The shooting training of Taliban recruits at the training center is based on the American M4 and M16

It became known that a new batch of 300 recruits completed a two-month training at the training center and went to serve in the 2nd brigade of the 205th corps "Al-Badr" (stationed in the provinces of Kandahar and Zabul) in southern Afghanistan. This was announced on November 13 by the military department of the government of the Taliban movement (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation) on its Twitter account.

It is specified that the graduates passed not only military training, but also ideological training. They also improved their educational level with the help of "intellectual courses" and safety skills.

At the same time, pictures were circulated showing Taliban recruits improving their shooting and other skills. In their hands they are holding American M4 and M16 automatic cogs, which indicates that the training is based on the weapons that the Taliban inherited after the evacuation of US troops and their NATO allies from Afghan soil.

It should be noted that, according to local and Western sources, the Taliban got mountains of weapons that would last for many decades. At the same time, data appeared that in the tribal zone between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the artisanal production of samples of Western small arms and ammunition has already been established. All this suggests that the Taliban are consolidating their power in Afghanistan.
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