its help an aggravation of hostilities in Donbass. And this will be the beginning of its end, which all patriots of the Russian Federation have long dreamed of, but this victory will be Pyrrhic for us. Otherwise, why would the States push Moscow to do this, throwing their worthless Ukrainian assets under Russian tanks? Think for yourself! What are we to do with this burden, and what to do with this half-crazy population? And the price for it will be a new Iron Curtain, where excommunication from the Beijing Olympics will be the least evil. Goodbye, then, to Nord Stream 2, and to all our other streams, except for the Turkish and Blue.

As a result, Europe, under pressure from the States, will abandon the aggressive Russian gas and plunge into darkness and cold, from which it will be saved only by supplies of life-giving state LNG. But this will be its payment for loyalty to the ideas of democracy and justice, and Europeans will reluctantly, but put up with it. The result will be an even greater rise in energy prices, in particular for gas, which will equalize it with green energy and make it uncontested for the entire progressive world. Who is the progressive world we have, have you forgotten yet?

This is Biden's devilish plan, and it is in this way that he is going to extend not even the hegemony of the States, but their existence, which is called into question by their 30-trillion national debt, which they are no longer able to service, and it is no longer possible to print dollars uncontrollably. because the rest of the world, which uses the dollar as a reserve currency, is no longer able to digest so many of them (I have already described this situation earlier). The so-called "green transition" and carbon tax will allow the United States to survive. We'll see if they can resist the confrontation with Russia and China, which, according to Biden's idea, should pay the States for this transition at their own expense. The confrontation has already entered a decisive phase. And again we have the Olympics at stake. In 2008, all the twists and turns of the Georgian thriller began to develop simultaneously with the start of the XXIX Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. The Ukrainian crisis was already unfolding against the backdrop of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. And the next victim of the weakening hegemon, clinging to the last hope, is in danger of becoming the Beijing Winter Olympics, which starts on February 4, 2022. No fantasy, and in 2008 there was Beijing, and in 2022 it is again, the hegemon is walking along the old worked-out rake. But we must admit that it is due - he achieves the result he needs.

Observing all the latest events, such as the next visit of American warships to the Black Sea and the Polish-Belarusian border sufferings, I could not get rid of the thought that all the chatter around them is nothing more than white noise, which is designed to hide something behind this husk. what is more important is what is happening at the moment. At first, I connected it with the two-day visit of the CIA director to Moscow, realizing that such an event does not happen just like that. But nowhere announced in advance, the voyage of the chief of American intelligence did not become that significant event in itself, but only gave the start of a series of events that followed immediately after it (I already wrote about them in detail here). De facto, William Burns's visit became a kind of bifurcation point, summing up the almost six-month truce that began in Geneva on June 16. Since November 3, US-Russian relations have moved from the stage of peaceful confrontation in the hope of reaching an agreement into the stage of open war. It became finally clear that the Geneva truce was over - the parties did not agree.

Further, each of them began to act according to its own predetermined plan. And again Moscow was forced to play number two, trying to minimize the actions of the opposing side. But neither the migration crisis on the border with the European Union, staged by Batka on November 8, ordered by the Kremlin (and I'm not kidding at all), nor the successful destruction of an old Soviet satellite on November 15 by an unknown Russian anti-satellite missile launched from the ground, nor a similar destruction three days later of a sea target in In the White Sea, a sea-based hypersonic "Zircon" launched from the frigate "Admiral Gorshkov", nothing could turn Washington away from the planned plan. Biden's henchmen, even without encryption, began to equip their Ukrainian ward for the last journey, stuffing him with hexogen and TNT. And what is the most suitable candidate for the role of a suicide bomber, called upon to carry out the same Sarajevo shot, which should pull the entire chain of events, the result of which will be the Iron Curtain-2.0 for the Russian Federation and the consolidation of all progressive humanity around the United States, as the last stronghold of democracy in its fight against the growing authoritarianism of the Chinese and Russian spill. There was little left to do - to explain it all to the Mouse King, acting president in Kiev.

Cornered Mouse King

To do this, the intractable Zelensky, who clearly understood how the confrontation with Moscow could end for him personally, was shown an old video produced by Bellingcat about his personal participation in the sensational story with the Wagnerites, which had been waiting in the wings for more than a year, being an element of pressure on him. He got acquainted with the given arguments and, under the influence of the circumstances that arose, was forced to agree to cooperate with the party blackmailing him. As a result, on November 17, the text version of the video appeared already with bills, where Zelensky himself was removed from the fire of criticism, and all the blame for the failure of the operation was placed on the head of his Office, Andrei Yermak.

But I must say that the situation for Zelensky was not limited to Wagnergate. About the return from the Italian emigration of the gray cardinal of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, I have already писал... No, the former Minister of Internal Affairs was not going to become the new president of Ukraine, his appearance on November 4 on Rinat Akhmetov's channel "Ukraine 24" and a speech delivered from his rostrum, he was called upon to unite the disparate forces of the right opposition in its campaign against the current government, actually becoming a point assembling them (the left opposition has not existed in Ukraine since 2014, the OPSZ, which is under the NSDC sanctions, with all due respect to it, can only claim the left center). At that time, the oligarchic consensus against Zelensky had already been reached, everyone was just waiting for a signal from Washington. The appearance of Arsen Avakov to the world actually became such, you must agree, his appearance here and now cannot be called a coincidence. However, it should be admitted that Washington's plans did not include the mandatory overthrow of Zelensky. The States used this argument as another element of pressure on him to enforce Plan X.

In addition, over Zelensky hung the sword of Damocles of the energy and fuel crisis, into which he plunged the Ukrainian the economy due to his own complete unsuitability, as well as the professional unsuitability of his entire young team of ministers. These wretched imperfections managed to enter the winter, having coal for a month of operation of the TPP, which put the entire power industry on the brink of rolling blackouts under the threat of a possible blackout. This situation became possible only because in the summer thermal power generating enterprises (TPPs) were unable to accumulate the necessary profit for the purchase of coal, because they had a profitability ceiling of 2 UAH / kWh, with the real cost of coal generation over 3 UAH / kWh. h. They stupidly could not sell their product on the stock exchange, because it really cost more, while the electric power of atomic and hydroelectric generation was below this ceiling, which was quite satisfactory for the NPP and HPP generating it. The TPPs simply did not have the money to buy coal, and in the meantime, coal continued to rise in price all summer, from $ 80 in June to $ 170 in August, breaking through the ceiling of $ 250 per ton at the end of September. Therefore, when in August NKREKU (the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Utilities) nevertheless raised the ceiling of profitability to UAH 4 / kWh, it was already too late to drink Borjomi - there was no coal anywhere (all was bought by China) and it was expensive ...

Therefore, through the efforts of the young team Ze Ukraine meets the winter without coal, and even with minimal gas reserves. If the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus refuse to supply coal and electricity to Ukraine, you must agree that it is easier for Zelensky to start a war in Donbass than to return to direct purchases of Russian gas, which will immediately set up against him all the hurray-patriots of Ukraine, who will instantly gather under his office with demands for resignation. And the war in Donbass will write off everything, how warm, what light - we have a war, the fatherland is in danger. Nothing unites the people like a common enemy. And this was another weighty argument in the collection of Washington's arguments, in addition to Avakov and Wagnergate.

Although, in fairness, I must say that no evil Putin is capable of returning Ze the love of the Ukrainian people. Now he is openly hated by all 73% of the population who voted for him. They hate both in the west of Ukraine (he will never become their own for them, at least he will wear two more embroidered shirts over his coat), and in the east (they cannot forgive him for unfulfilled promises to end the war in Donbass and failed bunks for his interlocutor), and that's it. together they cannot forgive Zelenskiy for their deteriorating standard of living. The earth begins to burn under Ze's feet, and here you have to think not about a new term, but about how to sit out the old one and not go to jail after it (and the Stupid Clown has already “worked” for himself more than one term!).

Therefore, Washington's proposal to start a war may become uncontested for Ze. And information about the preparations for the winter offensive campaign of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already begun to leak into the press. The assistance promised by Great Britain by six hundred fighters of the elite British special forces can serve as personal protection for Ze both in case of attempts by the Russian Federation to destroy him, and in the event of mass protests by Ze's opponents already inside the country (I don’t know how with the special forces of the TsSN FSB RF, but with any " Right Sector "and other Ukrainian patriots, the British special forces will definitely cope).

In general, we are waiting for January. According to Biden's plan, everything should begin even before the Beijing Olympics, in order to once again remove the Russian Federation from it, which will give another reason for dissatisfaction with the fifth column inside the country. You dreamed of seeing our NHL sheep at the Winter Olympics (for once, the NHL agreed to participate in it) - forget about it! Americans are so predictable. I hope Putin will once again break their buzz. Putin is so unpredictable and asymmetrical.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 23 November 2021 08: 41
    Ukraine's refusal to war can only follow after a complete energy embargo on the part of the Allied State. - If there is nothing to refuel the tanks, and factories stand up without electricity, then there can be no talk of any war. Perhaps this is understood in Moscow.
    Now information has passed that Ukraine wants to deprive the LPNR of water. This can become a "Sarajevo shot". But then the LDNR will no longer have the motivation not to occupy Mariupol. And this city can go under the control of the LPRP first, together with the water intake station. And this is already a war for humanitarian values, which is the provision of drinking water to the population.
    1. Vladest Offline Vladest
      Vladest (Vladimir) 23 November 2021 15: 08
      Quote: Bulanov
      energy embargo by the Union State

      If this were the whole World, it would be possible.
  2. andrey ivanov_2 Offline andrey ivanov_2
    andrey ivanov_2 (Andrey Ivanov) 23 November 2021 08: 51
    What are we to do with this burden, and what to do with this half-crazy population?

    Why should Russia care? Hard boundaries, harsh punishment of employers (recruiting Ukrainians after the end of hostilities), tough migration policy. There will be one big reservation called "outskirts". LDNR to Russia as a buffer territory. With Lukashenka, stop flirting and put a condition on the choice of one tube or resignation with subsequent life in Belarus ......... And everything will be fine, in three years they will creep in like Bogdan Khmelnitsky. Let's accept - the land is good - there will be agricultural. appendage of Russia, will gradually recover .......
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 23 November 2021 09: 48
    "Sarajevo" shot in Donbass: US proposal to start a war could drive Zelensky into a corner

    - Yes, Ze (Zelensky) - really and specifically set himself up ... - And it was he (despite the fact that, everywhere, allegedly - "it is considered the most ") ... - it was Zelensky who turned out to be of all Ukrainian presidents - the most that neither is - a sad sucker ...
    - After all, now no one even cares - who started the war in Donbass and who started shooting and killing civilians in the LPNR (under which Ukrainian president it all started) ... - all this, in fact, no longer has any values ​​...
    - Now all responsibility "fell" on Zelensky ...
    - And it is Zelensky who is now the culprit of the bloodshed in Donbass (which continues); and the culprit of the rapid "fascization" and "banderization" of Ukraine, which in Ukraine today simply "blossomed with a wild color"; it is Zelensky who today is the main culprit of the complete collapse of the Ukrainian economy and the complete political collapse that reigns in Ukraine today ...
    - This is how this Jew Ze ...
    - Well, if so, then ... then ... then today this Ze, cornered, has become very, very dangerous ...
    - And he is dangerous because (out of fear for his own existence) Ze is forced to carry out absolutely all the orders of the Americans ... - up to the outbreak of hostilities - and not only in the Donbass - but even the unleashing of a military conflict on the territory bordering with Russia .. .. - that's how the Americans will order ...
    - And if Ze begins to evade, then some kind of political upheaval in Ukraine may easily occur, another president will be appointed ...
    - So today Ze is a switchman, on whom both his own deeds and crimes are hung ... - and all the crimes and deeds of previous Ukrainian presidents ...
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 23 November 2021 12: 55
      Ze is forced to follow absolutely all orders americans

      И Anglicans too, madam Irina! Yes
      It is not for nothing that "maydanoprezik" Zeltz, being on an official visit to London, arrived at the office of "Intelligence Service" ?! winked
      The British have publicly "announced" the support of the SAS fighters for their "little boy"!
      I don't even know who, what racist, spreads about the Jews that they are "the best", but my classmate, who in the early 1990s emigrated with all his relatives from the "Independent" to Israel and lived there, cheerfully spoke out exactly on the emerging " the theme of the notorious cleverness of all Jews "that there are enough fools everywhere (among representatives of all peoples and nationalities), including among the Jews! Yes
      And the small-town "hypocrite-sage" Zeltz initially did not give the impression of any intelligent person! No.
      But people like him, almost EVERYTHING are in "ukropolitikum", alas! request
      The only, more or less sane and realistically thinking, of the ukropolitikans were, now deceased, Vyacheslav Chernovol, Georgy Kirpa and Yevgeny Kushnarev ... that's why they were all killed by their own accomplices (although the Americans obviously tried to kill Kirpa, too insignificant looked against his background as their "orange candidate" in the event of the appointment of re-run presidential elections in 2004 ...).
      Yesterday I watched Alexander Semchenko's YouTube channel “performance” - the bleating of the fugitive “uncontested European integrator” Azirov, who is now “playing unconscious” and is trying with all his might to disown the insane (and Russophobic, treacherous attitude towards the majority of the Ukrainian population, who in 2010 voted for Yanukovych and the "Party of Regions" with their promises of the Common Economic Space with Russia, the equal status of our native Russian language, non-entry into NATO and the denazification of Ukraine), an anti-people-anti-state "course towards Euroassociation."
      Apparently this one, perfidiously wiped out from the "helm of the authorities" by his more arrogant colleagues-raiders, the "blood-sucking peasant" (and a seasoned opportunist - "master of changing shoes in a jump") seriously expects "if something happens" to enter the leadership of the "Russian sector" of the territory. Square "?!
      But would a really smart person and politician do what these wretched politicians-Iudomazepines, ukropremier Azirov, together with the same greedy fool ukroprezik Yanyk, possessing all the fullness of state power, recklessly "without alternative" created before and during the anti-constitutional anti-popular Kiev "Euromaidan" ?! fool
      But the "servant" Zeltz "surpassed all of them in cleverness (and harmfulness), even his" peepednik "Giblets! negative
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 23 November 2021 13: 02
        But the "servant" Zeltz "surpassed all of them in cleverness (and harmfulness), even his" peepednik "Giblets!

        - Well, practically - personally, I'm talking about this ...
        1. beeper Offline beeper
          beeper 23 November 2021 13: 05
          hi So I, madam Gorenina, and I Plus for this! Yes
          Added just a few touches to the "oil painting"!
  4. It does not matter (no importa) 23 November 2021 10: 40
    GDP is capable of unpredictable actions for them, Crimea and Syria are obvious examples. I think the reappraisal of the mind in the US government is also a problem, they follow the same pattern - it is imperative to create chaos at the expense of several corrupt public clowns. And China should have been bolder for a long time. IMHO
  5. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 23 November 2021 11: 54
    Horses mixed in a bunch, people ...
    And volleys of a thousand guns ...

    Well, somehow the speaker mixed it;) It seems that all of the listed components are in reality, but more salt and pepper are needed than cabbage, meat and potatoes;)

    Yes, the war soup is being prepared, the ingredients are being collected, but the recipe is clearly different. Olympic Games in Beijing - maximum, bay leaf. Who is really interested in that Olympics? The Northern Streams are only half Russian, and you can live without money, but without gas it is more difficult ...
    And how can you start a war? To trample on Crimea? In Donbass, it will be quite clear who will start, and there is clearly not enough strength for sudden movements, and Seele's Georgian scenario is hardly better, why risk your own skin, and then there are ties?

    But the fact is that the calm is somehow unhealthy ... And the stock exchange in recent weeks is not at all happy, obviously the bear is winning ...
  6. ibn.shamai Offline ibn.shamai
    ibn.shamai (Vanya and the bear.) 23 November 2021 13: 10
    It is possible without entering Ukraine to help Donbass if the Ukrainians trample on the offensive with a fool! There are opportunities. Then close the border tightly and let there be such a reservation and no help! Let their European and American "friends" feed!
  7. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 23 November 2021 15: 07
    Is someone going to or pushing? Everyone blames another friend. But Russia is more sensitive. The dollar has risen in price by three rubles sharply.
  8. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 23 November 2021 15: 31
    Polish-Belarusian border suffering

    Ha-ha, what are you talking about, uncle? Why is dad taking Kurds and Arabs from Minsk, and those who bring them from Moscow purposefully deliver them to the border with Poland? Do not accept them, deploy directly at the airports and there will be no problem.
  9. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 23 November 2021 17: 07
    It seems to me, Vlodimir, that you are somewhat narrowing the scope of the future actions of the EuroUSA, and its entire NATO camarilla, and it does not matter for them where the hostilities with Russia begin - from Ukraine, with Japan's contenders for the Kuril Islands, or with Padishah Erdogan, but the Yankees are already they go to Russia on a wide front only in order to tear it apart into spheres of influence - something to Japan, something to China, something to Turkey, well, etc., because we are already completely covered by the so-called. "Ring of Anaconda", which had been prepared for more than a dozen years, and even the United States launched its deadly covid to make peace, and if during "H" all these watchdogs of Washington suddenly rush at us, we cannot resist them without the help of nuclear weapons, because their mobilization resource exceeds ours by 10-12 times.
  10. AND Offline AND
    AND 23 November 2021 18: 24
    Quote: Vladest
    Is someone going to or pushing? Everyone blames another friend. But Russia is more sensitive. The dollar has risen in price by three rubles sharply.

    There will soon be no roads in Estonia, China and Russia have changed routes and he writes about the paper "dollar". Better help at home, the economy is very weak in comparison with the Russian Federation, your teacher.
  11. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 23 November 2021 18: 32
    The Minsk agreements do not work and will not work, an obvious fact. Ukraine categorically refuses to recognize the situation in Donbass as an internal problem, which means a war with the Russian Federation, and therefore the inevitability of a transition to active hostilities is a matter of time. How, then, would you order the Russian Federation to react when citizens who received Russian passports begin to die en masse, and there are from 300 thousand of them. up to half a million. There will be only one way to protect them - by force, i.e. the entry of the Russian Federation into a war with Ukraine, and if NATO is involved, then into a war with NATO with all the possible consequences of this. If the Russian Federation tries to evade, this will many times exceed the consequences of the collapse of the USSR.
  12. Netyn Offline Netyn
    Netyn (Netyn) 23 November 2021 21: 28
    serve as Ze's personal bodyguard in case of attempts by the Russian Federation to destroy him by the forces of its special forces

    Frank nonsense - why should the Russian Federation destroy Bubochka, when she does not affect anything, does not make any decisions and will simply be replaced by the next Bubochka
  13. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 23 November 2021 22: 12
    Looking at everything that happens, only a blind and deaf person can fail to notice all the preparations for war, and an extremely obscene war - they are trying to set a pack of former domestic animals on us, who lived beautifully and comfortably in a common zoo, and then, by virtue of wild instincts, they wanted to live in freedom , where they quickly run wild, starved, and are ready to lick anyone and anything, just to return back to warmth and comfort - but not to the zoo for sure! There, the cleaning lady, Aunt Manya, was angry with a terrible brush and a terrible red bucket ... Childhood nightmares ...
    Because of their pathological animal stupidity and denial of the idea of ​​a zoo, they are ready for anything - from a slaughterhouse, a meat-packing plant to an arena for dog fights, considering this the highest achievement of their personal freedom.
    For the American authorities, everything is extremely successful - a sleepy Joe hangs on the signboard, who even a banal medical examination is undergoing general anesthesia, do what you want. I wonder how he will go for the second term - as a mummy or in cryogenic freezing? And if Putin goes, it’s not legitimate at all ... Deppiles, mother, as Lavrov said.
    In Ukraine, not in power, but on the signboard is a clown who has already stolen, i.e. , who has already been given a copper penny - and do what you like with him! Bukhoi Poroshenko at one time could not clearly give the order to attack - instead of him now is a clown-addict, who, while high, can bang. He's not a sucker! Him already ... - rhyme in the style of Cord.
    Well, so far one of the remaining sane generals was holding him back, but they began to be replaced - for frostbitten idiots. It was funny to me when the United States insisted that the Russians were gathering at your borders! Ukrainian General Staff - "Shaw? Where? Not bachim ..."
    And now everything is changing - the mantra "Russians are coming" is already interrupting fear, and the brown guano with swastikas begins to seethe, actively heated and stirred with a long stick from across the ocean.
    So what should we do? If, nevertheless, an order is given to help our citizens who are being killed, then the entire international camarilla in the faces (faces) of Blinken and Psaki will happily jump - here! we told you! they wanted to attack and finally, after 7 years, they attacked! They will be echoed by those who have been looking for submarines in the steppes of Belarus for a long time, hordes of nomadic tankers, and indeed the entire Russian army, which has been valiantly resisting for 7 years now, defending Europe - the whole zhovto-blakit army.
    Lavrov has already waved his hand - hell! - and published a correspondence in the Normandy format with "partners" - the Foreign Ministries of France and Germany said - yo-mayo, Mr. Lavrov, this is not usually done in diplomacy. But what if diplomacy has turned into a farce? We know very well from history that if diplomacy does not work, guns speak instead of it.
    And now we have rolled up to it. Diplomacy is at an impasse. The only thing that keeps the new owners of the pack of feral mongrels back is that instead of kicking these shabby dogs, a healthy unshaven uncle can come up and kick the pondering major in the teeth with his left backhand, who, because of his own hype and profit, while dad sleeps, is ready to arrange a bloodbath at the other end of our HOA, called planet Earth, purely because of the extra hundred square meters, a bag of potatoes and a well for yourself. The worst thing is that when dad recovers from anesthesia, he thinks about the same ...
    My opinion is that it is time for Mr Putin to give up too - aaaaaihrensnim! But I'm not him. From the couch it is convenient to talk about millions of destinies, as if playing a computer game.
    If something goes wrong, there will be a third patriotic war. I will go ... I have two children, I will protect them. From anyone ... at any cost and by all means. The whole world is in dust, but why do I need this world if they want to kill my children and me? Putin is right.
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 24 November 2021 01: 09
      hi Everything by you, aka Shiva, is clearly stated, everything is correct! good
      Allegories are very figurative! Yes
  14. Cetron Offline Cetron
    Cetron (Peteris) 23 November 2021 23: 27
    Quote: Vladest
    The dollar has risen in price by three rubles sharply.

    Do you get your salary in dollars and spend it too? Or just throw shit on the fan?
  15. I think there will be no war between Ukraine and Russia. Whipping up the situation by the West is needed so that during Biden's meeting with Putin, the United States would have at least some trump cards, incl. and in order to sell Ukraine to Russia at a higher price. Moscow will be able to press the right buttons, the right brains and wallets; attract temporary allies, incl. China and Germany. Let's hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
    1. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
      Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 24 November 2021 10: 22
      What kind of war? Ukraine has clear borders after the collapse of the USSR. And what about the attacks of neighbors?
      1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 November 2021 13: 55
        Yugoslavia also had clear boundaries ...
        And Kosovo was not even a republic.
        1. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
          Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 25 November 2021 07: 04
          And who makes it easier? Thousands of people are dying ... and now the Russian Federation wants to be a regional gendarme?