Satanovsky: Turkish corvettes will threaten the Crimean bridge

Moscow should not underestimate the potential of military-technical cooperation between Ankara and Kiev, as well as the situation in the Black Sea in general. Orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky told about this on November 11 on the air of the YouTube channel "Soloviev Live" when it came to the further relations of Russia with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Satanovsky noted that the Turkish corvettes of the Ada type are modern warships that are not only capable of patrolling at sea, but also of anti-submarine warfare. When such ships appear in Ukraine, they can become a big problem for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and threaten the security of the Crimean bridge.

He recalled that Turkey and Ukraine had agreed on the joint construction of four such ships for the Ukrainian Navy. Moreover, one corvette will be built at a Turkish shipyard, and the rest at a Ukrainian one.

Considering the role that Ukraine and its military-industrial complex played in Soviet times - generally speaking, in the creation of a navy in the Black Sea, I would look at this very closely

- he said.

The political scientist believes that the Turks do not just have very good ship designs, but they are building something that is not being created in Russia now. The Turkish shipbuilding industry has achieved great competence and bypasses Russian shipyards in the price-quality category.

I would not at all look like this, turn a blind eye and giggle at the Turkish-Ukrainian cooperation on the creation of a strike Ukrainian navy. Otherwise, it may so happen that the Crimean bridge is attacked by no longer rusty laibas

- he added.

The expert noted that the militaryполитическая the situation in the Black Sea region and in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea is quite tense. NATO conducts numerous exercises in which Kiev either directly participates or is an observer. In his opinion, the West clearly wants to integrate Ukraine into its anti-Russian system in order to tear Kiev away from Moscow forever.

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  1. Igor Berg Offline Igor Berg
    Igor Berg (Igor Berg) 12 November 2021 06: 15
    He ought to attach horns to him, the spitting image of Satan! wassat
  2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 12 November 2021 09: 32
    When such ships appear in Ukraine, they can become a big problem for the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation and threaten the security of the Crimean bridge.

    Will the fuel for these ships be supplied of course by Russia or Belarus? How is this done now for Ukrainian tanks in Donbas?
    Stalin's critics constantly remember that when the Second World War began, trains with grain were still going to Germany. Is the current situation not the same? NATO is building its military bases in Ukraine with might and main, and Russia and Belarus are helping it strenuously by supplying fuel and lubricants to Ukraine. And someone calculates at least one move ahead or not?
    1. Hot Dyusha Offline Hot Dyusha
      Hot Dyusha (Dyusha) 12 November 2021 20: 28
      The fuel will be supplied by the same Turkey or Azerbaijan or Kazakhstan. There will be no problems with fuel, it will be necessary, the Saudis will send a tanker by order of the Thane, another will be sent. For such a case, they will find options