Germany refused to discuss with Ukraine the conditions for launching Nord Stream 2

The ministry economics and the Federal Republic of Germany's energy sector submitted to the national regulator an opinion on the results of an analysis of the safety of gas supplies via the Nord Stream-2 pipeline. According to him, the certification of the gas pipeline does not threaten either Germany itself or other EU countries. This news responded in Kiev, pointing out that Berlin did not even deign to inform the Ukrainian side.

This statement was made by the head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Yuriy Vitrenko, adding that Ukraine is not on the list of countries with which Germany is consulting on the launch of the Russian gas pipeline.

The German regulator was presented with an official conclusion that the certification of the SP-2 operator does not threaten the security of gas supplies to Germany and other EU countries. At the same time, the ministry published a list of countries with which the relevant consultations were held. Ukraine is not among these countries. This is very sad

- Vitrenko stated with deep regret.

The head of Naftogaz complained that after the launch of Nord Stream 2, the European Union will become even more dependent on Russia, while Moscow's dependence on Kiev will sharply decrease. The functionary also did not miss the opportunity to reiterate the advantages of the Ukrainian GTS over the gas pipeline running along the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Unlike the Ukrainian gas transmission system, Nord Stream 2 has no reserve capacities and no storage facilities

- emphasized Vitrenko.
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  1. Siberian southerner (Sergey A) 27 October 2021 10: 54
    Again peremoga at the ukruses, again they were assigned a place in the stand? laughing
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 27 October 2021 10: 57
    Ov-va! Wow, the Kiev "gesheftmakher", who was happily plotting against Gazprom, was saddened that he would "cook" less on his "stinking gas schemes" frank "definition of the essence of ukrogazobiznesa" is not for me!) ?! wassat
    And why on earth would the Germans (who invested a lot in ensuring the construction of "SP-2") "consult" with "Ukrainian"
    their own gas main (which they inherited from the USSR for nothing, already built and functioning !!!), what such a valuable "vitreous" can tell them ?! what
    What are the claims of the "Maidan authorities" to the trans-Baltic gas pipeline? Did the "great w / Banderaites" dug up the Baltic Sea as well ?! winked
  3. Scharnhorst Offline Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst (Scharnhorst) 27 October 2021 12: 17
    Ukraine is not on the list of countries with which Germany is consulting on the launch of the Russian gas pipeline.

    Difficulties in translating from German into veal and then into literary Russian ... In the original it was like this: "Ukraine is not on the list of countries."
  4. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 27 October 2021 14: 08
    On October 25, the German ambassador to Russia announced that his country intends to thoroughly check the compliance of the SP-2 with the EU technical standards. This "crystal clear" certification can take several months.

    As a result, a number of European media have already reported that The European Commission, at least until July 2022, will not rush to approve the launch of a new Russian gas pipeline.

  5. Bogateev Vladimir (Warm Tumbler) 27 October 2021 18: 54
    Nord Stream has no storage facilities

    There are storage facilities on the territory of the European Union and on the territory of Russia. CERTIFIED according to EU standards.
    The boy has little understanding of the principles of operation of various gas transportation systems. With this statement, he convinced all European ecologists of the environmental danger of the Ukrainian GTS. The more routes and storage facilities, the more compressor stations that harm the environment (according to Europeans). Farewell to the non-environmentally friendly GTS of Ukraine. Europe will begin to breathe even freer without you ...
  6. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 27 October 2021 19: 09
    Unlike the Ukrainian gas transmission system, Nord Stream 2 has no reserve capacities and no storage facilities

    - emphasized Vitrenko.

    - Well, here Gazprom set itself up ... - could have "foreseen" this problem ...
    - Personally, I am in the subject

    50% discount on Ukrainian transit: the West has started a bullish game

    - already wrote that

    - And Gazprom just needs to scratch its own turnips and think more ...
    - Damn, well, that's what Russia was "greedy" and did not start an "offshoot" of SP-2 in Kaliningrad ??? - All the same, you have to do it ... - In general, it is necessary to create a giant gas storage terminal (UGS) in Kaliningrad (in the region); and maybe not even one ... - There you can always keep a colossal reserve of Russian gas "just in case" - "for a rainy day") ... - For good ... - in Kaliningrad, you can build LNG plants. ..
    - What for us this Lithuania surrendered to pump gas through it to Kaliningrad (and even provide Lithuania) ??? - So let Lithuania walk on its hind legs to get Russian gas ...

    - Gazprom does not have backup gas storage facilities (very large capacity) ... along the entire ... - such a huge "length" of the Russian gas pipeline SP-2 ... - and the absence of gas storage facilities on Russian territory (this territory could be Kaliningrad ... - it seems to be "intended" for this) ... - all this will very soon and very seriously affect the entire "political and economic life" of SP-2 ...
  7. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 27 October 2021 19: 19
    - As for the lack of a certificate for SP-2 ...
    - Then this is a very serious problem ... - And personally, I would be careful not to prematurely mock about this ...
    - In the subject

    How Russia will respond to the failure of the Nord Stream 2 certification deadline

    - Personally, I have already written in some detail about this ... - namely:

    - Gazprom is constantly trying to build a house ... - without a foundation ... - And then it is always confronted with a fact ... - And Gazprom only "scratches its turnips" ... - oh, what a "surprise" ...
    - We all know that ... that ... that Gazprom, at its own expense, nevertheless completed the construction of the SP-2 and is ready to supply Russian gas to Europe ... - And for Europe, Gazprom ... is a partner that has not been fulfilled the terms of the agreement ... - Yes, that's right ... - And who will confirm that this is not so ... - Merkel ??? - Yes, this Merkelsha herself was "pulling rubber" so much, and before she left, she finally got "honored" ... - "gave her voice" for SP-2 ... - Yes, it's too late, Mrs. Merkel - she was honored ...
    - And where is the official confirmation that the SP-2 was completed by Gazprom (at the expense of the Russian taxpayer, it was completed - well, this is a trifle - let's omit) and that the facility (SP-2) is ready for operation ???
    - And where is the technical "certificate document" ... - confirming this ??? - Where is the registration of a technical object - SP-2; without which the operation of this gigantic technical structure is impossible ??? - Ah, it turns out that the commission of these "certifiers" has not been recruited either ... - that's the case ...
    - And who is to blame ??? - so Gazprom is to blame - for so long delaying the commissioning of the object ...
    - And Europe is not at all interested in the fact that if Poland and Ukraine suddenly enter this "certification commission" with the right to vote and begin to slow down with all their might ... - Ukraine will "do its best" ... so and so freeze ...
    - What's next ??? - And then - the European Court and penalties for Gazprom ...
    - And even if today we somehow manage to push through (accelerate) the certification process ... - then ... then ... then there are still so many problems ahead for Gazprom ... - that just "have time to turn around" ...

    - Personally, I am not at all sure that ... what ... that Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and others ... - and this time they will not make their efforts to do as much nasty things as possible in this "situation". ..
  8. NikolayN Offline NikolayN
    NikolayN (Nikolai) 27 October 2021 20: 15
    Sadly? Someone died? Our condolences.
  9. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 27 October 2021 20: 31
    SP-2 has no reserve capacities and no storage facilities ...

    - i.e. Banderzian girls have nowhere to turn gas and from that sadness belay
  10. Face Offline Face
    Face (Alexander Lik) 27 October 2021 23: 26
    And really, how dare the Germans not ask permission from the Great Ukrov ??
    Even more amusing is the argument of the pan about the lack of reserve capacities and gas storage facilities, which, apparently, in his understanding, should be located at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
  11. Victoria Kogan Offline Victoria Kogan
    Victoria Kogan (Victoria Kogan) 28 October 2021 00: 46
    Certification may take 4 months. No longer. And Ukraine is obliged either to stop calling the Russian Federation an aggressor country, or not to ask for any economic ties.
  12. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 28 October 2021 03: 31
    Ukraine is not an EU country. Why should it be scared to notify and ask permission? The SP-2 itself was started precisely in order to exclude Kiev as an unreliable intermediary from the Moscow-Berlin-EU trade chain. All these games with the certification of SP-2 and 3 energy package were aimed at squeezing the finished pipes (not only SP-2) into the ownership of Brussels. Ukraine's interests are not even virtually present here. European officials, Berlin SP-2 certifies by default, the skakuas are not even assigned the role of spectators.
  13. AntoxaRus Offline AntoxaRus
    AntoxaRus (Anton) 28 October 2021 12: 46
    The head of Naftogaz complained that after the launch of Nord Stream 2, the European Union will become even more dependent on Russia - AND THIS IS BAD, while Moscow's dependence on Kiev will sharply decrease - AND THIS IS BAD FOR KIEV)
    "Ukraine is not among these countries. It is very sad" - why should it be there? Are you a member of the EU? Does the pipe come out on your bank? Is there at least one reason?
  14. radvas Offline radvas
    radvas (Igor) 29 October 2021 09: 14
    As long as I live in this world, I have always been convinced that a Ukrainian cannot be trusted. At every opportunity, he will try to lie, deceive you, steal. The current history of gas, its pumping, in general, the whole history of "nezalezhnosti" confirms this. Hai perish Nezalezhnaya!