Why Russia and China need to create a military bloc in the very near future

On October 9, speaking during the anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the need to reunite mainland China with Taiwan, emphasizing that it must be peaceful.

The historic goal of completing the reunification of our homeland must be fulfilled, it will definitely be fulfilled

- said the Chinese leader.

Also, Xi Jinping expressed his desire to carry out the reunification of China by analogy with Hong Kong - in accordance with the principle of "one country - two systems."

Nevertheless, on October 10, the Taiwan leadership issued a response rejecting any plans to reintegrate the island into the PRC.

We will continue to strengthen our defenses and demonstrate a determination to defend ourselves so that no one can force Taiwan to follow the path China has proposed for us.

- said the head of administration of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen, speaking on Sunday in Taipei on the occasion of the local holiday "Two Dozen Day".

It is obvious that behind such self-confident anti-Beijing statements are serious external forces that have assured the Taiwanese leadership of their full support for its course to maintain the current status quo, de facto based primarily on separatism.

For example, the authoritative American edition of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on October 7 that the US special operations forces and the military of the US Marine Corps secretly train Taiwanese military personnel. According to a senior US official who acted as a source for the publication, Pentagon troops have been secretly stationed in Taiwan for at least one year.

At the same time, the WSJ separately notes that both the White House and the Pentagon refused to give any comments on this matter.

By a strange coincidence, it was at the same time that a new military bloc AUKUS was formed, in fact, created to counter China's positions in the Indo-Pacific region. The nuclear submarines, which are planned to be built by American specialists and transferred to the official Canberra, will be based off the coast of Australia. And if we analyze the situation around the "Taiwan issue", it becomes obvious that the United States, together with its Anglo-Saxon allies, may well be planning a direct military intervention in what is happening on the side of Taipei.

At the same time, from the point of view of international law, Taiwan was and remains one of the provinces of China. As is known, since 1949 Taiwan has been governed by its own independent administration. Those who lost the civil war in China to the forces of the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong, the remnants of the Kuomintang army fled to the island, taking with them a significant part of the state treasury from the mainland. Soon after, the countries of the world, one after another, established diplomatic relations with communist China, at the same time ceasing to recognize the Kuomintang government that had fled to the island as the country's authorities.

The UN put the final point on the issue. During the 26th session of its General Assembly almost exactly half a century ago - on October 25, 1971, Resolution 2758 was adopted: "Restoring the legitimate rights of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations." In accordance with it, the right to official international representation of China, including within the framework of the UN, passed from Taiwan to the People's Republic of China.

As a result, the key lever of foreign policy influence - China's place in the Security Council was transferred from the unrecognized UN-Republic of China (Taiwan) to the PRC in the early 1970s. Thus, the international community has officially recognized China's current status and, therefore, its legal rights to Taiwan for another fifty years.

At the same time, despite the fact that Washington does not officially recognize Taiwan's independence, it is already becoming obvious that the United States will make every effort to prevent China from restoring its territorial integrity.

And here the question naturally arises about Russia's position. Moscow has always recognized the territorial integrity of China, providing all-round support to the Chinese Communist Party both in the most troubled years for the country and in a much brighter future.

The Russian-Chinese treaty on good-neighborliness, friendship and cooperation, extended in June this year, provides for the continuation of the course towards strengthening bilateral relations. Nevertheless, in just three months since its signing, the geopolitical picture of the world has already changed dramatically.

NATO's positions began to shake - the implementation of plans to create a unified EU army is likely to make its presence in Europe unnecessary. Secretary General Stoltenberg is nervous, calling for unity, Brussels thinks more about its interests. As a result, NATO, facing its biggest crisis since its inception, can now be expected to any provocations in relation to Russia.

At the same time (as noted above), the United States, Great Britain and Australia are creating a new military bloc - AUKUS, significantly changing the balance of power in the Indo-Pacific it is known in whose favor.

At the same time, the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, which includes the intelligence services of the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, announces plans to expand by inviting Japan, India, South Korea and Germany to join its membership. A quick glance at the map is enough to understand who in the first place will be directed against his activities in the new composition.

This is not to mention the formed Quadripartite Security Dialogue (QUAD), which includes the United States, Australia, India and Japan, whose leaders met at its first summit on September 25, 2021 in Washington, and which the press does not call anything other than "Asian NATO".

And all these events took place in September 2021 alone. The United States is so actively seeking to consolidate its influence and unite forces against China and Russia that it is beginning to produce overlapping international blocs. For example, Australia, along with the United States, is a member of AUKUS, QUAD, and Five Eyes.

At the same time, while the countries of the collective West are consolidating their efforts within the framework of new military blocs and agreements, Russia and China are still limited to, albeit extremely close, but still insufficiently deep cooperation.

According to a joint statement by the PRC and the Russian Federation issued in June 2021, “the Russian-Chinese military and militarytechnical cooperation in accordance with the principles set forth in Article 7 of the Treaty develops in the spirit of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction and is not directed against third countries. "

At the same time, these same "third countries" under the leadership of the United States are now very actively unite against Russia and China. After all, a radical change in the geopolitical balance of forces, pushed by the United States, in fact, changes the entire conjuncture of global security. And Moscow, like Beijing, will have to react to it one way or another.

The most adequate mirror reaction could be a real unification of efforts to protect Russian and Chinese interests around the world, drawn up on paper. And the most rational way to do this is to form a new defensive military bloc.

The countries of the collective West must realize that by threatening Russia or China separately, they will deal with both countries at once. Alas, the further, the more narrows the window of opportunity for building a dialogue with the United States and its allies. Moreover, Washington is now fully committed to the continuation of the new Cold War and seeks to dictate its terms around the world, ignoring such key aspects of international relations as respect for national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries. So if the only way to convince him to abide by the rules and abide by the UN principles is to speak from a position of strength, then so be it.
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 11 October 2021 09: 09
    Russia now also has to save China? What successes did the Chinese have against Japan and Korea? millions of corpses and zero sense. and the "allies" of the United States are acting as disposable underpants.
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 October 2021 09: 19
      There were many corpses, but still there was a sense. Koreans (like Americans) were driven all the way to Busan.

      1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 11 October 2021 09: 23
        without the help of the USSR to the point of ZERO! Wikipedia says Opponent and not Chinese.
        1. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 October 2021 10: 24
          The alliance provided only air support. A million Chinese volunteers have done their job.
          The same goes for Japan. Yes, China suffered colossal losses, but Japan could not win the war in China. The Japanese army is bogged down in China.
          One can, of course, regard the war in China as a defeat, but I cannot regard it as a victory for Japan either.
          1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
            Just a cat (Bayun) 11 October 2021 14: 51
            Well, at such a pace, and in World War II, the Americans will win ... is it for air support that the Americans threatened with a nuclear bomb?
            1. Bakht Offline Bakht
              Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 October 2021 14: 55
              Was there such a threat? I know that MacArthur was crazy. But the use of nuclear weapons was not in his competence in any way. This was one of the reasons for his removal from command.
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 October 2021 09: 15
    The most adequate mirror reaction could be a real unification of efforts to protect Russian and Chinese interests around the world, drawn up on paper. And the most rational way to do this is to form a new defensive military bloc.

    It is not a fact that this is an adequate response.
    Despite the word "defensive", such a treaty could lead to war. China's intentions towards Taiwan are quite clear. Does it make sense to get involved in a war for China's interests?
    It seems more reasonable to conclude a non-aggression pact. And the delimitation of spheres of influence in Central Asia. That is to say, the Eastern Pact.
  3. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 11 October 2021 09: 45
    And, this is all the desire to rake in the heat of someone else's blood, sitting on the couch.
    There are a bunch of islands off the coast, everyone is dogging with everyone from time to time.

    And if we conclude an alliance, we will have to do the same. While "it must be peaceful"
    and what? navy dofiga? Or will we give the missiles to China for copying?

    With Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan (where do we get electronics), Australia, America, Japan, etc.?
    How will the oligarchs be sent to Asia and NATO with gas and oil, titanium and uranium, fish and aluminum, with new sanctions? Profits will decrease, taxes will also go to the budget.
  4. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 11 October 2021 10: 34
    Also, Xi Jinping expressed his desire to carry out the reunification of China by analogy with Hong Kong - in accordance with the principle of "one country - two systems."

    True, with regard to Hong Kong, after the end of the British protectorate and the transfer of the city to the control of the PRC, the Chinese government constantly violates this principle. Although, according to the 1997 Declaration, the autonomy of Hong Kong should be guaranteed until 2047.
  5. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 11 October 2021 10: 37
    Most of us do not have enough information to speak responsibly on this issue.
    However, I think something can still be said about him.
    First, while we are with China, alas, only fellow travelers. We have different ultimate goals of development and different political systems, different social systems. They are building communism (as an ideal goal), we do not know what, that is, NOTHING.
    Can China, in this situation, seriously trust us. And if so, can we, in turn, trust him?
    Our social system and economic structure, which we ourselves, to put it mildly, are not very happy with, alas, deprives us of the chance to immediately find a worthy and grateful goal of national development and real friends on this path.
    However, this will also be - secondly, if such an alliance is possible, not dangerous for the parties, and expedient, then it must be concluded in advance, that is, already now, as a preemptive step.
    As I already wrote in my comments, the global mistake of our "balanced" policy towards the West is that, in responding to their challenges, we always try to delay and minimize the response. This has a "side" effect that we do not take into account at all.
    By this, we, unwittingly, continue to hold the object of our claims right in front of the West.
    Instead of a weak-willed, stupid, "balanced" parry of the West's blows, it is necessary to set the task of STOPPING the development of the lines of its offensive in the bud.
    Simply put, you need to beat off their appetite in time.
    This would allow us to avoid many unfavorable changes in the world around us that have already taken place, and, moreover, would save a lot of energy.
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 11 October 2021 18: 36
      They are building communism ...

      Recently, they are not building communism, but some kind of national fascism, mixed up in a digital concentration camp.
      1. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 12 October 2021 10: 11
        I don’t know where you got this information from. But, even if this were so, the existing state and the ultimate goal of development are two big differences.
        Remember at least our years of the first five-year plans. Necessity gave birth to harsh forms of life and struggle.
        And then. It is not at all necessary to follow an ally. If some paths are organic for them, then for us they can be completely different. After all, this is not about the methods of achieving, but about the final goal, and what it should be.
        Russia needs democracy regardless of the prospects for an alliance with China.
        Read the article about this: https://zen.yandex.ru/id/5fe624c58b9da069054d7540
  6. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 11 October 2021 14: 12
    China behaves like a consumer in relation to Russia. There is no honesty and openness in relationships. Many bloggers and simply those who live in China say that at the household level, the Chinese consider the Far East theirs and school textbooks say the same. They smile at Putin, while they themselves are holding the "stone" in their hands behind their backs. The Serbs are closer and more honest to us in relation to Russia, but for some reason a military alliance with them is not even considered. Let the Chinese solve their problems themselves, and we will help them, like the Serbs!
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 12 October 2021 08: 38
      You know, about the Chinese Far East. I heard the opinion of one of our people living in Hong Kong that the topic of the Far East belonging to China is being discussed and all these famous maps are published in history books in TAIWAN, and not in the PRC.
      I haven't seen it myself, but if it is, then these are two big differences.
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 October 2021 14: 48
    Different social systems.
    The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, represented by the state, is aimed at conquering markets, foreign property, increasing income and will not lift a finger for thanks, all the more to jeopardize its property by harnessing the interests of others.
    Mutually beneficial cooperation is another matter. RUIE will increase revenues, and China will buy an ally in the face of the Russian Federation
    1. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 11 October 2021 15: 17
      Limited logic.
      The purchased ally will sell himself to the one who bought it.
  8. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 11 October 2021 15: 23
    Why does Kotlin write articles contrary to the interests of Russia?

    A military alliance with China will sever important ties with India.
    It will finally push India away from Russia - into an alliance with the United States and Britain.

    With all the problems that surround us, Russia will cope on its own.
    With all, in the zone of its interests, problems - China will cope on its own.

    It is very important for Russia to maintain the most friendly ties with India.
    And a military alliance in Asia, for Russia, is only TRIPLE -
    Russia-India-China. RICK.
    Or - no military alliance, or - (if necessary) - an alliance of three.
    The Asian Continent should not be allowed to split into warring powerful countries-civilizations.
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 11 October 2021 21: 37
      India will still be in the Anglo-Saxon team. You can trade with India. But it is politically tied to the UK.
      India and China are antagonists at this stage. Maybe tomorrow a foreign payment will arrive and they will make us all together in a crowd. But so far, the India-China union is not even visible through the telescope.
  9. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 11 October 2021 15: 25
    Why Russia and China need to create a military bloc in the very near future

    - Strange ... - China still supports the sanctions against Russia, which were imposed on Russia by the United States and the "American company" ...
    - And what if tomorrow (or tonight) the Americans again come up with another "sanctions dirty trick" against Russia ... - And those states who "will not approve" and "will not support" these next American sanctions against Russia ... - risk get into a situation in which conditions may arise for a serious impact on the supply of oil, gas and other things to China ... - Ie. - conditions will arise in order to slow down the supply of gas and oil from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Qatar and so on ... - to China ... - Or support sanctions against Russia ... - or you will find yourself "in a situation" ...
    - Yes, China will not blink an eye ... - and will support all these sanctions ... - And at the same time it will remain our "partner", "ally" and "good neighbor" ... - "almost a brother" ...
    - To be with such a military bloc ... - this ... this ... this - "you must have eyes on the back of your head" ...
  10. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 11 October 2021 19: 16
    Nobody is going to conclude an alliance. And rightly so.
    In the near future, Russia and China will become leaders in different currency zones, that is, competitors.
    China did not recognize the annexation of Crimea and did not distance itself from the anti-Russian sanctions. So Russia does not owe China anything either.
    In addition, the annexation of Taiwan seems to have been negotiated with both Putin and Biden. It's just that the United States did not guarantee the absence of sanctions for Taiwan. The brain will be taken out to China in full.
    No one will attack China itself, but they can block the Strait of Malacca and other bottlenecks critical for China's export to Europe. Export to Canada, USA will not be prohibited.
    Russia will adhere to the position of a wise monkey sitting in a tree and watching the fight between a lion and a tiger. Well, in our case - a wise bear, they climb trees well too.
    An example of such an attitude is OPEC +. Russia participates in the negotiations, exerts influence, but does not take on written long-term commitments.
    Will express deep concern about the growing escalation of tensions in the APR ...
    1. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 12 October 2021 14: 34
      Your hard-hitting analogy can be continued.
      When the wise monkey, completely weakened from hunger, still falls from the tree, both predators will happily eat it. Without experiencing any moral obligations towards her.
  11. Alexey Davydov (Alexey) 12 October 2021 12: 41
    Add more.
    Now, seen from the outside, yes, and in fact, we are a capitalist country.
    We are China's ideological adversary.
    Our cousins ​​are the spiders in a bank called the "capitalist world."
    This is where we belong. But we don't want to go there. We are as weak as a newly minted capital country. There we will be devoured without a trace. Despite our Poseidons and Petrels.
    Very good! But what do we want then?
    Are we so committed to the choice that the United States made for us by the hands of Yeltsin, who tricked the country into capitalism, forced the people to either perish or learn to live in it?
    After all, our friends "in life" are not there at all.
    It is not for nothing that China, despite all this, seems to regard us as an “ideological” partner.
    Perhaps he is doing this "growing up", considering, or even seeing the possibility of our turn towards building socialism?
    Do we really not want this ourselves?
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 14 October 2021 08: 54
    Baikal was given to the Chinese under the impression of the show "China-USA" who imitated confrontation, bred a Multi-rover, all and sundry !!