Zhirinovsky revealed what the Anglo-Saxons are most afraid of

Last Sunday, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky spoke on the TV show Sunday Night with Vladimir Solovyov. He spoke in his typical hysterical manner, demonstrating ardent anti-communism (falsely comparing it with neoliberalism), but even in this stream of words one can find sound thoughts.

To the presenter’s words that the past week was eventful (he especially noted the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel), and the question “What are we going for?” Zhirinovsky answered:

We are striving to create new alliances, new associations, a new ideology in the future

He further placed communism, fascism, racism, authoritarian systems and neoliberalism on a par. The host asked: “Why put an end to communism?” and recalled that during the events of August 1991, Zhirinovsky was one of the few who supported the Emergency Committee. In response, Zhirinovsky said that although he opposed communist ideas, he supported the GKChP, since they wanted to save the country. He spoke about his physical confrontation with one of the Democrats on Manezhnaya Square and that the crowd had called for him to be brought to justice for speaking on the side of the Emergency Committee. Zhirinovsky also actually confirmed recent words of Alexander Rutsky that Yeltsin in those days tried to hide in the American embassy.

Returning to the topic of the meeting of the leaders of Russia and Germany, Zhirinovsky said that this is the worst thing that the Anglo-Saxons are afraid of - London and Washington. They were always afraid of the union of Russia and Germany (regardless of the names of specific figures), since Germany is the most powerful country in Europe, and Russia is the most powerful country in Eurasia. When the leaders of these countries meet, London and Washington are always afraid of this.

What can they agree on? After all, the United States has a nuclear umbrella for Germany, and we also have a nuclear umbrella. And Germany can change the nuclear umbrella

Then he again turned to the history of the times of Nicholas II, believing that it would be better for Russia to fight not on the side of the Entente, but on the same side with Germany. But the king, according to him, was weak-willed and poorly versed in the world policy.

Today, Zhirinovsky said, there is a decline in neoliberalism, and in the role of the State Emergency Committee - US President Donald Trump. He alone can extend the life of neoliberalism, from the model of which people are already tired.

Drawing an analogy again, he recalled that 100 years ago, US troops landed in the Far East and robbed Russia. He quoted Churchill, who wrote in his memoirs that the British were better with Indians than Americans with Russians. Anglo-Saxons have always treated Russians badly and destroyed civilians. However, he falsely accused the Bolsheviks of inviting the Americans (in which the leader tried to correct him).

Then, Zhirinovsky noted, when Russia began to develop not along the western path, the West began to "educate" fascism in Germany. The Anglo-Saxons by their actions contributed to the strengthening of Hitler, and then sent him to the East. He called for getting rid of the USA and Britain (he also included the Communists here), otherwise “there will be no order”. The worst thing for Russia, the politician believes, is the rooting of neoliberalism.

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  1. Orthodox Offline Orthodox
    Orthodox (Orthodox) 17 July 2021 14: 09
    Zhirinovsky is smart! A true patriot of Russia - in the best sense of the word!