El Confidencial Readers: EU Blames Russia For Everything, But Demands Gas

The Spanish edition El Confidencial writes about the new "gas" threats from the Russian Federation, noting that not only Europe is trying to get rid of its pegging to Russian energy resources, but Moscow is also striving not so much to depend on the main consumer in the person of the EU.

Largely because of this, Russia built the Power of Siberia gas pipeline to China, and is planning Power of Siberia-2, which will run from the Yamal field, the very one that supplies Europeans today.

Thus, the Old World will have to compete with China for Russian gas in the future. However, the rest of the article contains very strange advice on how to interact with Moscow. For example, it is proposed to abandon Nord Stream 2 and develop alternatives to Russian gas.

Reader Comments:

The article is biased. The EU is pressing on Russia and still blames it for everything. Russia tried to establish ties with Europe and received only lies and invented accusations


Now they are making demands on Russia, after economic the boycott promoted by America did not help, despite the enormous damage to the economy and business in the EU. I think it's time for Europe to look more at the Slavic East and less at the Anglo-Saxon West

- noted ALBERTO TC.

It is already necessary to highlight a separate section for anti-Russian News, although there is just no news, one lie. To begin with, Russia did not cut gas supplies to Europe, unlike what is written in this brochure. Russia fulfilled the contracts in good faith, which was confirmed by the German Foreign Ministry. There is a problem - these are countries that cannot pay for Russian gas, as in the case of Moldova, to which Gazprom said that money must now be put forward. Every year the same thing happens with Ukraine and Poland. [...] They want cheaper gas and demand that Russia not close transit pipelines. Without transit payments and gas discounts, these two countries would face a lot of problems. For the gas shortage, thank your friends from the United States, who insisted that you do not buy more Russian, but take the most expensive American LNG

- indicates LOLAZO.

Faced with the scorn and EU sanctions promoted by Trump and the UK, Russia is now channeling its resources to China. Fortunately, we bought oil and gas from the respected Gulf Democracies!

- reminded DAMIAN SANCHEZ. 312.

The article is full of mutually exclusive provisions. On the one hand, they propose "to strengthen relations with Russia," and on the other, to prohibit the use of Nord Stream 2, which will not please Russia after how much it has invested in it.

- says J. GARCÍA.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 November 2021 16: 06
    EU blames Russia for everything, but demands gas

    Trade homeland!
  2. Valera75 Offline Valera75
    Valera75 (Valery) 6 November 2021 20: 33
    and on the other hand, to prohibit the use of Nord Stream 2, which will not please Russia after how much it has invested in it

    No guys, not only Russia, Europe has also invested well there, plus all sorts of penalties and compensation, assuming that the flow will be stopped completely.