"A battle I will never forget": a US Air Force pilot told how he "deceived" the MiG-29

Former F-14 Tomcat fighter pilot and retired US Air Force Captain Sam "Slammer" Richardson told the gripping story of how he "tricked and shot down" a MiG-29 of the Luftwaffe Bundeswehr (FRG) in a one-on-one training aerial combat in the late 1990s. This is reported by the American edition of The Aviation Geek Club.

The first fight, which I will never forget, did not start well for me. I tried aggressive pressure and failed miserably. What should I do? I realized I can't fight the plane, I need to fight the pilot

Richardson said.

I deliberately flew directly under him. I knew he was aggressive as hell. I saw him two afterburners. He tried to pull away from me. And I thought: "Gotcha!" I went upstairs and barreled in an arc over the bow of the MiG-29

Richardson added.

Such a move even made the MiG-29 pilot shout: "Come on, leave me alone!"

Richardson also thanked the instructors and veterans who taught him important lessons. They taught many piloting tricks, as well as understanding the advantages and disadvantages of their own and others' planes.

Tomcat is a very easy-to-fly aircraft. But this plane is very, very difficult to fly.

- summed up Richardson.
  • Used photographs: US Air Force and Navy
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    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 18 November 2021 13: 10
    It is clear that nothing is clear.
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    Kristallovich (Ruslan) 18 November 2021 13: 29
    I went upstairs and barreled in an arc over the bow of the MiG-29

    Is it something like this?

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    Cool. It's not clear without whiskey.
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    What is called-Meli Emelya, your week. According to the description, it is clear that the German pilot received an order from the ground not to humiliate the Yankes. in pilot's endurance. 29-9, not everyone can withstand, without talking about piloting.