Has global warming on Earth reversed?

A few days ago, specialists from the Phobos Meteorological Center сообщилиthat the coming winter of 2021-2022 could be abnormally snowy and cold. The average height of snowdrifts will be 25% higher than the norm, and in some places by 50%. The Arctic cold will reach even the Russian South. It sounds rather unpleasant and gloomy, but is the devil as scary as he is painted?

Is global warming canceled?

As the reason for such an expected snowy winter, meteorologists call the rather unusual behavior of the Arctic region. For the first time in many years, the polar ice not only did not reduce its area, but even increased it! One gets the impression that nature has changed its mind, and global warming on the planet has taken a pause so far. A giant ice cap over the Arctic Ocean will form a powerful circumpolar vortex, which will push cold air masses further south, and will also lead to an intensification of their east-west transport. This will lead to noticeable weather anomalies.

So, already now, in the first half of October, snow and blizzards have arrived as uninvited guests in Chukotka, Yamal, Taimyr, in Tomsk, Orenburg and Kemerovo regions, in Bashkiria and the South Urals, in the north of the Russian Far East. The traffic is hampered, in a number of regions even flights and school hours had to be canceled. It sounds, frankly, not too positive, but is it really that bad when there is a lot of snow in winter? If you think about it, its absence is a much bigger problem.

Why is a snowless winter so dangerous?

Let's remember the penultimate winter, which was distinguished by freezing temperatures and an unusually small amount of snowfall. And how many problems she brought us ...

At first, low rainfall in winter led to the fact that rivers and reservoirs were half full in spring. For the Russian Crimea, where water supplies have long been cut off by Ukraine, this has created a huge problem. Against the background of hot weather, the reservoirs of the peninsula showed the bottom, and the authorities of the region almost ordered prayers, trying to bring rain. I had to introduce norms of water consumption for several hours a day.

Secondly, the general lack of water in rivers and other water bodies, caused by the absence of snow cover in winter, always leads to a shortage of water for agriculture, as well as to the complication of a fire hazard in forests. Trees and shrubs are dry and easily ignited. Dry rivers become unnavigable, and fish die en masse in water bodies.

Thirdly, it is difficult to imagine something more dangerous for the harvest than the absence of snow cover in the fields and gardens in severe frosts. Snow is a natural insulation, and in the absence of it, the planting simply freezes out.

It turns out that it is not so bad if there is a lot of snow in winter. In case of severe cold, which are predicted by the specialists of the Phobos center, the snow cover will cover agricultural plantings and protect them from the icy breath of the Arctic. However, unfortunately, each medal has its own downside.

Why is a snowy winter dangerous?

The downside of a winter with extremely heavy rainfall is the risk of flooding. Powerful streams of water in spring can lead to floods and flooding of large areas, causing significant economic damage. Due to icing, wires can break, and even power transmission towers can fall. One-meter-long snowdrifts formed on the roads are becoming a big problem for motorists and road utilities.

The abnormal amount of snowfall in winter, including wet ones, will make it difficult for solar panels and wind turbines. The surplus of water in reservoirs will have to be addressed by dumping its surplus, which can become a problem for those who are located downstream, as the risk of flooding increases.

It turns out that a snowy winter is not so terrible if you are prepared for it in advance. On the contrary, it is even more preferable than a winter with little snow, if there was an opportunity to choose. But this makes high demands on the quality of the housing and communal services and road facilities in the Russian Federation. The coming winter will show how much they will correspond to them.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 9 October 2021 18: 32
    “Maybe” is the key word. They are being frightened more and more.
    "Maybe" and "phobos" is also a killer combination, at least 3 articles for these 2 words

    What do they not promise under this .... remember for yourself ...

    But in fact, the weather is normal, and the snowless winters of the 80s, and the snowy XNUMXs, somehow did not really affect life.
  2. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 10 October 2021 06: 43
    The effect of the climate refrigerator as it is. The warmer, the more water evaporates in the world ocean (the world ocean is 70% of the earth's area), the more precipitation over land, which is mainly in high latitudes relative to the equator. The more the land cools down due to precipitation. , the substance takes more heat from the surrounding space (atmosphere) than actually when the substance is heated. Again, the heating of the ocean occurs due to the IF rays from the sun, but the atmosphere loses its "kinetic" heat. as the prekeos towards the loss of kinetic heat cools the planet and the IF-heat of the sun is already not enough to warm up the ocean and the otmassphere. The refrigerator pauses. It's funny that the theory of the climatic refrigerator has been known since the 60s, but proved in the late 80s. And the more greenhouse emissions, the more active and faster the refrigerator works. But globalists prefer "warming". With its help, it is easier to kill uncontrolled industry and energy.
  3. BMP-2 Offline BMP-2
    BMP-2 (Vladimir V.) 10 October 2021 18: 59
    But global fooling continues according to the previously established course.
  4. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 10 October 2021 20: 59
    It is necessary to prepare in advance for a new ice age - to clone mammoths, to make stone axes, to clean up the Altai caves. It is very convenient to breed rodents in households - they devour garbage, breed wildly, and then by the tail and into a meat grinder for minced meat. And what - the Supreme Court has forbidden to keep chickens, you will have to eat with mice.
  5. DV tam 25 Offline DV tam 25
    DV tam 25 (DV tam 25) 11 October 2021 10: 56
    In fact, there is no cooling or warming. These are inventions of "British scientists".
  6. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 11 October 2021 15: 15
    Will turn back, right or left - fortune telling on the coffee grounds. You need to know the causes of climate change, which happened many times before the appearance of humans.
    The reasons are many and different, from the structure of the planet itself and the processes taking place on it to its orbit and the activity of the luminary. and other celestial bodies.