The USA named the best tanks in the world, and there are no Russian ones among them

Good tanks will be welcomed in any army in the world. At the same time, the columnist for the American publication 19fortyfive, Brent M. Eastwood, named the best, in his opinion, tanks on our planet. The list includes only three combat vehicles, since only they "deserve clear recognition." The author is also aware that there is room for discussion on this topic.

The expert believes that in the first place is the American M1A2 Abrams, with all its upgrades. Then comes the South Korean K2 Black Panther. The German Leopard 2 closes the top three, with all the improvements. Thus, the Russian tank was not included in the personal rating of the observer.

Of course, we, as an American publication, can be biased. But no other tank has been more battle-tested or regarded as a top-notch fighter in battle than the formidable Abrams.

- the author reports.

1848 of these tanks were sent to Iraq during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and only 23 of them were hit. In 2003, it was thanks to the onslaught of the Abrams that Saddam Hussein's power in Iraq fell. Since 1980, these tanks have undergone a major update every seven years. The latest version - M1A2 SEPv3 - is the crown of "tank evolution".

The K2 runner-up has a dual suspension system to optimize travel on rough terrain or on roads. The tank is armed with the "smart" ammunition KSTAM-II, which can hit the turret of an enemy tank from above at a distance of 8 km. At the same time, the "Black Panther" has one "drawback" - there is no combat experience on the Korean Peninsula against the outdated, but outnumbered DPRK tanks.

The German Leopard-2 is the best tank in Europe. It has recently been upgraded to version 2A7V. Tower defense has increased. Its turbocharged diesel engine has a power output of 1500 hp. The tank can move at speeds up to 70 km / h and travel 550 km. By 2023, the Bundeswehr will have 104 of these tanks.

In 2016, the Cold War Leopard 2A4 performed poorly in Syria. The Turkish army then lost a dozen combat vehicles, so the sample of German tank building could not rise above the third place.
  • Photos Used: US Army
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  1. svoroponov Offline svoroponov
    svoroponov (Vyacheslav) 18 November 2021 19: 40
    If an American puts the tank of a potential enemy in one of the first places, then he will simply be fired, and his definition will not get into the press even at the stage of selection by the editor.
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 18 November 2021 21: 23
    And who expected something else from the amer?
    Moreover, the tanks are all good.

    On YouTube, videos of a Leopard driving with a full glass of beer at the end of the cannon, an Amero also driving with something, and a Korean, they wrote, is optimized for the mountains.
  3. WaitHord Offline WaitHord
    WaitHord (artysh oyun) 18 November 2021 22: 09
    It cannot be among the best tanks of our turret throwers, the idea of ​​which does not provide for the survival of the crew, which must survive due to training, which in modern combat on technology does not solve, our poor tankers must reach the lamance as soon as possible, and whether they will survive or not to hell when starting from the general to the designer who puts this crew in the most uncomfortable in the most anti-soldier tank in the world.
    1. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 19 November 2021 08: 21
      I mean, you are not from the category of practical armor operators, but the same domesticated expert as Comrade Eastwood and articles by the same "experts" as Eastwood, well-read? Tady yeah, no doubt laughing
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 19 November 2021 00: 35
    There is another classification

    In general, site searches gave completely different results. So the argument is useless. There is a video of how Abrams in Iraq was hit by a 12,7 mm machine gun. Friendly fire.

  5. So Americans have always had problems with adequacy. So they consider Sally Ride the first woman-cosmonaut in the world, who visited orbit only in 1983 - 20 years after V. Tereshkova.
    1. Balin Offline Balin
      Balin 19 November 2021 06: 48
      they consider Sally Ride the world's first female astronaut
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 19 November 2021 08: 56
        woman astronaut

        I had a friend who said that she was studying to be an "economist"
  6. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 19 November 2021 09: 50
    They lie like they breathe ...
  7. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 19 November 2021 20: 12
    I don’t understand such articles for what? Faint with grief? Don't sleep? Drink valerian?
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 19 November 2021 20: 58
    I think in this video there is evidence - whose tanks are better.

  9. Assault Offline Assault
    Assault (Assault) 23 November 2021 13: 43
    A tank, in the modern world, is needed for one thing: in order to sell it profitably, all of them are sold to third countries. They praise ours, we are ours, they all trade and do the right thing.
    And the tanks themselves, what are the tanks? There are Saudi Arabia and Abrams and Leclerca, and the Houthis in sneakers successfully set them on fire with the help of cardboard and straw. It's all about who is in the tanks and who commands them.
  10. Evgeny Safronov Offline Evgeny Safronov
    Evgeny Safronov (Evgeny Safronov) 21 February 2022 20: 07
    Portal "19fortyfive" is well known. And Brent Eastwood too, although he is quite young. And may be wrong. But what's interesting is that on February 10.02.2022, XNUMX, he published an article about our small missiles with nuclear warheads. And that's the whole paragraph.

    Russian tactical nuclear bombs are a real puzzle for the West. The Russians are armed with about two thousand such shells, the Americans have only two hundred, one hundred of them are deployed in Europe, the rest are stored at home. They have a tenfold advantage. Such weapons can change the course of a major battle. A large arsenal of low-yield nuclear weapons creates an asymmetric advantage in favor of Moscow.

    Against these missiles, the best tanks are simply powerless.