Motorcycle for Putin's Tuple will be the coolest in the world

It’s hard to imagine the departure of the head of state not only without a representative limousine, but also without spectacular escort motorcycles, which are usually followed by security guards or police officers in parade uniforms. Motorcyclists must accompany presidential cars in other countries and in our country. Therefore, following the new presidential limousine, the production of motorcycles, which will accompany the head of state’s car on official trips, is being prepared as part of the Cortege project. Russia will see new escort motorcycles already in 2019, then they will go to a special garage that provides automotive services to the head of state.

So far, information about what the president’s “two-wheeled friend” will be kept in strict secrecy. It is only known about the new motorcycle that its engine will have a capacity of 150 horsepower, and acceleration to 100 km will take the car only 3,5 seconds. The motorcycle will be able to reach speeds of up to 250 km / h. Such opportunities will be provided to him by the boxer engine of foreign production. Since such engines for motorcycles in the world are produced only by one company BMW, most likely its unit will be installed on an escort motorcycle of Russian production. The claimed weight of the car in half a ton makes the Russian motorcycle almost the heaviest in the world, with the possible exception of the American Boss Hoss model.

In addition to the technical characteristics, it is worth paying attention to the extravagant futuristic design of the new motorcycle. Some experts call it fantastic and compare judges Dredd from the movie of the same name with a motorcycle. In any case, the design of the car is very different from all the models that were previously used for escorting the car of the head of the Russian state.

It is known that the process of developing and creating a motorcycle is personally controlled by President Vladimir Putin. The head of state demanded that the motorcycle is not inferior to the best foreign models, but the developers are already convinced that the escort version will withstand competition with the most powerful and popular foreign brands. After all, this is a matter of national prestige.

As in the case of the car of the Cortege project, in addition to the representative version of the motorcycle, it is planned to establish production and its modifications for general consumption. That is, ordinary mortals can buy a similar motorcycle. The motorcycle will be launched under the brand Izh, which has been famous since Soviet times, which today belongs to the Kalashnikov concern. This, in particular, was stated by the head of Rostec, whose structure also includes the Kalashnikov concern, Sergei Chemezov. The civilian version of the motorcycle will repeat the design of the escort and will meet most of its technical characteristics. Nothing more is known about the new motorcycle.

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  1. ANATOLY GAVRILENKO 8 August 2018 12: 43
    in a country that is under long-term and growing sanctions of numerous external partners, there is nothing more important than working out (there is no need to pay pensions and we spend money on this crap !? for the sick pride of the first persons of the state, the main only result of the work of any manager (sorry, mannerer) are decisions that should lead to the good of the whole society, and judging by the harsh Russian reality, our rulers live in a different parallel a new and absolutely happy reality in which they do not find it rational and with an undeniably greater benefit (and for Russian pensioners too!) to spend the budget for producing, at best, several hundred expensive toys that the Praetorians of Augusta will ride on (which by the way also retire for some reason, together with the policemen, guardsmen, and other countless special services, they leave at 45 years old and even pensions for these people who did not produce nails for their lives, it is much better who should forge these nails to 65- unless of course the Doges howl)
    keep it up! with questions of efficiency, expediency and just common sense, our new-old government, in my opinion, is not at all friendly!
    1. Piramidon Offline Piramidon
      Piramidon (Stepan) 8 August 2018 19: 16
      Erase the snot from the monitor, poor fellow.
    2. Alexander Ra Offline Alexander Ra
      Alexander Ra (Alexander) 9 August 2018 18: 56
      There is a division into those who have adopted parasitism and those who are disgusted by this phenomenon (motorcycle, Formula 1 in Sochi, and much more).
  2. Askel Offline Askel
    Askel (Alexander) 8 August 2018 21: 49
    pensions for these people who have not made for their lives and nails

    You are apparently just producing these very nails. It was necessary to study at school / vocational school better, maybe then they would not measure the level of development of the state in the volume of production of nails and would not write other nonsense ...
  3. Kot Kotofeevich Offline Kot Kotofeevich
    Kot Kotofeevich (Kot Kotofeyevich) 9 August 2018 08: 55
    we do not need bread WORK !!!!!
  4. Fox Offline Fox
    Fox 9 August 2018 09: 29
    Author in Google banned? boxer engine makes Honda. more advanced than beha.
  5. Rolex Offline Rolex
    Rolex (Hassan Seyid) 9 August 2018 11: 01
    Cool little thing! Sexy! yes
  6. gladcu2 Offline gladcu2
    gladcu2 (gladcu2) 12 August 2018 20: 35
    Some futuristic Wishlist ...

    Is that advertising custom design?