Kedmi: Russia has turned a brilliant scheme with Turkey

Former Israeli statesman, now an expert on international issues policy Yakov Kedmi in the program "Sunday evening" spoke on the topic of relations between Russia and Turkey. In his opinion, the Russian government held a “magnificent chess game” with this country. The expert noted that this happened against the background when public opinion sharply condemned Turkish politics, but the leadership did not succumb to "no tantrums." Today, Russia is reaping the benefits of this “magnificent party”, and it is not over yet.

According to Kedmi, the situation in the world leads to the fact that Turkey has no reason to remain in NATO. Ankara does not receive weapons, in particular, the United States does not want to supply F-35 fighters to its NATO ally. Other benefits from membership in the Alliance are also disappearing. In fact, Turkey becomes an enemy there. Sooner or later, the "Sultan" (Erdogan) will ask: "Why do I need this?" And then there will be the finale of this “chess game”. The analyst noted that relations with other countries can develop along this pattern.

Speaking about the United States, he emphasized that the people in this country are illiterate and easily amenable to propaganda. At the same time, the “intelligent” Democratic Party and the “primitive” Republican seemed to have swapped places in relation to Russia. The Russian leadership now takes into account that the direction of Trump in relation to Moscow is supported by most of his supporters. At the same time, American policy as a whole remains aggressive. So, during the Vietnam War, American soldiers said they were going to kill the Communists. Now they are simply changing the word "communists" to "Russians." They don’t care who they kill: the Japanese, the Indians, or the Vietnamese.

The United States, Kedmi said, started the war against the Soviet Union in 1945 and continues to this day - already against Russia. A new round began in 2014. But the States proceeded from a situation where they had superiority. Because of their snobbery, they did not take into account the ability of Russia (and China) to jerk and continue their policy by inertia, not realizing that the balance of power has changed. At the same time, they are trying to maintain their apparent superiority. However, even here they encounter difficulties, since there are not enough funds for foreign policy. It comes to the fact that you have to close embassies and consulates (for example, the American consulate in Haifa was recently closed).

He also touched on the issue of the recent meeting between Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel. Kedmi described Merkel as follows: she is not a statesman, but a manipulator. Her personal power excites her more than German interests. Therefore, it will not do what Germany benefits. Otherwise, it would not have brought relations between Russia and Germany to the current situation and would not have fallen under the Americans. So, Merkel said that without Russia it is impossible to resolve a single conflict, although in 2014 she tried to remove Moscow from discussing the situation in Ukraine. Now she understands that without Russia, not a single step can be taken.

Another topic that Kedmi raised in his speech concerns the Russian language. He spoke out against numerous posters and inscriptions in Moscow in foreign languages ​​and added that many foreign terms hurt his ears.

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  1. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 23 August 2018 07: 14
    Yeah .. Yasha Cedmie is the head ... Yes ..
  2. Rolex Offline Rolex
    Rolex (Hassan Seyid) 23 August 2018 09: 48
    All clearly stated!
  3. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 28 November 2018 08: 11
    Kedmi's opinion is certainly interesting, as the expert’s opinion is practically from the outside. Special view, clear opinion. Particularly pleased with his opinion on the Russian language, the dominance of foreign words. And now, what’s interesting, at one time it was required to pay for using the words Russia and its derivatives in company names (I don’t know now), but why not use this experience: use foreign words, please, but pay for this pleasure.
  4. Alexander Lapik Offline Alexander Lapik
    Alexander Lapik (Alexander Lapik) 17 December 2018 14: 29
    "There is no prophet in his own country!" Kedmi cuts the truth from the outside - the womb about our policy, which is largely incomprehensible to most Russians. I feel more trust in him than, for example, in our prime minister.
    1. Jacques Yixing Offline Jacques Yixing
      Jacques Yixing (jacques yixing) April 10 2019 04: 35
      Kedmi is a full-fledged Jew !!!!
  5. Jacques Yixing Offline Jacques Yixing
    Jacques Yixing (jacques yixing) April 10 2019 04: 34
    CEDMY HAMMER! For a long time, all foreign signs must be REDUCED or taxed for pollution in RUSSIA.
  6. adelante65 Offline adelante65
    adelante65 (Ilya Trefilov) April 10 2019 12: 08
    Mr. Kedmi did not utter a single word about the total corruption of the Russian authorities. Not a word about the impoverishment of the population of our country. Not a word about the family oligarchy in power, about squandering the national treasure of Russia. It seems that all exegetes of Mr. Kedmi are aimed at glorifying the expansion of Russia, at involving Russia in a local conflict, which will inevitably entail even greater impoverishment of Russian citizens.
    Perhaps this is his goal.
    But in general, his strategy is a strategy of a provocateur.
  7. The comment was deleted.