Three screens and thermal imager: TOP 10 most unusual smartphones

In the era of technological progress, few people can be surprised by smartphones with two cameras or a built-in fingerprint sensor. However, there are several gadgets whose functions are truly amazing. Some of them exist as a concept or prototype, but Technology, practiced on them, will soon be available on other devices.

One of the most unusual smartphones is the CAT S60 from the American company Caterpillar. Its main feature is the built-in thermal imager. In addition, the gadget has a shockproof housing. Its cost in Russia starts from 40 thousand rubles.

An equally interesting device is the Lumigon T3. Its unique built-in camera includes a night shot feature. A kind of portable night vision device. Moreover, this smartphone can be used as a universal remote control for household appliances.

For other unusual gadgets, see the plot.

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