Russian "robotic Red Army" alerted the West

Exercise "West 2021" made a splash in the world community. And the point here is not even the scale of the maneuvers and the speed of the transfer of our troops in the western direction. Particular attention was drawn to domestic robotic systems, which, along with the "living" military, successfully completed all the tasks assigned to them.

Britain has already announced that the past exercises "West 2021" became the announcement by Russia of the formation of a "new robotic Red Army." We are also concerned about our success in the United States, which is far behind in the industry.

But back to the maneuvers. During the exercises held in mid-September, Russia used the robotic systems "Platform-M", "Nerekhta", "Uran-9" and others. For the first time in history, such systems interacted with line infantry in a training battle.

As a result, no one doubts that our country has full-fledged combat robots. The only question that remains open is the place of such systems on the battlefield.

At the moment, there are two options: to form from the drones something like heavy breakthrough battalions, or use them to reinforce conventional linear units to increase the scale of their fire cover.

Both options have their pros and cons. Therefore, the Ministry of Defense has not yet made a final decision regarding the specifics of the use of combat robots.

However, this task is likely to be solved in the near future, since during the exercises "West 2021" enough data was collected on the actions of robotic systems in the field.

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  1. we will tear otan like a hot water bottle! tremble Europe!
  2. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
    Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 3 October 2021 11: 17
    A binder will creep in and declare that their cropped robots are the most kosher ones.
  3. Peter Sergeev Offline Peter Sergeev
    Peter Sergeev (Peter Sergeev) 3 October 2021 12: 28
    the direction is of course correct, but one must understand that there should be thousands of robotic units. it's not like a tank .. built there 500 pieces and okay ... the problem of our state is that all innovations we have are piece. It would seem yes, but this is for now, but later, but in practice ... neither now nor later will it be ... something even more innovative will be done in piece copies. Also, everything that is robotized must be protected from EMP. Surely there is no such protection.
  4. Mantrid Machina Offline Mantrid Machina
    Mantrid Machina (Mantrid Machina) 3 October 2021 12: 58
    What the hell are "war robots"? The author's ignorance is striking. A robot in the classical definition is a completely autonomous unit. That is, if these are combat robots, then they must completely independently plot a route across the battlefield, independently find targets, destroy them and also interact with each other. And what they show us is nothing more than radio-controlled Tankettes, in fact, the same as the Teletanks of the 30s!
  5. Mantrid Machina Offline Mantrid Machina
    Mantrid Machina (Mantrid Machina) 3 October 2021 16: 35
    Let's see how my DJI Mavic Mini robot is? He has a Radio communication and a video transmitter, a camera and a control panel, well, it can follow me with third-party software (GPS trekking) with this third-party software (Litchi App) it can fly along a given route, with standard software it has 4 features of aerial photography and with a battery drawdown or the loss of radio communication arrives at the take-off point at a given altitude and sits down with an accuracy of 20 cm (checked). Which of these functions can these radio-controlled wedges have? Radio communication yes, even secure, +, follow the operator? Perhaps, but this is nonsense, the operator will not be substituted for the bullets? Target tracking? Probably yes (same tracking, but optical as on Air 2). Self-identify the target and open fire? NO! The operator determines the target and he presses the button! (on the Mavik I also choose an object for aerial photography and press the button to record a video or photo) And about returning home on my own, I'm not very sure because it's one thing to fly in a straight line and another thing to go and go around obstacles. Glonass alone will not be enough here, you need a lidar, laser and ultra sound sensors, etc. which will make wedges a very expensive toy. So where is the robot then? wassat
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 3 October 2021 17: 26
      For once on the rc forum, a colleague appeared
      Write to clarify, I still can't drinks
  6. Winnie Offline Winnie
    Winnie (Winnie) 3 October 2021 22: 18
    Do not flatter yourself! A country that occupies the "honorable" 3rd place from the bottom in the list of countries for the development of robotics and does not have developed microelectronics, IS NOT IN THE CONDITION to produce QUALITATIVE combat robots by definition.
    1. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 4 October 2021 10: 27
      Repeat this more often, for self-assurance, because nothing will help you.
  7. FrankyStein Offline FrankyStein
    FrankyStein (FrankyStein) 4 October 2021 10: 49
    IMHO robots should be very cheap, autonomous in terms of combat, not larger than a person, fast. The thermal imager, in conjunction with a machine gun, is practically a robot, it has defined the boundaries of the clearing area and ..... will mow down all living things.
  8. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 4 October 2021 10: 59
    For skeptics and just those who do not know. On our robots, everything is like their colleagues in the West. And on the ground they orient themselves independently and with goals are determined. Here is only the decision at whom to shoot, takes a specific person. The same person with a radio control tablet ". He also indicates a specific point on the map of the battlefield where to" arrive ". But he does not lead the drone to it in manual control mode, as he describes in one comment. The closest analogy of how this happens is controlling bots in warhamer or any other strategy ...
    PS: About micro electronics. We have it. And it is very powerful. But with one but. It is military. What is produced for military needs in the civilian sector has never entered, does not enter and will not be received. They even have a microarchitecture fundamentally different than consumer goods with their own software. Therefore, on the same export air defense systems, any attempt to hack makes the equipment "brick". Therefore, it does not interface with NATO systems and cannot be integrated into it. Therefore, our defense of strategic electronic systems cannot be "broken", protocols are built on other principles, not because they are super-duper, but in a different way. And since all our know-how (and in the world in general) is from the military, and our military does not share secrets in civilian life, in principle, we have no civil microelectronics at all. Not yet. Since the end of the XNUMXs, the situation has begun to change, but slowly.
  9. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 4 October 2021 13: 13
    In fact, intelligent machines are not particularly expensive, a lot depends on the software with which they are introduced as elements of army weapons. And so, in a company with flying drones, these are the ideal means to calm down any settlement so that the mouse does not stick its nose out. You can land them in batches.