AvtoVAZ became the first "victim" of a global supply chain disruption in Russia

World experts are sounding the alarm in connection with the global disruption of the supply chain of goods caused by growing demand and lack of supply, associated in turn with the shortage and high cost of energy resources. The first "victim" of these processes in Russia was the Russian automobile giant AvtoVAZ.

The company said that on Friday, Nov. 12, the plant suspended production of machines in all three assembly shops due to a shortage of electronic components. At the same time, workers in a situation of idleness of the enterprise will receive compensation in the amount of two-thirds of their wages.

Analysts of the British newspaper The Guardian say that due to the disruption of the supply chain of goods, the world the economy can knock you off course. The crisis has mainly caused energy shortages, labor shortages and shortages of vehicles on a global scale.

So, back in August, car production in the UK fell by almost a third due to a lack of semiconductors. During the same period, AvtoVAZ also stopped production processes due to a shortage of Bosch electronic components.

This is largely due to the slowdown in industrial growth in China, which is experiencing an acute shortage of energy resources due to a sharp increase in demand for them in a post-pandemic situation. The transportation of goods has also risen at times, and the lack of labor in the ports further aggravates the situation.
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  1. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 12 November 2021 20: 13
    how much panic in words))) But in fact, overstocked warehouses in the production of finished products. Fields of unsold cars.
  2. Kim Rum Eun Offline Kim Rum Eun
    Kim Rum Eun (Kim Rum Yn) 12 November 2021 21: 03
    The company said that on Friday, Nov. 12, the plant suspended production of machines in all three assembly shops due to a shortage of electronic components.

    Ooooh, trouble, trouble!
    Dear Russians will not be able to buy the creations of their native car industry for the New Year - Lada Granta and Lada Kalina!
    One friend of mine drove at the mention of all these frets and gazelles began to swear, calling them "buckets with bolts." In the "holy 90s" Sasha L. was engaged in driving cars from Germany, and already at the end of the "fat zero" he bought himself an almost new 10-ton Mercedes at the best price and now he works on it for a certain private company. I will inform him of this "tragic" news, let him be happy :))
  3. Now it’s time to spin up the production of chips for the automotive industry!
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 13 November 2021 02: 32
      And with whom to promote it? You can't put a guest worker there, neither Tajik nor even Ukrainian. And you can't put a Russian there. There are one-piece specialists. And they, in the time that has passed since the defeat of Soviet electronics, have disappeared. Too much time has passed.
      And there is nowhere to take money for this. Literally the day before yesterday, our beloved State Duma raised the threshold for using NWF money from 7% to 10% of GDP. That is, if earlier the Russian Federation could use the money of the NWF in the case when the volume of the fund exceeded 7% of GDP, now when it exceeds 10%. And here it just exceeded 7% and the people were thinking where to use this money. Either for the development of new aircraft, or somewhere else. And so, the State Duma removed this problem: the money will be used, possibly, for the construction of aircraft, but not ours. Boeing, for example. Since the instruction from the IMF came:

      ... the funds of the NWF should continue to be invested in foreign assets even after the liquid part of the fund reaches the threshold of 7% of GDP. Any use of NWF resources within the country should be limited by strict limits and strict fund management rules to ensure efficient selection of projects and market return on investments.

      A GD:

      ... in the second reading, the State Duma, at the initiative of the Ministry of Finance, adopted a bill to raise the liquidity part of the NWF from 7% to 10% of GDP ...

      And when expanding the production of microcircuits, I can assure you with the knowledge of this issue, and the equipment costs crazy money and the purchase of technology and personnel training.
      And this will take more than one year, to put it mildly ...
      1. Kim Rum Eun Offline Kim Rum Eun
        Kim Rum Eun (Kim Rum Yn) 13 November 2021 08: 37
        And them, in the time that has passed since the defeat of Soviet electronics, not gone.

        Yes, vile, insidious enemies did defeat the unfortunate Soviet electronics. And along with it - the ship- (instrument-) structure and a lot of other things.
        And in general, this damned Fiat invented the Zhiguli with AvtoVAZ in order to constantly humiliate the Russians. But nothing, we will soon show the "mother of Kuzma" to the pasta and create our own Lamborghini, Maserati and Ferrari, and 500 years will not pass.
        I hope that you are scattering your "wonderful pearls" here with the help of the best example of "smashed Soviet electronics".
        1. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 13 November 2021 11: 47
          Do you yourself understand what you wrote?
          The USSR built a lot of enterprises that produce microcircuits. They lagged behind foreign ones, but not fundamentally. With investments that were quite lifting, it was easy to catch up. And then overtake. There were personnel, production facilities, the bulk of the equipment. Now there is none of this.
          You can only throw shit on the fan. And I until 1995. worked as a shop manager at one of these enterprises. Just the same shop that produced the chips. Therefore, I have a good idea of ​​that situation.
          Cars do not need transcendental chips. They would certainly have been able to produce if they had not destroyed production, but would have left capacities, at least for the military. This level would be enough for cars.
          If production had not been defeated, its development would not have stopped, some kind of development would have continued.
          And now the hope is that some of the production will be transferred to the Russian Federation simply because of cheaper energy resources. The history of the 20s - 30s will repeat itself.
          1. Kim Rum Eun Offline Kim Rum Eun
            Kim Rum Eun (Kim Rum Yn) 13 November 2021 17: 56
            You, with your stubbornness, look ridiculous in my eyes.

            they lagged behind ... it was possible ... they were ... now there is nothing ... they could produce ... if they had not destroyed ... but they would have left ... it would have been enough ... if it had not been destroyed .. . development would not stop ... development would continue

            These are Martians-aliens who flew from the constellation Fuya Lunar Dog and spoiled all the raspberries for you :)) If it were not for them, damned, you would have lived in full sugar for a long time. And so the whole last thousand years - our country is rich and abundant, there is no order :)).

            When in the late 60s, when AvtoVAZ was created, they slammed a dead-end model of Fiat from the Italians and began to joyfully release a Zhiguli, were you not there? And those Zhiguli, by the way, cost 5000 Soviet rubles - this amount was generally prohibitive for a "common Soviet man", but for the USSR with closed borders and a deficit, it was a wonder of the world. And for countries with a normal car industry and a normal course of historical development, those Zhiguli were "a bowl of bolts."
            Russian-Soviet-Russians do not know how to build cars. And computers do not know how to create. And football is "not our game": you are there forever in)! (Are.

            The weapon is good. Kills easily and a lot of people. And almost everything else is what you "throw" here, either on the fan, or on your rotor.

            And in the area of ​​party building, you are ahead of the planet for the past 100 years. First, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union guided you and guided you with its hand ... then "Russia", then "Our House", then "United". And no matter how you call it, even "Fair", in the end the "KPSS" is obtained, with the corresponding results "in all areas of the national economy."
      2. As far as I know, MIET is working in Zelenograd, Angstrem and Mikron are working, so all the resources are there! I once knew specialists from the Z-city, aaatlichnye guys, I tell you!
  4. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 13 November 2021 09: 38
    Didn't understand yet ... Supplies - stands ... Give me an iron curtain for the garbage that you yourself are capable of doing ...