Biden: US does not want conflict with China and does not recognize Taiwan's independence

The United States and China held their first virtual summit. During the videoconference, US President Joe Biden and his Chinese counterpart, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the PRC Xi Jinping, discussed a number of fundamental issues concerning both countries.

As the Chinese leader noted, mutual respect for the interests of Washington and Beijing is the basis for fruitful cooperation between the two states. At the same time, Xi Jinping called Biden "an old friend", noting that the United States and China may well coexist peacefully and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership.

In turn, the American president pointed out the inadmissibility of the competition between the two countries developing into an international conflict. For this, according to Biden, Washington and Beijing need to establish some restrictions in their relationship.

I think we should set some common sense limits, be clear and honest where we disagree, and work together where our interests intersect.

- Biden believes.

The head of the White House also noted that the United States will continue to adhere to the principle of "one China" and is not going to recognize the independence of Taiwan. Xi Jinping nonetheless reminded his American counterpart that China would take decisive steps if separatist forces on the island crossed the red line.
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  1. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 16 November 2021 10: 16
    The first and main difference between the PRC and the United States is the social system.
    The second is the goals of foreign policy.
    US international relations are a reflection of the policy of TNCs and Banks, whose goal is globalization and world domination, and the goal of the PRC is to build a society of common destiny and universal prosperity.
    Different methods of achieving them result from the difference in goals.
    As Karl Marx said, there is no crime that big capital would not commit for the sake of 300% of the profit, even under the threat of the gallows. Therefore, Biden's rants about honesty where the United States and China do not agree, and working together where interests intersect are not worth a cent. This is evident even against the background of the same Taiwan - the United States will continue to adhere to the principle of "one China" and is not going to recognize its independence, but with all its might oppose the unification of China and even promise to side with Taiwan in order to prevent it, conduct a sanctions policy, conduct subversive activities and knock together military blocs Quad and Aukus clearly not for the peaceful resolution of the problem with China and in the same way with respect to the DPRK, RF, Iran, Syria and any state education in the world
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 16 November 2021 10: 26
    To put it simply: following Afghanistan, the United States merged Taiwan. And now they are negotiating with China how much it will cost. Nothing personal ...
  3. Progressor10 Offline Progressor10
    Progressor10 (Sergei) 16 November 2021 12: 23
    Now, not only Russia (, but also the United States is merging independent Taiwan into China. (Status of the issue:

    Currently, Russia and the United States have given China an opportunity to confirm the firmness of Xi Jinping's statements: "Beijing will under no circumstances attack other countries, oppress anyone or seek hegemony." In any case, the Taiwanese Army, Air Force and Navy need to be ready for anything today.
    1. Progressor10 Offline Progressor10
      Progressor10 (Sergei) 16 November 2021 18: 17
      China views Taiwan as a rebellious province, and it is only a matter of time before it reunites with the mainland.

      This is the statement by Xi Jinping during his virtual meeting with the American President, Joe Biden. But the Chinese working class, expropriated politically by its party and other bureaucracy, and such a bureaucracy itself, are not the same thing. Xi Jinping could be pointed out that the domination of the Chinese bureaucracy over the Chinese proletariat is also temporary. The movement of the dictatorship of the Chinese proletariat, narrowing along the system of a bureaucratic spiral, is heading towards its inevitable collapse, as happened with the USSR. What comes first, suppression rebellious province or crash Chinese communist-bureaucratic regime? This is also a matter of time.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 17 November 2021 08: 26
    Biden: US does not want conflict with China and does not recognize Taiwan's independence

    - Damn - where do such topics come from every time ...
    - There is no time - to look through everything ... - And the next day you look - and this topic was yesterday ... - and you constantly come "to the nodding analysis" ...
    - Okay ...
    - Well, and the topic, in general, is old ... - "Where and what is" bad "and that China has not slammed the whole of mankind; and the Americans did not try to suppress China in this and regain the former American status quo (status quo) "is the whole point ... of the topic ...

    - Firstly ... - China has really become insolent - and gradually begins to act like an elephant in a china shop and gradually gets rid of that caution - which it adhered to for all centuries ... - And this is very bad and bad not only for Americans - but also for all mankind ... - And only such a suicidal state as Russia - without any regard for caution - can support China in everything ... and supply it with modern weapons, all kinds of modern technologies and supply it with energy resources at the lowest price in the world ...
    - Whether you want or not; but Russia itself at the same time - involuntarily, too, becomes dangerous for humanity ... - and it is precisely this (against her will) that the whole world begins to perceive her (Russia) ... - a world that itself is far from sinless (especially the United States) ...
    - China took advantage of the Marxist-Leninist ideology - but "really" does not seek to implement it ... - and more and more begins to slide - to the most primitive capitalist National Socialism (in China, only slogans were left "from the Bolsheviks") ... - This is the same fascism - when industrial development is really carried out at the expense of the accumulated (huge initial capital provided to China - by the same USA) capital, a huge share of which can be concentrated in the hands of individual "private entrepreneurs" - millionaires or billionaires ... - on which the entire communist ideology is already spread "purely formally" ... - Well, at the same time, the entire population is promised good welfare and a decent standard of living ... - And exclusively ... (in this case) - all this is only for the Chinese. ..- This is not directly stated - but it is clear to every Chinese and so (as it was "clear" once - to "every German") ... - But this is "everything", initially ... - the entire population is already should d to achieve with their own labor, relying on the "existing ideology and guarantees of the state" ... - and then - "how it will turn out" ... - so far no one has checked ... - until the "victorious end" - what will happen there as a result ...... - "just tried to check" ..
    - Well, Hitler "succeeded" - while it was possible to seize more and more space and resources ... - and then he was "broken off" ...
    - So in China (although more than half of its population is a poor population) - but so far everyone is applauding "its successes" ... - But China - too little applause ... - it needs "someone else's space", someone else's gratuitous sources of raw materials (which it has already received from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc.), and it already "becomes necessary" for other peoples to start working for China ... - And China simply does not give a damn about "proletarian internationalism" !!!
    - And today there is no such crime - which China will not agree to for its own benefit ... - China has appropriated this "calling card" for itself today ... - China will poison rivers, and cut down other people's forests, and ruin entire peoples ... - just for their own benefit ...
    - So capitalism, imperialism (and others like them fascism) - just nervously smoke on the sidelines ...