Rahr announced the threat of the outbreak of hostilities in Europe

The situation on the border between Belarus and Poland continues to heat up due to the influx of migrants. According to media reports, on Monday, November 15, gunfire was heard from the Belarusian side at the Bruzgi checkpoint. The Poles are pulling up troops in anticipation of the assault.

Everything that happens is very worried about the German political scientist Alexander Rahr, who does not exclude the possibility of a war between NATO and Russia. In his opinion, there is currently no progress in Europe towards peace between countries on the basis of mutual respect and agreements. Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance stand behind Belarus and Poland, respectively, and a regional conflict could become the beginning of a large military clash.

I am frightened by the confrontation between Poland and Russia and Belarus. Great Britain joins the Poles, there is a saber-rattling. NATO structures are being strengthened on the eastern borders of the EU .... Too many footholds have emerged. Black Sea region, Ukraine, where the situation does not calm down

- said Alexander Rahr in an interview with the PolitWera YouTube channel.

At the same time, the expert speaks with caution about the desire of migrants to break through from Belarus through Poland to German territory. Germany is hardly ready now to host about a million refugees and pay them benefits. Poland, on the other hand, is very determined and ready in every possible way to prevent the violation of its borders.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 17 November 2021 13: 26
    First, the Poles bombed Iraq and Afghanistan, and now they are surprised at the influx of refugees from there? And if a war breaks out, the EU could burn out in a nuclear glow. Afghans and Iraqis will be satisfied.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 18 November 2021 01: 46
      Here is a dashing trouble, the beginning, they gave the last money for tickets, flew in and got satisfaction laughing good
      However, they will demand money from Belavia for the return trip. wink A conflict may arise.
      A cheap performance because of the money lost by the newly-minted capitalists and other big people respected by them.
      The Poles are doing the right thing; the borders are closed and allowed into the EU only with valid documents. The personal data verification process is not fast.
      There is nothing to blame the refugees for, but the little people who provided them with the opportunity to get straight from the "Tmutarakan" countries, by express, to the Belarusian border, simply need to be punished.
      Which side does Belarus have to bombed Iraqi or Afghanistan?
      Maybe you were allies on the territory of these countries, in a bloody struggle, with the American regime? Afghan mujahideen and Belarusian partyzans fought shoulder to shoulder in the deserts of Iraq? But no, daddy all this time flirted with all the "foes" indiscriminately all this time. Until Sveta did not fry him "cutlets". So, the whole "round dance of righteous fighters" for the rights of refugees looks somewhat poor and artificial.
      Now, if the "Erdogan's rations" are unfastened a little to the father's treasury, the situation may immediately change radically. This hypocrisy seems to be understood by everyone except refugees (they simply have nowhere to go).

      The EU could burn ...

      Yes, it is unprofitable for anyone to burn the EU in some kind of glow, everyone wants to trade with it, gas, oil and much more, to have a hard currency and a well-fed life.
  2. Heroes Heroes Offline Heroes Heroes
    Heroes Heroes (Sergei) 18 November 2021 14: 29
    Guys, when will you open up in the CART? Tired of being politically correct here!