The worship of the domestic elite in the West will kill Russia

The host of the Tsargrad TV channel, Evgeny Afanasyev, raised the topic that the ruling elite in Russia is still bowing to the West, although it would seem that the 90s of the last century were left behind. This is one of the most difficult troubles for the country.

It is believed that this phenomenon began from the time of Peter the Great (or even earlier). But even today, almost the entire elite is more or less pro-Western - with few exceptions. Those who came to power in the early 90s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, are only a little “moved”, but still have a significant impact on political course of Russia. Until now, the trend is the opinion that real life exists only in America and Western Europe, and “civilized” countries have the right to establish dictatorship in the world. According to the position of these figures, Russia only needs to obey.

It would seem that such a position has long been considered marginal. From television screens much less such statements began to sound. However, according to the host, this is only a remission, and not a cure for the disease.

As an example, he cited a case that occurred in the State Duma of the Russian Federation in early July. When American congressmen entered the meeting room, the plenary session was interrupted, at which the Auditor of the Accounts Chamber spoke. Everyone stood up and applauded. Only one deputy - Natalia Poklonskaya - refused to stand up. Apparently, this was her protest against American sanctions against Russia. This episode provoked sharp criticism of the State Duma in social networks.

Afanasyev criticized not only United Russia, but also the Communist Party: even the deputies of this faction faced the American "guests." The host noted that the worship of many Soviet nomenklatura in the 70-80s before the West led to the collapse of the USSR. The conclusion he made is this: the ruling party, the systemic opposition, and the non-systemic - all are saturated with pro-Western ideology.

The author of the video urged to look for inspiration and role models in the rich history of Russia, where there were worthy rulers, and outstanding commanders, and major scientists, and numerous heroes - not only Russians by nationality, and great artists. You need to be proud of your identity, and not be shy about it.

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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 18 August 2018 19: 33
    No, boys and girls, this is not admiration for the West of our power and money of those who have, but this is real, refined idolatry ... But what, in the 90s of the last century, they ripped off all of Russia and its people, and took the loot to Europe and the States, there they bought themselves palaces, planes and 25-meter yachts, and all kinds of sports Chelsea, their families live there, and the kids learn hatred of Russia in Etons and Harvards there, but they still row money from our country, sucking it out of our bowels the last liters and cubic meters of oil and gas. And can all of them be driven for permanent residence in Europe and across the ocean, dispossessing them for all their "assets" in our country? The President recently asked them to share what they illegally acquired with the people, but our new-old government vetoed his proposal, and it would have cost them $ 30-15 million each, if each of them had $ 18-XNUMX stolen from us. billions .... How would you, our very dear bourgeois, soon not regret it.
    1. Ivan Ivanov_10 Offline Ivan Ivanov_10
      Ivan Ivanov_10 (ivan ivanov) 18 August 2018 19: 40
      if only they had bowed, they would surely have collapsed three hundred times
      1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
        A.Lex (Secret information) 19 August 2018 13: 20
        Vanya, but tell me: if Russia had been completely destroyed and plundered, destroying the people, who would they rob (the West in the sense)? After all, it’s good to rob those who produce something. And rob so that they do not die at all - leave the very minimum. As long as we eke out our existence, the worst is poor - they will continue to rob us periodically, and when we are completely gone, a world war will begin between them - with each other, to find out who is weaker, to rob one of the current robbers. Russia is the last who else can be milked and who does not milk anyone.
    2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex (Secret information) 19 August 2018 13: 22
      Valentine, and it’s better that they eat themselves ... quickly, before the people reach for them ... Patience cannot be endless.