"US military in Taiwan will be destroyed first" - Chinese state media

Disclosure of information about the presence of the US military in Taiwan will only accelerate the approach of war between the two sides of the strait, writes the Global Times portal, owned by the official print publication of the Communist Party of China, People's Daily.

7 October American newspaper Wall Street Journal reported, citing his sources in military circles that about two dozen special forces and military personnel from the auxiliary units of the US Armed Forces "have been secretly operating in Taiwan to train local military personnel" for at least a year. This caused a great resonance, but Washington and Taipei refuse to comment on this information.

Sending US troops to Taiwan is a very big step. Publication, albeit unofficial, is an undermining of diplomatic relations between the PRC and the United States. In the past, Washington also sent its military to the island for aftermarket training in Taiwanese how to use new weapons, but this was done more delicately. Now the Americans are trying to send a signal to Beijing, choosing the most sensitive time for this.

The US wants to get on the nerves of the mainland. This is Washington's consistent tactic. Beijing must respond to new provocations so that both Washington and Taiwan are fully aware of the seriousness of their collusion. Otherwise, at the next stage, US military personnel may appear on the island of Taiwan officially, and their number will increase from tens to hundreds or even more in order to form a de facto American garrison on the island. We must let them know that they are playing with fire, provoking a war, and the consequences of their actions will be very serious for both the United States and Taiwan.

- describes the Global Times.

The US and Taiwan are concerned that the PLA will finish its military preparations and resolve the Taiwan issue by force. But sending the American military to the island only lends the PRC's resolve, accelerates preparations for military action and brings the critical moment closer. Therefore, Beijing must publicly declare that the deployment of American troops in Taiwan is an invasion.

The mainland has the right to launch military strikes against them at any time. We make no promises regarding their safety. As soon as war breaks out in the Taiwan Strait, American troops will be killed first. With this statement, we must make it clear to Washington that it is playing a dangerous game, risking the lives of young American soldiers.

- warns the media.

Beijing must make Washington and Taipei feel the tipping point is approaching. The United States and Taiwan must understand that the PRC will not dance to their tune. The US wants to strengthen Taiwan's defenses to contain China's development. But the war in Afghanistan showed, however, as in Vietnam, that the efforts of the Americans were in vain. The Taiwanese authorities have also overestimated themselves, calling the island a US outpost. The PLA offensive through the Taiwan Strait will end very quickly and as a result, the island will return to the arms of its homeland, the state media concluded.
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  1. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 12 October 2021 17: 32
    But the war in Afghanistan showed, however, as in Vietnam, that the efforts of the Americans were in vain.

    Well, China did not succeed either with Vietnam, or ... wait, who else did China fight in the relatively recent past?
    1. chemyurij Offline chemyurij
      chemyurij (chemyurij) 12 October 2021 17: 47
      Quote: Cyril
      and with whom else has China fought in the relatively recent past?

      With India twice, the goal is the annexation or return of territories (there without half a liter you cannot understand their claims to each other) and both times we can say the goals were achieved, maybe not completely, this is now the main stumbling block between them. Korea, they showed themselves well there, in that war, in fact, apart from the United States against the North Koreans and the Chinese, there are many countries that were noted.
      1. Cyril Offline Cyril
        Cyril (Kirill) 12 October 2021 19: 37
        Korea, they performed well there,

        It is hard to say. They took mainly by number, and not by military skill. Although the nerves, of course, the UN coalition has tweaked normally.
        1. Mikhail Alekseev (Mikhail Alekseev) 13 October 2021 18: 10
          this UN coalition was celebrated in Korea better than Hitler in the USSR - more than a million mass executions alone
          1. Cyril Offline Cyril
            Cyril (Kirill) 13 October 2021 18: 44
            I am talking about the combat experience of armies, not their morale. North Koreans were also not white and were fluffy. And yes, it was the DPRK who unleashed the war
            1. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
              smart fellow (smart fellow) 17 October 2021 04: 46
              And no, it was South Korea who unleashed the war.

    2. Alexander Zima Offline Alexander Zima
      Alexander Zima (Alexander Zima) 12 October 2021 18: 28
      In Korea, they piled mattress mats .. and if it were not for the B-17 and many other aviation .. they would have received kaput.
      1. Cyril Offline Cyril
        Cyril (Kirill) 12 October 2021 19: 30
        In Korea, they piled mattress mats .. and if it were not for the B-17 and many other aviation .. they would have received kaput.

        If yes and if
      2. boriz Online boriz
        boriz (boriz) 12 October 2021 23: 30
        IN 29.
        And if it were not for the MiG-15, the mattress covers for Koreans and Chinese would be piled hard. And a million Chinese volunteers would not have been enough. It would take 2 or 3.
    3. Caltar Offline Caltar
      Caltar (Caltar) 13 October 2021 19: 58
      China fought against the US in all Asian wars, it was with their help, the Americans were washed there. By the way, I will not be surprised that in Afghanistan the Chinese put their hands on it, because against ours, the USSR, they helped the spooks well, through Pakistan,
      1. Cyril Offline Cyril
        Cyril (Kirill) 13 October 2021 22: 37
        why then they could not "wash" the Vietnamese?
    4. smart fellow Offline smart fellow
      smart fellow (smart fellow) 17 October 2021 04: 43
      With Vietnam, China succeeded because China did not aim to seize Vietnamese territory, but to prevent Vietnam's activity in the region, which was achieved. During the campaign, the Chinese approached the provincial capital and could take it, but they did not and suddenly stopped the offensive one step away from victory. This is similar to the war with India. Chinese soldiers walked around the mountains of the Indians, surrounded and captured tens of thousands of Indian soldiers. As the British journalist said at the time, everyone expected the Chinese to seize Delhi on the move. there were no troops on their way to the capital of India, but the Chinese abruptly stopped their advance. The BBC took a report from a Chinese veteran of those events. The Chinese dragged guns and trucks through the mountains for three days, went into the rear of the Indians and forced them to surrender. Then the command ordered them to be fed with Chinese rations and sent them home in Chinese trucks.
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 October 2021 17: 56
    The ground forces of Taiwan are almost 200 thousand people. The real combat capability is unknown. Plus a couple hundred thousand more in territorial defense. Motivation is high. As with the Chinese troops.
    China will have to land 2-3 hulls (maybe more) and carry out a full-fledged cleanup.
    It is difficult to say whether China will decide on a military solution.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 12 October 2021 19: 14
      Did China talk about the brotherly people of Taiwan? Refugees from Taiwan threaten China? Or maybe they have a gas pipe through Taiwan? China is worried about those who poke their noses into their own business. China can blockade Taiwan, kill the superfluous as a result, and turn the rest into national minorities. I do not think that the Chinese need their own galicia. they do not stand on ceremony with Tibet and Uighurs.
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 12 October 2021 19: 34
        I talked to the Chinese more than once. Quite adequate people, until I began to tease them that Taiwan is not China. They immediately fell into hysterics.
        1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
          Just a cat (Bayun) 12 October 2021 19: 38
          Taiwan is not China and Taiwanese is not Chinese are two different things ... Taiwan can become Chinese without Taiwanese. Russia, on the other hand, says that it needs Ukraine but does nothing to save the Aboriginal population ... I talked with the Poles. also adequate people. wished them to clean the lions from Ukrainians laughing
          1. boriz Online boriz
            boriz (boriz) 12 October 2021 23: 25
            Russia says it needs Ukraine ...

            Where did she talk about it? Already in the networks, people generally do not talk about it. In this form, it is not needed.
            1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
              Just a cat (Bayun) 13 October 2021 03: 22
              and in what form is it needed? Ukrainians should once again call themselves correct and ask for forgiveness by twisting a fig behind their backs? in the nets, all sorts of Volkonsky are asking to devour.
    2. Marat. Offline Marat.
      Marat. (Marat.) 13 October 2021 09: 13
      There is no motivation, mainly the Taiwanese are for China.
  3. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 13 October 2021 00: 27
    The PRC is against the unification of forces and the Sshasovites take advantage of this.
    There are many supporters of unification in Taiwan, the course of rapprochement is possible in the event of the defeat of the DPP and the victory of the Kuomintang party, if the Sshasovites do not screw up even here.
    Rejecting the principle of one country-two systems and increasing cooperation blackmail the PRC, incl. and the possibility of combining.
    The PLA landing on Taiwan is unlikely, because a spark could ignite a flame, a full-scale war, for which the PRC is not ready.
    The persistent desire of the Sshasovites to involve the PRC in the START-3 negotiations is aimed at staking out this unpreparedness of the PRC and its superiority.
    Comrade Xi said that the PRC would immediately agree to negotiations if the SSHAs reduced their nuclear arsenal to the level of the PRC.
    It takes time to equalize the nuclear potential with the SSHAs, and this postpones a possible military solution to the Taiwan issue.
    1. shiva Offline shiva
      shiva (Ivan) 13 October 2021 22: 04
      And who said that the PRC does not want or is incapable of a military solution, if it goes to forestall the appearance of a serious US contingent, is it already officially? If the mattresses there are unofficially ichtamnet, then you will not have to answer for zinc coffins. So, Mr. Xi is right when he thinks - you have to hit first, the polite Chinese people have arrived and everyone is normal - otherwise you will have to do the same thing later, but in bloody snot and waving away to all sides. He probably studied the example of Crimea in great detail. And he looks at the current situation - what would have happened if polite people did not visit Crimea then, and what to do now with this Kiev gadyushnik, where both Amerovsky and British special forces have been registered on a permanent basis. So now China is more than ever ready for a decisive solution to the Taiwan issue.
  4. Cotopeas Offline Cotopeas
    Cotopeas (Vladimir) 14 October 2021 15: 29
    If the idea of ​​unification with mainland China is popular in Taiwan, given that this is one divided people, it is possible to repeat the plot of Afghanistan with the triumphal march of the PLA of China with symbolic resistance from the army and massive support of the majority of the population of Taiwan. And the intervention of external forces, especially military, will lead to unity in an effort to repel foreign aggressors, nationalism is equally strong both in Taiwan and in mainland China.