The Collective West wants to make Russia pay for its Green Revolution

On November 2, during the Summit of World Leaders at the 26th UN World Climate Conference (COP), US President Joe Biden lashed out at China and Russia.

They (the PRC representatives) have lost the opportunity to influence people all over the world and people here at COP. This is just a huge problem, and they bypassed it. How can you do that and claim to be a leader?

The American president asked.

In a similar vein, Joe Biden spoke about Russian President Vladimir Putin. “His tundra is on fire. The tundra is literally burning. He has serious climatic problems. And he is silent about his readiness to do anything. "

Why Biden blames China and Russia

You should not take Biden's statements at face value, because behind them lies a banal disappointment. policywhose plans go to waste. As press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov correctly noted, "Russia's actions on climate are consistent and very serious and well thought out" and are not confined to a specific event (unlike Western politicians who are accustomed to working for the public, for example). The United States blames Russia and China primarily because the grandiose plan of the collective West to shift the economic damage from the Green Revolution onto the shoulders of others is thwarted.

For decades, manufacturing facilities have shifted from developed to developing countries. Factories and plants, primarily poisoning the environment, were transferred from the USA and Europe - to Southeast Asia, where there are softer environmental standards and cheaper labor. In turn, the raw material base was increasingly exported from Russia, which is rich in natural resources. In principle, there is nothing supernatural in this - the natural development of the world economicscharacterized by the strengthening of global connections. Nevertheless, the fact that production and jobs began to flow to the East began to greatly concern Western politicians. The first to seriously intervene was former US President Donald Trump, who unleashed a trade war with China and sought to launch a campaign to return factories to American territory. However, apart from the demonstrative single openings of enterprises, he did not achieve anything, and the trade war with China was actually lost.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that Trump's actions and their results were closely watched in both the American and European establishments. And when it became obvious that it would not be possible to return the production by force, a new plan arose: let the production remain abroad, but the importers of the products produced by them will begin to pay royalties to Western countries, in fact, for the fact that they are not produced on their territory. And to make everything look decent, it was decided at the same time to combine this with the environmental agenda, thereby killing two birds with one stone. And get money, and bring the ideal picture of the desired future closer: prosperous countries of the "golden billion" with a clean environment and the rest of the states, which will pay for it all.

Redistribution of the world market

Take at least the same carbon tax imposed by the European Union. What is this if not an attempt to endure an economic blow? As you know, the best defense is offense. The best defense of the EU's plans for a green economy by 2050 is to ensure that they are implemented at the expense of the countries that supply them with products. That is, importers from non-EU countries will have to pay high carbon duties when importing their goods into its territory. And it is with this money that Brussels will build a "brave new world" with unprofitable electric refueling stations and inefficient wind generators.

The only condition for this implementation is that Europe must continue to be united, and not only as a common customs, but also as an economic space. A unified monetary policy will provide the EU with sufficient financial resources to, if not be on par with the dollar, then become a financial pole of power strong enough to start implementing its plans. The latter, by the way, without proper cash infusions, so far look nothing more than ecological populism.

So what we see now is not about ecology and climate. First of all, this is about the most ambitious redistribution of the world market since the transition to fiat, that is, unsecured money. Realizing that neither Europe nor the United States will have enough own resources to implement the environmental agenda, the collective West is arranging get-togethers, trying to do everything in order to siphon additional resources from other countries.

Ghostly environmental targets

What about environmental goals, some will ask. Seriously? Can anyone seriously believe in the promises of politicians stretching over a period of thirty to forty years? The very fact that they are given already suggests that no one is going to implement them: current politicians will leave their implementation to future generations, and future generations will say that those decisions were made in completely different conditions and cannot be taken into account. In order to understand this, one does not need to look far, it is enough to look back at the average three and a half decades ago. In 1986, the Cold War was still going on, the USSR was intact and was not going to disintegrate, and only apologists for the ideas of pan-European statehood dreamed of a united Europe. And if we compare the statements and far-reaching promises of Western politicians of those years with modern reality, it becomes obvious that most of them have nothing to do with reality and cannot have anything. The planning horizon is too distant, there are too many factors to be taken into account, too many of them, in principle, cannot be quantified.

So Russia, like China, by the way, must first of all assess the situation soberly before taking on any obligations. The climate summit in Glasgow is too reminiscent of a Western interest club, in which everyone knows each other and everyone has agreed on everything long ago. The fact that the heads of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, the leaders of the leading world powers, were not even given the opportunity to speak via video link, says a lot. The goal towards which Brussels and Washington are moving becomes crystal clear. Do everything to ensure that the rest of the world, primarily Russia and China, pay for the energy transition on their territory. And no matter what will need to be done for this: to make another loud statement at the summit or to introduce a new carbon tax, the result should be the same: ensuring the flow of financial resources from abroad and maintaining the current disproportionate status quo, in which there are “selected” countries “ golden billion ”- the rich and with good ecology, and there are all the rest, which, in the opinion of the West, is simply not given.
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  1. sH, arK Offline sH, arK
    sH, arK 5 November 2021 08: 10
    The tax can be introduced, and no one can prohibit doing it. But what will prevent the introduction of retaliatory restrictions? Just making mutual trade unprofitable ... What's the problem? Steel tax introduced? Well, sell it for more than the tax! And in parallel, introduce taxes on imported goods from these countries. This is a trade war, and yes, you can not fight, but surrender! But it seems more correct to immediately warn about retaliatory actions. The carbon tax was introduced, well, let's introduce a reciprocal, also "green" to the point of stupidity, depending on the state of CO2 emissions and the potential absorption by the forests of this country in terms of a citizen, I think we will get an interesting balance;)) Let's make expensive products of high value added from the EU, well, we'll have to develop another "import substitution", we will reduce the export of oil and gas, the price will rise .... The balance is the balance ...

    If something cannot be agreed upon, then we must fight! And we already have huge opportunities here, is it that not all our vile powerful thieves are ready for this?
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 5 November 2021 10: 32
    A carbon tax can be introduced. But it must be paid within the country. Why should the EuroUnion pay this?

    They have already played out with gas. You can limit the supply of coal to begin with. Then the forests and steel. Aluminum is required. There is a large share of electricity. And then look at the quotes on the stock exchanges.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 5 November 2021 11: 57
    Everything is empty.
    1) whose money, they dance.

    2) in fact, another attempt to push towards greenery. We are also trying to do with uncleaned discharges.
    If you didn’t install the cleanup, pay.
    They understand perfectly well that the tax will simply be included in the price of the goods, i.e. the West itself and will pay more.

    3) If unbearable, you can conduct your own tax. For use over the mound of gas, oil, the number of cars, etc. Right now, increase for gas, at the expense of future taxes.)))
    Let them pay the Kremlin or Grozny (won, Kadyrov also imposed banking sanctions against the EU and Omeriki, canceled his pension reform, wrote off his gas debts, etc.)))))
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 November 2021 12: 15
    So Russia, like China, by the way, must first of all soberly assess the situation before taking on any obligations

    Does Russia also have rights under Putin? For example? Don't upset me. Under Putin, Russia has one right - to fulfill all the requirements of the West!
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 5 November 2021 13: 30
    The collective West wants to force Russia to pay not only for its "green revolution", but also for Ukraine, Afghanistan, and all of whom they themselves have shit.
  6. Vinogradov Sergey (Sergey Vinogradov) 5 November 2021 13: 41
    See what the sequence is. They chased after cheap labor - now they do not know how to return production back. They introduced sanctions - we achieved the development of all types of production among backward quilted jackets and narrow-eyed. They introduce a carbon tax - they will achieve that "Asians with slanting eyes" will finally understand that ALL manufactured goods should be directed to consumption by their peoples. NewSemite will explode, Europe will be left without the Gulf Stream and WHAT ??? Do we need to tear our hair out ??? Yes, let all the first ... d ... gasp. Let's build, produce and consume for ourselves.
  7. Siberian southerner (Sergey A) 6 November 2021 04: 28
    And the amers seem to be burning in another place. The tundra is burning laughing let Grandpa Joe look after his prairie.
  8. Sergey Yakovlev Offline Sergey Yakovlev
    Sergey Yakovlev (Sergey Yakovlev) 7 November 2021 14: 34
    Lord, well, this is E-LE-MEN-TAR-NO!
    We are adopting a law on the "Sanction Tax", i.e. countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia are levied a tax for undermining the economy!