80 years of executions in Babi Yar - three main lies about the tragedy

There are not many things in our world to which an exclusively uncompromising "black and white" perception is applicable, which does not allow any half-hearted or ambiguous interpretations. I don’t know what about "absolute good", but the fact that the crimes of the Nazi regime cannot be considered anything other than absolute evil in its extremely concentrated form, in my opinion, is obvious. However, as practice shows - not for everyone and not always. Time, which is increasingly moving us away from the events of the Great Patriotic War, erases from the face of the earth the traces of bloody battles and mass executions - and now there are those who are trying to erase the names of heroes, martyrs and executioners from human memory. Or even completely swap them.

It would seem that the tragedy of Babi Yar is something absolute in its horror, not subject to doubt and double interpretation. Nevertheless, more than once and not twice they tried to replace the truth about her with disgusting, cynical and poisonous lies. Today, this lie is being heard in the place where the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people was shed 80 years ago - in Ukraine. The worst thing is that it was on a land that fully knew the horrors of the Nazi occupation, the atrocities of the Nazis and their minions, that rewriting history was turned into the most important part of the state. policy and ideology. Such actions are an unacceptable mockery of the memory of the fallen and a direct path to a repetition of a nightmare similar to what was happening in Kiev eight decades ago. We must confront them, first of all, by exposing vile fabrications and openly speaking the truth about atrocities that do not have and cannot have a statute of limitations.

First lie: "There was no Babi Yar at all"

No matter how wild this statement sounds, however, believe me, there were and are those who are ready to defend it, as they say, foaming at the mouth. If you wish, you can search the Internet - believe me, articles whose authors are trying to prove that the whole history of Babi Yar is nothing more than a colossal hoax and "invention of Soviet, as well as Jewish propaganda", you will find much more than one might expect ... What is characteristic, here in absolute and indestructible unity the most terrifying anti-Sovietists and truly cave anti-Semites merge. Both of them, with their inherent claims to absolute correctness, assert: the story of the mass shootings in Kiev was “composed” by the NKVD after the Germans “discovered” the ten thousandth “burial place of the victims of the Red Terror” in Vinnitsa. In contrast, so to speak ... To voice the version of the "inventors" from the department of Beria was instructed to three ... deserters from the Red Army. The Jews, of course, were also "agents of the NKVD." It was they who inspiredly "hung noodles on their ears" specially brought to the place of mass executions to journalists, including foreign ones. One of these was the New York Times correspondent William Lawrence (a Jew, of course). Here he is, the bastard, and "launched the fake NKVD into circulation in the West." By the way, Lev Smirnov was also a Jew (according to the authors of such a game) (what do you doubt - a typical Jewish surname!), Who raised the topic of Babi Yar at the Nuremberg trials ... In a word, wherever you go, “they” are everywhere.

In principle, there is no point in further quoting and retelling the terrible anti-Semitic-anti-Soviet conspiracy theories. Here the material is in no way for the historian, but exclusively for the psychiatrist. This kind of public "with extraordinary ease" completely sweeps aside literally everything: evidence of miraculously surviving victims and eyewitnesses of massacres, as well as protocols of interrogations of their participants, photographs, documents (including those made with truly German pedantry "reports on the work done" by the execution Einsatzgroups ), as well as many other completely irrefutable evidence. For them, these are "fakes", "a forgery concocted by the NKVD and the KGB," "a conspiracy of the world Jewish mafia." At the same time, by the way, the simple truth that not only persons of Jewish nationality were destroyed in Babi Yar is completely hushed up. By the way, they were not the first victims either; a few days before the start of the mass executions, the Nazis killed patients at the Pavlov psychiatric clinic in the same place. Thousands of prisoners of the Red Army, partisans, six (!) Gypsy camps in full force, killed in Babi Yar - are these all “Jewish inventions” too ?! I will end with the fact that those who deny the tragedy of Babi Yar, as such, declare certain "materials of aerial photography made by the Americans (!) In 1943" as an immutable "ultimate truth" allegedly confirming their nonsense, on which there is not a trace mass shootings or burials and the "conclusions" of some "English scientists" who analyzed them. Clinic of the purest water.

Second lie: "The communists, the Red Army and the NKVD are to blame for everything."

If with the first case everything is extremely clear, as they say, at first glance, then with respect to other attempts to slander Babi Yar, everything is somewhat more complicated. The clearest example of a slightly more subtle (and much more cynical) perversion of the tragic events of eighty years ago is the statement made just the other day by the former head of the infamous Institute of National Memory of Ukraine, Volodymyr Vyatrovich, now comfortably settled in the deputy chair. No, he does not deny mass executions, not at all. However, all the blame for them is placed solely on the leadership of the Soviet Union and its special services. According to Vyatrovich, Kiev Jews resignedly and almost “voluntarily” went to the slaughter solely due to the fact that “the Soviet regime kept silent about the crimes of the Nazis”, because… “was their ally!” Moreover, nothing of the kind, perhaps, would have happened if it had not been for the explosions in the center of Kiev, organized by the saboteurs of the NKVD, the Red Army and the underground. They say that it was they who "created an atmosphere of fear in the city that promoted the start of mass terror" and pushed the Nazis to begin the extermination of Jews. Analyzing nonsense of this level is both disgusting and difficult - but we, however, have to. Let's start with the fact that the statement about the "alliance" of the USSR and the Third Reich is a mean lie. Accordingly, an attempt to assert that the atrocities committed by the occupiers on the territory of the Soviet Union from the very first days of the Great Patriotic War were “hushed up” by someone.

Not what they said about them - all the Soviet media, without exception, shouted! And the refugees coming from the West in a stream also hardly imagined the Nazis "white and fluffy." There could be no question of any naive faith of Jews in "good Germans". They were simply left with no choice. Even more absurd are attempts to shift the blame for the mass terror unleashed in Kiev onto the actions of the NKVD and the underground, who made every effort to destroy the invaders. So you might think that in those European countries where nothing of the kind could have been, the Nazis treated the Jews with eclairs and conducted soulful ceremonial conversations with them! The extermination of the Jews (and not only them alone) was the cornerstone of the cannibalistic state policy of the Third Reich, and this is an absolutely indisputable fact! Mass executions similar to the one that took place in Kiev took place throughout the occupied territory of the USSR, as well as in Eastern Europe. As if the gas chambers and ovens of Auschwitz, Dachau and other "factories of death" were at least something better than the ditches of Babi Yar. And, by the way, the fact that the inhabitants of Lviv met the Wehrmacht entering their city in the most literal sense with bread and salt and flowers (there is a lot of documentary evidence), in no way saved the Lviv Jews from the cruel pogrom and, practically, universal extermination. The very one in which Ukrainian nationalists took an active part - both dressed in German uniforms and their "volunteer assistants". But Pan Vyatrovich will definitely not want to talk about this under any guise.

Lie third: "All responsibility lies with the Germans, the Ukrainians have nothing to do with it"

As a matter of fact, from this, so to speak, the place begins the next "layer" of perversions of the truth about the horrors of Babi Yar. In modern Ukraine, absolutely titanic efforts have been made to whitewash the local Nazi lackeys and accomplices who participated in the mass executions - first of all, from among the so-called "freedom fighters", that is, representatives of nationalist organizations. Take, for example, the same "Bukovynsky kuren" that belonged to the "Melnikov" wing of the OUN. In those terrible days he was allegedly "not at all in Kiev." But what a bad luck - the rabble from this gang subsequently released the most detailed memoirs about their "freed zmagannyas", from which it clearly follows that he was! And in general - the shootings in Babi Yar lasted not only from September 29 to October 3, 1941, but exactly until the moment when the Hitlerite nonhumans were kicked out of Kiev. And all this time - only with the hands of one and a half hundred thugs from the Sonderkommando 4a of Standartenführer Paul Blobel, which was part of Einsatzgroup "C"? This is simply not technically possible. Someone had to carry out the escort, stand in a cordon, chase and catch the fugitives, sort and load the victims' belongings. And these “someone”, without a doubt, were those whom some sources bashfully and tolerantly call “local collaborators”. I wonder who it could be? It is known for certain that all, without exception, the puppet “local government”, as well as the auxiliary police and other similar structures, were literally packed with nationalists who had caught the illusion of “power” and the possibility of settling old scores.

Geeks like Vyatrovich, as an "argument" regarding the non-involvement of their ideological forerunners in the hecatomb at Babi Yar, cite the fact that the Germans subsequently spent some of them at the same place. In particular - the Kiev burgomaster Vladimir Bagaziy, to whom this year in the capital "nezalezhnoy" they almost erected a monument as a "martyr" and "fighter against Nazism". Pardon me, but the fact that members of two criminal gangs in the process of mutual showdowns bleed each other, in no way transfers them from the category of criminals to the ranks of fighters against criminals. Here, indeed, what they fought for, they ran into it. The fact that the invaders got mad at some point and “cleaned out” that part of the Ukrainian nationalists who thought too much of themselves and “lost their shores” did not in the least prevent the rest of their brothers from faithfully and faithfully serving the Third Reich until its defeat. And later - to shed the blood of their own compatriots, in the name of their delusional "ideas". There is one more aspect in this topic - according to more or less reliable data, 33 (or 37) thousand Jews, who immediately disciplined themselves for "resettlement" and were immediately exterminated in Babi Yar, were no more than half of the people of this nationality living in Kiev. The rest chose to be careful and see how it all ended. Nevertheless, all of them ended up in the ditches - with the exception of literally a few survivors. And who caught them all over the city? Who tracked down and gave out to the executioners from the Einsatzkommando? Germans? Nothing of the kind - and the evidence is innumerable.

One of the reasons why the tragedy of Babi Yar in the Soviet Union until a certain time was not hushed up, but did not indulge in too wide publicity, was just the stubborn unwillingness of the party and state leadership to "stir up the past" and "reopen wounds." For the sake of the completely incorrectly interpreted "friendship of peoples", the complicity of representatives of some of them by the Nazi occupier was carefully "erased" from the context of the annals of the Great Patriotic War. One of the results of this pernicious policy can be safely considered Ukraine in its present form, where, just look, monuments to Hitler's lackeys will appear on the site of the memorials to their victims.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 2 October 2021 09: 21
    As soon as Alexander has forgotten to braid the State Department, a normal article comes out.

    And now they catch the oppositionists - at the expense of denunciations and provocations.
    1. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
      Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 2 October 2021 11: 16
      Opposition by the majority of Jews?
      1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
        Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 October 2021 08: 51
        I didn't. Look in the internet, there are many lovers
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 2 October 2021 11: 35
    One of the results of this pernicious policy can be safely considered Ukraine in its current form, where, just look, monuments to Hitler's lackeys will appear on the site of the memorials to their victims.

    Why "just look at it", Alexander ?!
    After all, "monuments to Hitler's lackeys" (at least the same "poetess" Teliga "comrades") "appeared" long ago in Kiev, even with the "creeping banderizer" Kuchma! request
    "Lviv met the Germans with flowers" already without the Jews - the Galician-Polish Lviv residents took care of this, together with the Nazi henchmen-Shukhevych, who had outstripped the owners, staged a daring Jewish Massacre on June 29, 1941!
    The Germans only joyfully rubbed their hands together and sympathetically watched how their accomplices were trying, hunting defenseless fellow citizens - even Galician-Polish teenagers actively participated, helped their adult relatives, anti-Semitic marginalized and marginalized, in this brutal "Judenfry" - the corresponding photos and memories of the participants were preserved and eyewitnesses!

    In many respects, the reason for such a disciplined high "turnout" (more than 2/3 of all Kiev Jews, and the "cautious" third who did not appear on the first day was quickly identified with the help of their neighbors - "shmaltsovshchik" and executed in just a couple of weeks of joint "work" of the Nazis and their lackeys, mainly "Galitsaevs brought in the German train" self-defense detachments "(providing security, general gathering and discipline) - because" who knew that there would be robbery and murder instead of Palestinians ?! " request
    Correctly The author said that the Nazis began to execute Soviet people in Babi Yar
    immediately, from the first days of the occupation of Kiev!
    Our Soviet citizens of Jewish nationality are only a part of the victims of Babi Yar, and most of our compatriots executed in it are by no means Jews, but Slavs (for some reason this is often forgotten against the backdrop of the Jewish Holocaust ?!)!
    When the Eastern Front rolled to the West and traces of the monstrous crimes of the "common Europeans" were revealed in the liberated Soviet cities and villages, the Nazi invaders everywhere began to "clean up" these "traces" of theirs.
    So in Babi Yar, from Soviet prisoners of war, the Nazis formed teams that dug ditches with the killed and immediately, stacking the corpses in piles mixed with firewood, burned them on huge bonfires, burying only ashes and indistinct bone fragments, by which it was impossible to determine the number of victims (more than 100000 people in this ravine alone !!!) .... the work is very hard, morally and physically, and in itself deprived the remnants of health and presence of mind from the exhausted prisoners!
    Among these unfortunate people there was such a belief that the key to the door lock, found at the killed in Yar, supposedly helps to survive and escape - "will open the door to freedom" ...
    Periodically, the Nazis killed all these "funerals", replacing them with new ones, who were waiting for the same sad fate of "burned out at work"!
    In the 1990s-2000s, the memories of the surviving people of Kiev about the occupation and Babi Yar were occasionally published by the "fatty" newspaper "Facts", and the weekly "2000" also devoted its publications to this topic the topic of being held captive by Andrei Yushchenko and the outrageous lies of Rezun-Suvorov)!
    Anatoly Kuznetsov, a resident of Kiev, also wrote well about Babi Yar in the story of the same name.
    I was also noddingly familiar with a Kiev resident (a work colleague and a good friend of my mother), who, just like A. the whole family on their way to the meeting place at Babi Yar "for departure to a new place of residence." So, "by the edges", he talked something about that day and about Kiev life in the occupation, about Yar and the Syrets camp, but we, the children of the "children of war", did not really go to our parents and others with questions about the war. people who survived the war, they knew that it was hard for them to remember this (my mother immediately began to cry, remembering the bombings she had experienced in childhood and how, once, completely choking from the gases of burnt explosives, she jumped out of the cellar right under the bomb and fled without memory " retinue for the eyes "...), so much about that time died with them ...
    1. Eugene Korsunov Offline Eugene Korsunov
      Eugene Korsunov (Eugene Korsunov) 4 October 2021 08: 25
      However, as far as I remember, Anatoly Kuznetsov in his story "Babi Yar" wrote that it was the sabotage of the NKVD in Kiev that provoked the shootings in Babi Yar. Already in the post-Soviet era, a new edition of this story was published with chapters that were not included in the original edition of the Yunost magazine. The facts of explosions obviously took place. But to associate them with the mass execution of defenseless people is absolutely wrong, moreover, in my opinion, it is immoral. Coincidence is not proof, we will paraphrase the French proverb: "Comparasion n'est pas raison".
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 7 October 2021 16: 18
        Quote: Eugene Korsunov
        However, as far as I remember, Anatoly Kuznetsov in his story "Babi Yar" wrote that it was the sabotage of the NKVD in Kiev that provoked the shootings in Babi Yar. Already in the post-Soviet period, a new edition of this story was published with chapters that were not included in the original edition of the Yunost magazine. The facts of explosions obviously took place. But to associate them with the mass execution of defenseless people is absolutely wrong, moreover, in my opinion, it is immoral. Coincidence is not proof, we paraphrase the French proverb: "Comparasion n'est pas raison".

        hi Eugene, I didn’t know about this "author's (???) addition", tk. I read "Babi Yar" by A. Kuznetsov back in the 1970s and NOT at all in the Yunost magazine, but, on the move, in some Ukrainian literary magazine, either "Vsesvit (Universe)", or "Prapor (Banner) "Or else it was called somehow, I don't remember.
        The "new edition" is after the death of the author, who, for obvious reasons, cannot resist such "editing", alas, is not so rare! request
        It is unlikely that the writer Anatoly Kuznetsov was so unprincipled and stupid as to broadcast the Goebbels propaganda about the alleged "connection" between the shootings of Jews and the explosions on Khreshchatyk ?!
        After all, the Nazis began mass executions of Soviet citizens in Babi Yar immediately after the occupation of Kiev!
        And the total extermination of Jews, Gypsies and Slavs was in the foreground of the Nazi "New Order"!
        And yes, the invaders took revenge for their killed soldiers by shooting hundreds and thousands of hostages from the occupied local population, after all, the notorious Khatyn was burned, and its inhabitants were completely destroyed, in revenge for the attack of the partisans on the road next to it!
        But even if there were no explosions on Khreshchatyk, the fate of the Kiev Jews was a foregone conclusion!
        It's just that after all the other, priority, executions of prisoners of war and representatives of the Soviet authorities, before the destruction of the Jewish population of Kiev, the turn came only on September 29, 1941!
  3. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 2 October 2021 14: 37
    Actually, nothing new. The fact that the "Bandera", i.e. The OUN (B) had nothing to do with the terror against the Kievites, as proved by this publication. Melnikovites, i.e. The OUN (M) differed from the OUN (B) in that they were Hitler's collaborators. It is also no secret that the invaders always have accomplices from the local population; it was always and everywhere. But why the author did not mention that Ukrainian nationalists were also victims of executions in Babi Yar - this is a mystery. In Babi Yar, for example, the entire editorial office of the newspaper "Ukrainian Word" was shot; among those shot, for example, was the poet Elena Teliga.
    1. Mikhail Alekseev (Mikhail Alekseev) 3 October 2021 14: 50
      Well, actually, the author wrote that the Germans killed Bandera scum just because they too much began to bark at the owners and your cart banged the same way.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  4. Sergey P._3 Offline Sergey P._3
    Sergey P._3 (Sergey Pospelov) 2 October 2021 17: 16
    Jews, Jews ... The current leadership of Ukraine is almost completely Jewish, in Russia there are oligarchs of 70 percent of this nation, who are the Anglo-Saxons, Rothschild who bought sermy, how calm it would be without
  5. alexey alexeyev Offline alexey alexeyev
    alexey alexeyev (Alexey Alekseev) 2 October 2021 21: 56
    Yes, tell the truth even now !!!. So much time has passed !! Thousands of Kiev Jews voluntarily came to the place of their execution. Their own rabbis called them to this !! .. promised them that they would be transported to some kind of promised land. The traces of these rabbis were later found in America ... Now it is fashionable to hang all dogs on the Germans and at the same time on the communists. Well, not a single lady with low social services. responsibility could not intelligibly explain .. Why Stalin ordered the execution of tens of thousands of Polish officers-prisoners of war? And from what and who formed the army of Anders. One hundred thousand soldiers and officers, according to wartime states, then they drifted to Iran, and Stalin did not stop them. I already got enough of this lie
  6. Sasha Lebedev Offline Sasha Lebedev
    Sasha Lebedev (Sasha Lebedev) 3 October 2021 22: 34
    There are so many publications about poor Jews, and all that their poor fellows offended ..... I wonder when they will start to publish articles about the monstrous contribution of Jews to the destruction of Russia, inciting a civil war (Russia lost 13 MILLION CITIZENS in that war), the absolute majority of the leaders of that time of all levels, from the Council of Ministers to the regional Cheka were Jews (this is not at all difficult to verify), about the role of Jews in the destruction of Russian Orthodoxy, Russian clergy, Russian elite, Russian Cossacks and even Russian culture, when they finally begin to publish stories about how frenzied they were tormented Russia ..... and the Holocaust? , well, of course, there was a Holocaust, although according to the calculations of engineers, all the German concentration camps taken together could not have processed 6 million, the maximum could have mastered 2,5 million ... 13 MILLION RUSSIAN CITIZENS DESTROYED IN THE CIVIL WAR, 28 MILLION CITIZENS RUSSIA DESTROYED IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR ,,,,, maybe we will finally start to think and take care of ourselves ... maybe we will finally start asking for our interests, and still for our destroyed ...
  7. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 4 October 2021 15: 42
    Judging by the one who is now at the helm in Ukraine, which was actually taken prisoner !!! At 41 we were not attacked by the Germans themselves, we were attacked by the Germans led by Jewish Jews !!!! Look at the photos of all Hitler, Gebels and others, they don't even look like pure Aryans !!!!! Goebels is generally similar to Yatsenyuk, or vice versa, maybe this is his ancestor !?
    In general, here is a version similar to what is happening in Ukraine such as Ukrainians against Russians, but for some reason all Jewish faces are at the helm !!!! And the Jews of the world are silent !!!!
    1. marciz Offline marciz
      marciz (Stas) 4 October 2021 15: 50
      Jews are cunning on their mother's nationality they think !!!! The influence of a mother who secretly from a Russian or Georgian or Arab dad whispers to her son that he is a Jew is great, hence we have Jews in every country and nation, so he is all-pervading fascism, Orbakaite a Jew gave birth to a boy from the Caucasus, a vivid example of this, maybe this is their personal business, but let's see how in a couple of decades the Caucasus will be captured by the Jews and will move with new motivation to Russia, but all these are just thoughts aloud, but they are already heard by people !!!