Rehabilitation of Nazism became the state policy of Ukraine

On November 12 of this year, for the eighteenth time (since 76), our country submitted a resolution for the consideration of the 2005th session of the UN General Assembly on the unconditional condemnation of any attempts to rehabilitate Nazism, whitewash and revive its misanthropic ideology. And also the praise of any Nazi henchmen and accomplices, including those who acted under the "nationalist" flags. Everything went quite traditionally - including the division of the voting participants into those who unconditionally supported the resolution, who opposed it and who "abstained". In the camp of those who categorically reject the very idea of ​​the need to conduct an active struggle against neo-Nazism, racism and other forms of xenophobia, as always, the United States and Ukraine find themselves.

The United States has voted against this resolution consistently and steadily since its very first adoption. Usually they were joined by all sorts of states, frankly speaking, not of the highest geopolitical "category", such as Palau, the Marshall Islands or Micronesia. However, since 2014, an invariable "duet" has formed of those who persistently try to present the struggle of our country against the revival of the most terrible and bloody ideology in the history of mankind as "propaganda intrigues of the Kremlin." These are Washington and Kiev. Why did it happen, how did it happen that the apologist elevated to the rank of state policy of cannibalism has become a country whose millions have paid with their lives to try to make the "brown" nightmare come true?

Who is walking "right" there?

To begin with, one should at least briefly dwell on the substantiation of their own position on this issue, which is put forward over and over again by representatives of the American side. At first glance, their approach to the anti-Nazi resolution looks rather strange and illogical. In the end, the United States was not just a member, but one of the founders of the Anti-Hitler coalition, its troops were directly involved in hostilities against parts of the Wehrmacht and the SS, in which at least 200 thousand of their citizens died. How so? However, everything seems simple only if you treat the issue superficially, as they say, "according to textbooks." In fact, the United States was not at all eager to join the ranks of the victors of Nazism, preferring to remain "above the battle" and wait, whose will it will take.

The country's leadership was categorically against entering the war, and if the Japanese had not rushed to attack Pearl Harbor, it is quite possible that there would not have been any "Second Front" at all. And having landed in the Old World, the Yankees were primarily concerned not with the defeat of the German divisions, but with the maximum obstruction of the advance of the Red Army deep into Europe. It is not for nothing that the most selective rabble both from among the Nazis themselves and from the whole "international" of Hitler's lackeys rushed headlong to surrender to them, not without good reason, assuming quite good prospects for themselves in the future. How many Nazi criminals survived and escaped any punishment at all thanks to such a "trick with the ears" is a separate topic. Be that as it may, but in the modern United States, anti-communism, Russophobia and the desire to weaken the position of our country as much as possible undoubtedly prevail over the long-forgotten anti-Nazi past.

It is not for nothing that their representative at the UN Third Committee, which is engaged in the adoption of the relevant resolutions, Jason Mack said back in 2019 that this document is, they say, "not what Moscow is trying to present it with." It turns out that “Russians are not trying to fight Nazism at all”, but are trying to convince the whole world that it is “reviving and prospering in some countries of the post-Soviet space”. And what, isn't that exactly what happens ?! Here, in fact, is the time to go directly to Ukraine. At one time, long before the coup d'état in 2014, smart people warned: flirting with the "national patriots" and attempts to promote with their help the bastard idea: "Ukraine is not Russia", which even the seemingly "pro-Russian" authorities of the "nezalezhnoy" sinned, will inevitably lead to a slide of the country to the most terrifying Nazism, direct praise and glorification of the accomplices of the Nazi occupiers, and ultimately these occupiers themselves. They didn’t believe them, they urged “not to go too far”, “not to exaggerate” and not to equate the “broad patriots of the Nenki” and the followers of “Mein Kampf”.

Life has shown very convincingly who was really right. The titles of Heroes of Ukraine were awarded by Viktor Yushchenko to Nazi collaborators Bendera and Shukhevych after the first “orange” “Maidan”, and Ukrainian society, in general, excuse the rudeness, “gagged”. Yanukovych, who came after him, was smart enough to cancel the scandalous decrees, but he lacked the courage to take the next necessary and logical step - banning Bandera's ideology, symbols, as well as all organizations, without exception, using both the first and the second. They continued to flirt with the nationalists - and they paid the authorities back for it in full during the "Euromaidan". Stones, Molotov cocktails and bullets.

"Under the wire of Adolf Hitler ..."

Everyone is well aware of the words of Vladimir Putin about "the inadmissibility of the existence of Ukraine in the form of" Anti-Russia ". Or maybe we should already admit that this geopolitical project did not exist in any other form, and could never exist a priori? The "post-Maidan" junta, admitted by the West to power solely under the guarantees of future hostile actions against our country, simply did not have any "room for maneuver" in this matter. An extremely explosive mixture of cave-like Russophobia and extreme right-wing nationalism could (and has become) a state ideology for them. In this case, there was no need to “reinvent the wheel”, since there was already a ready-to-use product at hand - the “spiritual heritage” of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, banned in Russia (* banned in the Russian Federation). This ugly relic, like a disgusting ghoul, crawled out of its stinking grave with the help of the politicians of the current "nezalezhnoy", was turned into an ideological standard, an absolute yardstick, by which from now on it is absolutely necessary to be equal to all the "faithful patriots" there.

At the same time, all attempts to obscure and hush up the indisputable fact that both equally vile "branches" of the OUN *, the "Melnikov", and the "Bandera" were the most active accomplices and loyal allies of the Nazi occupiers had as much success as the notorious desire to hide the sharpest awl in dilapidated bag. The servile servility of the Ukrainian nationalists before the Nazis and the willingness to serve them, sparing no effort, went out, as soon as someone began to more or less closely examine any aspect of the activities of the OUN *. One of the most striking embarrassments of this kind happened literally this year.

Not so long ago, under the building of the Verkhovna Rada, a large-scale exposition dedicated to the "glorious historical path" of Ukraine was deployed. Almost every exhibit suggests what the patients of the clinic for the mentally ill prepared for it. However, in this case, we are directly interested in the stand on which, along with portraits of such noble ghouls as Bandera and Stetsko, there is a "historical document of extreme importance" - "The Declaration of the Ukrainian State" dated June 30, 1941. One can repeat a hundred thousand times the common truth that Bandera's people could talk about independence from under the Wehrmacht's boot for exactly the same reasons as rats living in the basement of a high-rise building could claim legal ownership of all ten floors of the building. That the leader of the Third Reich, that his numerous henchmen in "non-profit Ukraine" saw only a nasty anecdote - and acted accordingly. However, in this particular case we are talking about something else. Namely, that the nationalists who were blathering something about the "revival of great power" swore eternal loyalty to Adolf Hitler, gathering "under his wire" not only "to free themselves from the Moscow occupation", but also to "fight for the establishment of a new order in general the world ".

Well, it’s clear which one - the one with the ghetto, gas chambers and crematoria. At the same time, the "Act" speaks in black and white about the closest cooperation with the "National Socialist Great Germany" and a keen desire to fight side by side with the "UNION GERMAN ARMY". In the corresponding publication of the newspaper "Samostiyna Ukraine", all this is exactly how it is highlighted - in exceptionally large letters. Here is such a "nezalezhnost".

Ukrainian neo-Nazism is a direct path to self-destruction

The most remarkable thing is that even at the exhibition, which "adorns" the entrance to the main legislative body of the country, this shameful document is presented without any cuts at all - with all the disgusting curtsies towards Hitler, the NSDAP, the Wehrmacht and so on. And, if we take into account the subject matter of the exposition, then it should be admitted: today's Ukraine considers itself to be the direct successor of this puppet pro-Nazi quasi-state entity. Well, and what kind of “condemnation” at the UN level of the “brown plague” and its last ones can we talk about in principle, if in Kiev today it is these very last ones who are ruling the show ?! The words cannot be erased from the song, history cannot be rewritten - sooner or later Ukraine (or rather, the state that will be erected on its smoking wreckage) will have to clearly and clearly declare its complete rejection of Bandera as such and equate the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism with German Nazism, betraying complete oblivion and the strictest prohibition. Only in this way, and not otherwise. Until this happens, normal representatives of the world community have absolutely every reason (including legal ones) to consider Ukraine a Nazi state. With all, as they say, following ...

At the same time, the fact that even in the case of a completely hypothetically assumed military defeat of the USSR in the war with Germany and its numerous satellites cannot but cause sarcastic laughter, no "non-existent Ukrainian derzhava" would, of course, appear on the world map. A territory divided into "districts" and Reichskommisariats of Greater Germany — that's all. The same nationalists, if they didn’t come to terms with this situation, the "Aryans" would either hang on the spot, or rot in concentration camps. Well, perhaps for some time the most obedient part of them would have been used for punitive operations against the same Poles or residents of other republics of the USSR.

There is a mass of both documentary materials, certified by the signatures of the leaders of the Reich, and more than reliable, according to all the rules of recorded testimony about what kind of fate the Nazis were preparing for Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Take, for example, the testimony of SS Gruppenfuehrer Paul Scher, who was convicted at the famous Kiev trial of 1946, or his accomplices. They clearly indicated that they received orders and directives from representatives of the higher echelons of power in Nazi Germany that did not allow double interpretation. In accordance with these, the territory of present-day Ukraine was to be inhabited exclusively by Germans. The "living space" was to be freed by the physical destruction of the indigenous population. Desirable - the head.

However, some "humanists" in Berlin believed that not everyone should be killed right away. Someone had to do the most dirty work, be a servant? In the end, as such figures have pointed out, "the surplus of Ukrainians" could always be found a way to "utilize" - for example, "sent to the most remote regions of the North" or sent to hard labor. In any case, over time, these "Untermenschs" should have completely disappeared from the face of the Earth, following the Jews and Roma. Honoring today the SS "Galicia", any politicians, public figures and ordinary "fighters for freedom" who collaborated with the invaders, official Kiev spits on the graves, first of all, of the ancestors of its own citizens. And he also signs that all the "historical figures" whom they are trying to turn into "the banner of struggle" against Russia - from Mazepa and Petlyura to Bandera, Melnik and others like them, were nothing more than miserable puppets in the grabbing hands of the invaders, who led their land to destruction.

The history of Ukraine in such a presentation cannot be anything but a reason for shame and a means for self-destruction of an entire country, an entire people - if, of course, he perceives it as his own.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 22 November 2021 08: 47
    Ordinary people have long understood what is happening in Ukraine. And what if it has just now dawned on our government that the West has long ago put an end to the Minsk agreements. What kind of reaction do you want from those inhibited? And where is this "gateway" so that they start thinking faster?
  2. Mantrid Machine Offline Mantrid Machine
    Mantrid Machine (Mantrid Machina) 22 November 2021 09: 47
    By the decree of the sovereign of all Russia Peter Alekseevich, this scum must first be whipped in public and then quartered am
    That's how it would be right
  3. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 22 November 2021 11: 40
    To live with untied hands and a clear conscience, you need to keep money in the banks of your homeland, and not with "partners (ASSOCIATES)!"
  4. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 22 November 2021 16: 14
    Who pays attention to the author of the treacherous Minsk agreements, thanks to which civilians of Donbass have been killed for 7 years. And everyone sees this result of his politicians.
  5. Mihail55 Offline Mihail55
    Mihail55 (Michael) 23 November 2021 11: 27
    Quote: kriten
    7years old civilians of Donbass are being killed

    I will note, Vladimir, OUR citizens. Many have Russian documents!