German Greens give up their opposition to Nord Stream 2

Following parliamentary elections in Germany, the victorious Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) began negotiations with the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Green Party to create a government coalition. At the same time, the political forces did not bring up for discussion issues related to the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel.

Sources in the parties told the publication that they will not oppose the issuance of a permit for the operation of the gas pipeline by the German regulator. The leaders of the political forces already have enough serious disagreements and an extra problem, in the extremely delicate energy sphere, which may affect the signing of the agreement and the further fate of the coalition, they do not need at all. However, ignoring the Nord Stream 2 issue by party bosses may cause misunderstanding and disapproval at the grassroots level. politicians.

For example, Omid Nuripur, a Green MP and member of the Bundestag Foreign Policy Committee, said in an interview with the German newspaper Rheinischen Post that his leadership is simply obliged to discuss the topic of the pipeline with the Social Democrats and the “liberals”. He admitted that his party has slightly different views on Berlin's cooperation with Moscow than the SPD. Therefore, you need to defend your arguments "to conduct the correct course of the FRG in relation to the Russian Federation."

Earlier, the leaders of the Greens have repeatedly said that they oppose the construction of Nord Stream 2. But in the end they abandoned their demands against the backdrop of a monstrous energy crisis in Europe. At the same time, the Greens' co-chair, Annalena Berbock, despite the record rise in prices for “blue fuel” and electricity, still accused the government of Angela Merkel of “allowing the Russian Federation to blackmail Germany” by allowing the mentioned gas transportation project to be implemented.

The FDP leadership also considers the gas pipeline "Moscow's geopolitical weapon." The main German "liberal" Christian Lindner is confident that a moratorium on the operation of Nord Stream 2 can force Russia to "respect human rights and the principles of democracy."

In turn, the SPD leaders take an absolutely opposite position. Many authoritative Social Democrats actively advocate the commissioning of Nord Stream 2, and it was they who insisted on placing the question of the fate of the pipeline outside of the negotiations of the parties.

An alternative could be the introduction of several points into the coalition agreement: prohibiting the construction of new gas pipelines and providing minimum volumes of energy raw materials in UGS facilities. The SPD can take a similar step towards its partners from other parties. This will contribute to the achievement of environmental plans, and at the same time prevent a repetition of the current situation on the energy market in the future.
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  1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 10 October 2021 16: 24
    The collective farm, as you know, is voluntary.
    By the way, the expression has two meanings.
    Okay, no banter.
    The decision to build jn 2 was wrong.
    With the money of PJSC and partners, it was possible to build a liquefaction plant and if we ourselves temporarily cannot, lease gas carriers, load gas in Luga to FOB
    Port customs office of the Federal Republic of Germany, whose gas?
    Cap personally looking bill of lading

    Customs gives good
    1. Dan Offline Dan
      Dan (Daniel) 10 October 2021 17: 11
      Quote: Petr Vladimirovich
      With the money of PJSC and partners, it was possible to build a liquefaction plant and if we ourselves temporarily cannot, lease gas carriers, load gas in Luga to FOB

      Did you calculate the economy yourself or who suggested it? laughing
      1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 10 October 2021 17: 58
        Yes, no secrets, io and a photo
        He started after Africa at the MW.
        Then in life it is always sun
        One thing I don't understand, why are you all afraid to put your photo and io?
        1. Dan Offline Dan
          Dan (Daniel) 10 October 2021 20: 23
          Quote: Petr Vladimirovich
          One thing I don't understand, why are you all afraid to put your photo and io?

          "Io and photo" may also not correspond to the truth. Your example does not show your prowess or any kind of courage. This is simply not an account of the situation on the Internet. You are not a media person. But it doesn't matter. Do not understand? Well, okay...

          Quote: Petr Vladimirovich
          He started after Africa at the MW.

          It is not clear from your words how and what you started, but try to analyze how much gas and, accordingly, the volume of MET payments will provide the total volume of the loan taken by Gazprom for SP-2, and how this volume of MET will relate to the volume of taxes which will generate an LNG plant built with the same amount of credit? I think your proposal in numbers will lose two times, or even more. Then you can remember the timing, etc. In short, professionally you are far from gas problems. request
    2. Let's build our gas carriers, nafig FOB!
      1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 12 October 2021 11: 36
        The FOB basis means that the goods become the property of the buyer from the moment they are loaded on board. The owner of the vessel and his flag have nothing to do with this issue.
  2. Dear sofa expert. 10 October 2021 23: 57
    When I read such materials, for some reason I immediately remember the famous:

    I think that bargaining is inappropriate here!
    I will command the parade! ..

    So, (Western) gentlemen "jurors", you will do what the "Great Combinator" ordered you - Capital.
  3. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 11 October 2021 11: 01
    All these are their domestic political wishes for each other in the struggle for power. The SPD are industrialists. Greens and liberals, bankers. Bankers cannot do without industrialists, money in itself is not a commodity (no matter what the financiers do not weave) and has no price. Watch the work of Karl Marx "Capital". They will agree in general.
  4. Siberian southerner (Sergey A) 15 October 2021 11: 47
    Well, it got colder, the heat has risen in price, but in the cold I think better and faster, the green ones have ripened.