A competitor to Nord Stream 2 may be launched before the Russian project

In opposition to the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Poland is building the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which is supposed to connect Norwegian gas fields in the North Sea via Sweden and Denmark with Poland. According to the Ukrainian newspaper LIGA, representatives of the Polish operator Gaz-System announced the completion of the construction of the offshore section of the facility.

In the construction of the underwater part of the pipeline, 3 laying ships and 32 more auxiliary vessels took part. The length of the pipes laid on the seabed is about 275 km. The total investment in the project is 266,8 million euros. The planned capacity of the gas pipeline will be 10 billion cubic meters of "blue fuel" per year.

Gaz-System's press release notes that the new gas pipeline will allow Poland to diversify its gas supplies. The volume of gas through the Baltic Pipe will be comparable to the amount of gaseous fuel coming from the Russian Gazprom, the agreement with which ends in December 2022.

The launch of the project is scheduled for October 1, 2022. In this regard, some experts believe that the Baltic Pipe has a chance to come into operation before the Russian gas pipeline, given the large number of political friction and bureaucratic delays that accompany the construction of Nord Stream 2.

Meanwhile, according to the deputy of the German Bundestag from the party "Alternative for Germany" Steffen Kotrets, SP-2 will start operating in April-May 2022. But, as practice shows, the start of operation of the Russian pipeline for some reason may be postponed again.
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  1. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 19 November 2021 16: 23
    As of today, there is no resource base. There are only 2 to 4 billion cubic meters. 2 billion is guaranteed. Another 2 billion are promised. All of this is scheduled for October 2022.
    The rest, apparently, will be purchased on the spot. Flag in hand.
  2. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 19 November 2021 18: 39
    Wonderful. Poland will be with gas (allegedly), and Germany without gas? A great example of Denmark's fight against the environment.
  3. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 19 November 2021 21: 12
    It's great! Now Poland will feed Ukraine with sparkling water from the sea free of charge.
  4. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 19 November 2021 22: 53
    All the gas that Poland and Denmark pump from Norway will not go to Germany. And who will compensate Germany for this loss? Gazprom, of course. There is no one else.
    And how much will gas cost for Poland if pipe 2 is loaded with a little billion cubic meters (with a capacity of 10 billion cubic meters)? For the confirmed volumes of pumping to Poland are exactly 2+ billion cubic meters.
    And in the near foreseeable future, gas production in Norway will only decline. And when Denmark and Poland again turn to Germany or Russia for gas, they will remember the lost sales.
  5. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 20 November 2021 01: 27
    This is called "compare ... with a finger." The length of the BP is 230 km, the transit capacity is 10 billion m3, the SP-2 is 1250 km and 55 billion m3.
    1. Slavenin82 Offline Slavenin82
      Slavenin82 (Vyacheslav) 20 November 2021 16: 46
      I also don’t understand how you can compare ?!
  6. Tsubasa ozora Offline Tsubasa ozora
    Tsubasa ozora (Tsubasa Ozora) 20 November 2021 05: 57
    If I were in the place of Gazprom, today I would shut off all the screws and let Europe chimp, gas is not needed, well, fig with you
    1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
      Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 21 November 2021 10: 03
      I wonder how Poland got permission to lay its pipe so quickly? Does it (the pipe) cross both lines of the joint venture? If "yes", then why did not "Gazprom" make fun of the Poles - there are additional security assessments, additional checks and guarantees and all that?
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 20 November 2021 10: 51
    In terms of exploited and potential reserves, Norway is incomparable with the Russian Federation. Assessing the potential of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin recently said that the Russian Federation possesses world-scale reserves. This cannot but attract predators in the person of TNCs, which is reflected in the policy of state formations controlled by monopolistic associations. Therefore, there is talk about the injustice of the possession of such resources by one state and the need for others to access them, market relations and competition, the use of resources as an instrument of political pressure, dictatorship, violation of human rights and freedoms, political defamation and economic sanctions, armed provocations and subversion ...
  8. Dan Offline Dan
    Dan (Daniel) 20 November 2021 15: 37
    In spite of the Russian Nord Stream-2 pipeline, Poland is building the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline

    BP (Baltic Pipe) is an epic example of the EU's folly and a clear demonstration of the fact that Poland, for the sake of its narrow national interests, spends money from the entire EU, while creating difficulties for its largest creditor. Firstly, for this pipe to be funded not from Poland, but from the EU, the pipe needs to solve the problems of at least two EU countries (Poland and Lithuania, for example). This means that Poland will not receive all 10 billion cubic meters of capacity. In addition, this volume of gas will have to be taken away from someone in the EU. Judging by the pipes, this someone is Germany, and it's not a fact that they will exist at all, these cubes for a full load of the power supply unit. Judging by the latest data, there is still hope for only 35% of the pipe's capacity utilization. Considering that Norway will not be able to seriously add gas production, Groningen will halve gas production in the summer of 2022, then something about 20 billion cubic meters of additional gas deficit will appear at the hubs in Germany. I think that with the leisurely certification of SP-2, which is planned to be completed, according to some forecasts, as early as the beginning of the heating season in 2022, we will see more than one sharp jump in gas prices in Europe and an incentive for Europeans to launch SP-2. This means that until September, at least, the level of profitability of Gazprom will not decrease even with a decrease in the total volume of exports to Europe. So the power supply unit for the SP-2 is not a competitor, but to some extent an assistant.