Handelsblatt: Coronavirus in Russia is out of control

The epidemiological situation in Russia is alarming. The dangerous infection COVID-19 is spinning out of control, continuing to spread unhindered throughout the country, writes the newspaper Handelsblatt from Germany.

The Russian federal authorities have lost the "prerogative of interpretation" of the coronacrisis - more than 1 people die in the Russian Federation every day and about 40 infected are detected. At the same time, part of the population ignores the restrictions and refuses to be vaccinated.

According to the reports of the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in the Russian Federation, record figures are now being observed since the beginning of the pandemic. Probably, these figures reflect only half of the real catastrophe. Rosstat, whose data is always published with a delay of two months, reports twice as many victims

- says the publication.

Russian demographer Alexey Raksha counted, that in the period from October 2020 to September 2021, the natural decline in the population of the Russian Federation (excluding immigration) amounted to 997 thousand people. Given the recent surge in the incidence, by the end of 2021, the population of Russia may decline even more.

In this regard, the country's authorities announced a decade of “non-working days”. However, many private entrepreneurs fear bankruptcy if the “non-working days” are extended. Those who need to pay for mortgages and car loans are especially concerned, as there is no government support to mitigate financial losses.

Despite the world's first registered vaccine against COVID-19, the country cannot breathe a sigh of relief. Sputnik V was supposed to be both a medicine and a tool for improving the image. But the Kremlin has failed. The vaccine is practically not recognized in the world - the EU, for example, has not yet registered it. Moscow sees this political motives

- clarifies the publication.

At the same time, the domestic Russian vaccination campaign is failing. 49 million citizens were vaccinated, which is 1/3 of the total population of the country. Moreover, polls show that more than 50% of Russians are against vaccination. This is due to the distrust of the population caused by conflicting signals from the authorities. For example, in the summer of 2020, the authorities actually announced their victory over the coronavirus and held a referendum on amendments to the Constitution. As for the present day, the authorities could not even explain to the population how urgently it is necessary to introduce a lockdown, choosing the phrase “non-working days”.

In such conditions, it is not surprising that the population of the Russian Federation massively believes in some kind of "conspiracy theories and in the predetermination of life." At the same time, Russians who financially can afford to take a break from work do not want to sit at home in self-isolation. They buy air tickets to spend time in southern Russia.

In Sochi alone, 120 tourists are expected to arrive. This influx is likely to further accelerate the spread of the infection and exacerbate the situation in hospitals in the region. According to virologist Alexander Shestopalov, the wave of infections will begin to subside only from December, the media summed up.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 2 November 2021 18: 34
    In order to defeat the "anti-vaccine" in the Russian Federation, you need to start controlling social networks. It is through them that Western propaganda persuades the population of the Russian Federation to refuse vaccination. That is why the Americans launched this infection in order to thin out the population of countries hostile to them. In Ukraine alone, there are 16 American military biological laboratories, and no one knows what they are distributing there! They instill in themselves the people perfectly. In Canada, for example, more than 80% of the population has already been vaccinated. And the residents of Russia are hanged noodles that vaccination is dangerous. And this is in the country that was the leader in vaccination in the USSR.
    1. Alex Orlov Offline Alex Orlov
      Alex Orlov (Alex) 2 November 2021 21: 15
      I think they will soon introduce compulsory vaccination. And they will do the right thing. If the economy of the entire country is under threat, then these anti-viruses and those who fuel "conspiracy theories" will begin to be dealt with harshly. As for me, it's high time.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 2 November 2021 19: 56
    In Sochi alone, 120 thousand tourists are expected to arrive

    Yes, the authorities do not care about citizens! If this were not the case, there would be no tourists.
    The authorities need to decide whether to fight with the crown, or to travel. If you can't go to a cafe or a theater, why is it possible to use the metro and public transport? And how to believe with such misunderstandings of the authorities? Moreover, a lot of videos have appeared on the network about a special distribution - the dispersion of this infection. And there is no refutation! And how is this to be understood?
    1. oderih Offline oderih
      oderih (Alex) 2 November 2021 22: 46
      Deny entry to liquor stores for anti-wankers. You forgot about that. Glory to Putin!
  3. Abakan Offline Abakan
    Abakan 2 November 2021 20: 57
    I remember that in 2020 we laughed at the United States because of their problems with the coronavirus, and now, in 2021, we are no longer laughing. stop
    1. Alexey Davydov Offline Alexey Davydov
      Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 2 November 2021 22: 27
      Not "we", but "you". Not "us", but "you". It is useless for Abakan to hide its American origin. Or African American.
      You again reminded me of an anecdote about how yours threw a Negro in Soviet Ukraine as a "garbage boy", and how he was received there.
  4. Abakan Offline Abakan
    Abakan 4 November 2021 07: 09
    Quote: Alexey Davydov
    Not "we", but "you". Not "us", but "you". It is useless for Abakan to hide its American origin. Or African American.
    You again reminded me of an anecdote about how yours threw a Negro in Soviet Ukraine as a "garbage boy", and how he was received there.

    1 year ago, just a few examples from our thousands of videos of how bad it was in the USA