Russia and Belarus: unification started

On the eve of November 4, on the Day of National Unity, Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin signed a Decree defining the ways for the further development of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. Both the symbolic date and the "old-regime" name of the document - everything should indicate that the unification of the two closest Slavic states has finally got off the ground.

Recall that the very agreement on the formation of the Union State was signed back in 1999. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, but this form of supranational unification remained only on paper. But the status of the closest ally, and even located on the western frontier, gave Minsk a number of undoubted advantages, which President Lukashenko skillfully used, knocking out endless discounts and preferences for Belarus.

The events of 2014 can be considered a turning point, when after the Maidan Crimea became part of the Russian Federation, and the DPR and LPR split off from Ukraine, but got stuck halfway. Then Moscow's relations with its neighbors changed markedly: many of the former Soviet republics began to seriously fear a repetition of the "Crimean scenario" somewhere on their territory. At the same time, the Kremlin's relations with the West have deteriorated sharply, and the issue of "power transit" has become the most significant and painful for the domestic "elites". Against this background, changes in the Moscow-Minsk pair became obvious.

"Old Man" defiantly did not recognize the reunification of Crimea with Russia, and also spoke negatively about what is happening in the Donbass, offering his capital as a platform for the return of the DPR and LPR to Kiev through the negotiation process. The Kremlin, however, has looked at its Belarusian partner with a new look, since the Union State has become one of the possible forms of the so-called “transit of power”. Unexpectedly for President Lukashenko, tough pressure on the oil issue began to be put on Belarus. In response, Minsk started talking about the transition to the purchase of raw materials from the United States and other countries. The relationship was constantly heating up, and their culmination can be considered the scandalous case of the detention of 33 "Wagnerites". It is not known how far the rift between the two closest allies would have gone, but the unexpected happened.

In the summer of 2020, elections were held in Belarus, in which President Lukashenko, as usual, won with a crushing score. However, this time the calm, hardworking Belarusians for some reason refused to recognize their results as honest, and began to take to the streets en masse. The West tried to extract maximum benefit by supporting "President Sveta" Tikhanovskaya and refusing to recognize the legality of Alexander Grigorievich's victory. It seemed a little more, and the Lukashenka regime, which was forced to take up the machine gun, would collapse, and Belarus would become as successful a European state as neighboring Ukraine. There is not the slightest doubt that the "Old Man" survived only because the Kremlin expressed its support very clearly and unequivocally, promising to send "vacationers" and "veterans". Having received a signal from Moscow, the official Minsk gave the go-ahead for the violent dispersal of mass demonstrations. It turned out ugly, but effective. By the way, this is how it could have been in Ukraine in 2014, show the Kremlin more political will. Well, apparently the lesson was learned.

This was the turning point. From now on, President Lukashenko has become a "pariah" for the West who can no longer afford to maneuver between Russia, the United States and the European Union. If they wait for Belarus there, then without "Batka", and for Alexander Grigorievich himself, the Western partners have accumulated too many questions so that he could frighten Moscow with hints about possible "European integration".

What do we see a year later, on November 4, 2021?

At first, Moscow and Minsk signed a Decree on 28 integration programs of Russia and Belarus. Among them, the convergence and harmonization of macroeconomic policy, monetary policy, currency regulation and control, payment systems, tax and customs law, transport control and transport market, the formation of a single market for gas, oil and oil products, cooperation in the field of nuclear energy, tourism, communications and informatization, as well as much more.

Secondly, it was decided to create a united media holding, obviously, to promote a single propaganda and information policy for the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

Thirdly, Moscow and Minsk have agreed that a cosmonaut from Belarus will be sent to the ISS.

Fourthly, within the framework of the Union State, the Military Doctrine was updated, obviously, taking into account the new challenges from the NATO bloc.

FifthlyMost notably, Minsk is de facto ready to recognize Crimea as Russian. As you know, everyone who considers the Ukrainian peninsula must obtain a visa from Kiev to visit it. So, for example, in 2018, the famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak defiantly did. Arriving in Crimea through Russia means recognizing the sovereignty of our country over it. In this regard, the latest public statements by President Lukashenko are noteworthy:

Ukraine has closed the sky for Belarus, and we cannot get through Ukraine to Crimea. Vladimir Vladimirovich promised me everything, promised that he would take me with him to Crimea, show me new items, what was new there. And a lot has been done. And today one left and did not invite me with him. Well, if not to Crimea, can we go to St. Petersburg?

Maybe to St. Petersburg, and maybe to Sevastopol. As you can see, in this scheme, there is no application for a visa to Kiev, which will mean the actual recognition of Crimea as Russian. After such a visit, there will be only one formal step until the official recognition by Belarus.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 November 2021 15: 41
    Putin, our oligarchs, get cancer - the guts are thin. Therefore, if the unification is correct, Lukashenko will be the next president of Russia!
    1. isv000 Offline isv000
      isv000 5 November 2021 23: 40
      Quote: steel maker
      Therefore, if the unification is correct, Lukashenko will be the next president of Russia!

      And this is correct, and this is true! Old man - to drive thieves, and GDP - external adversary - it's not for nothing that we have a two-headed eagle on our coat of arms! ..
    2. Vyacheslav Moscow 6 November 2021 14: 30
      Who is the oligarch? The one who holds the power of political, economic, etc. There are no such people in Russia. But in Belarus there is - this is Lukashenka. He has absolute power in his collective farm. And such a person at the head of a nuclear power, sooner or later, will lead the world to World War III, it was not for nothing that he praised Hitler in the 3s.
    3. Rico1977 Offline Rico1977
      Rico1977 (Alexander) 6 November 2021 21: 37
      He put them on a long time ago.
  2. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 5 November 2021 16: 28
    Whose picture did you hang such a gloomy one, there were no more cheerful tones? Or not happy?
    1. IMHO Offline IMHO
      IMHO (nikitoss) 7 November 2021 08: 36
      Why be happy that two grandfathers are still in charge? I would like to live in a country that Channel One shows, but going out into the street and going into shops is somehow not happy.
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 7 November 2021 23: 42
        Why be happy that two grandfathers are still in charge? I would like to live in a country that Channel One shows, but going out into the street and going into shops is somehow not happy.

        What to be happy about? The country is starting to unite. We are one people.
        What they show you on TV, I do not know, I practically do not watch.
  3. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 5 November 2021 17: 21
    Russia and Belarus: unification started

    - Eh, you shouldn't talk about it so directly, so as not to "jinx it" ...
    - Everything is so fragile, ephemeral, burdensome and changeable that ... what ... that you shouldn't rely too much on it ...
    - Lukashenko is constantly cunning, dodging, wasting time ... - So he "waited" for the creation of some notorious - and even ridiculously sham, but already legalized abroad absurd political center, where someone S. G. Tikhanovskaya is ready " replace "him in his post ... - and in Belarus itself it came to the use of security forces to" neutralize "the situation in the country ...
    - That what for was it to bring to this ???
    - So and so ... - when it became a no-brainer that Lukashenka could simply "not sit on his throne" (although he changed the heads of the power structures) and Russia could simply "fail to save his throne" once again. .. - and now ... this Lukashenko ... - as soon as a little "oklematsya" ... - he still continues to pull the same "bagpipes" ...
    - Damn, prim and boring Britain ...; which has been adopting state laws and amendments for decades ... - Damn, even this Britain has managed to come up with some kind of "Brexit", collect its money and ... and ... and scramble from the EU ... - And Lukashenka is dodging everything. .. - and pulls the rubber ...
    - Well, it will make it to ... - It will make it to the "bad situation" ...
  4. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 5 November 2021 20: 18
    Everything is correct. The old man again surprised everyone. If translated to normal:

    First, Russia will drag on itself 28 integration programs, mainly in the customs-loot-tariff-economy. What well.

    Secondly, they will create a single medical girl, and teach the dad to count the votes correctly in the elections.
    And then he thinks like the mountaineers ...

    Thirdly, Moscow will pay for the cosmonaut from Belarus, just so that it was (in memory of the USSR. And their space galoshes?) ...

    Fourth, the Kremlin will give newer weapons, to scare the neighbors. Because Belarus has debts, relatively cheap.

    Fifth, Batkina's multi-vector approach will become even more multi-vector.
    Crimea did not recognize, but already reproaches that he was not invited to fly ...
  5. Vyacheslav Moscow 6 November 2021 13: 31
    Lukashenka has already done everything to ensure that there is no union between Russia and Belarus. If last year the syabras refused to vote for him, then next year, moreover, they will not support the constitution. With whom then to unite? With the last dictator in Europe, who needs nothing from Russia except money? The situation is dead-end. On the one hand, the syabras are beginning to quietly hate us, and on the other hand, Lukashenka has cleaned out the entire political landscape to the ground. Well, it's not about transferring Belarus to Tikhanovskaya. We have to wait and endure this multi-vector ghoul.
  6. Abakan Offline Abakan
    Abakan 6 November 2021 17: 49
    Quote: steel maker
    Putin, our oligarchs, get cancer - the guts are thin. Therefore, if the unification is correct, Lukashenko will be the next president of Russia!

    between Lukashenko and Putin almost 60 years of presidency and they will be presidents for life. Khadafi or Saddam couldn't compete drinks double-headed eagle, we will be the first country with two presidents
    1. John Wick Offline John Wick
      John Wick (John Wick) 6 November 2021 20: 27
      That's right - two Kirill is power wink
  7. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
    Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 7 November 2021 08: 29
    It's high time, but Russia needs to finally take care of itself.
  8. Krilion Offline Krilion
    Krilion (Krilion) 7 November 2021 11: 16
    I don’t understand why everyone is so happy .. in fact, Lukashenka got what it took so long to extract - access to cheap resources at Russian prices .. at the same time, rest assured, there will be no real unification ... "a small but separate apartment" .. you can forget about the return of the received loans ... in the next 30 years (or how long it will last) again hugs and kiss with vows in eternal "brotherhood" .. once again .. Russians are naive people ... Lukashenka once again deceived everyone, just as he did 20 years before ...
  9. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 7 November 2021 12: 39
    Why do we need another impoverished republic around our necks? Give this parasite along with the Natsik family. Let Gaddafi feel himself. This one has lived at the expense of others for too long.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 9 November 2021 20: 48
      Ukraine is not enough for you?
    2. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 9 November 2021 22: 34
      Why do we need another impoverished republic around our necks?

      Ukraine is now impoverished.

      In Belarus there is a serious production, a hard-working people who do not flow away en masse abroad to earn money after the "revolution of dignity". repeat