Endless energy: US nuclear scientists sentenced Russia

The dream of mankind about getting a source of affordable, almost endless and safe energy can soon come true. That's just what will happen, most likely, not in our country, but in the USA.

Nuclear power, developed in Russia since the USSR, provides electricity at the lowest cost, but fuel for nuclear power plants is a fairly rare element in nature, it is radioactive, and the waste spent in the reactor must be disposed of and stored. Thermonuclear reactors based on the release of energy during the fusion of the nuclei of hydrogen atoms are considered more promising. The heavenly body is actually a gigantic natural reactor. On the basis of the thermonuclear reaction, a weapon of tremendous power was created - a hydrogen bomb - which in terms of destruction can be many times greater than those atomic bombs that were dropped by the Americans on Japanese cities.

The idea to subjugate this force and direct it to peaceful uses has been around for a very long time. The thermonuclear reaction occurs on the basis of the interaction of two elements - deuterium and tritium. Deuterium is very common in nature, it can be extracted from ocean water by its distillation. Tritium is radioactive and must be obtained by irradiating lithium with neutrons. Lithium reserves are incomparably greater than the uranium required for nuclear energy. A big plus of the thermonuclear reaction is that the helium produced during it does not produce radioactive radiation, unlike nuclear waste.

In the fifties, the famous scientists Andrei Sakharov and Igor Tamm worked in this direction in the USSR. They were able to create the Tokamak thermonuclear device in 1958, however, for a number of reasons, it is still not ready for industrial use for commercial purposes. Similar work was carried out in the West, but all devices, despite huge investments, suffered from problems of instability or low efficiency. For example, the United European “tokomak” built in the UK cost at least $ 500 million. In France, a reactor under the name ITER is being built, its final cost varies from 22 to 50 billion dollars, already spent 14. The cost of the TFTR test tokomak built in the USA is hidden. Even in Israel they tried to build their own reactor, but the project could not be implemented.

However, it seems that in the United States of America technological breakthrough. Lockheed Martin Corporation has received a patent for a compact fusion reactor (KTR). Work started in 2010 and ahead of schedule. The developers report that they were able to solve the problems of the “Tokomaks” of previous generations, since a more complex device geometry was used.

The main feature of fusion reactors from Lockheed Martin is their compactness and mobility. The first one, called T4B, weighs only 20 tons and has dimensions of 2 meters in length and 1 in diameter. The second - TX - weighs 2000 tons, it is 18 meters long and 8. in diameter. It is estimated that the weight can be reduced 10 times to 200 tons. The capacity of a large reactor is 200 megawatts. The scope of their potential application is incredibly wide.

For peaceful purposes:

1. With a total of 12 kilograms of fuel, a single truck-mounted reactor will be able to supply 100000 people with electricity to the city for a year. Such reactors can be used in remote areas of developing countries.

2. KTR can be installed on civilian ships and aircraft, increasing the distance at which they can operate without interruption.

3. Using reactors, the cost of desalination of sea water can be reduced by 60%.

4. Opportunities of space exploration programs can be radically increased.

For military purposes:

1. KTR can be installed on American submarines, increasing their range and depth.

2. Thermonuclear reactors can be delivered to aircraft carriers of the US Navy, extending their time spent in the waters of a potential enemy.

3. KTR can be installed on military aircraft and drones, including combat, which can fly for almost unlimited time.

If Lockheed Martin program is implemented, the United States will receive a huge military and economic advantage over all rivals.
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  1. newcomer Offline newcomer
    newcomer (garik) 2 August 2018 12: 28
    Yes of course! But what about our mini nuclear power plants on a wheeled chassis? But what about our breakthrough in cold fusion? along the way, Rosatom even builds it as a pilot project. so where does “uria” come from a lockhid? or the same as with f35m (Yak 141, 241)? Like heard a bell, but doesn’t know where he is? or they as always_ who has crowed before, and what in the end is not important?
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Sergey39 Offline Sergey39
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 2 August 2018 12: 35
    Maybe they can ... All this has long been realized. In fiction. But in reality, "Martin" sets a record for wasting money on fantastic projects
    1. newcomer Offline newcomer
      newcomer (garik) 2 August 2018 12: 41
      I’m afraid that, as with the recent scandal with our missile technologies, some senile from Rosatom has leaked our achievements.
      1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
        Marzhecki (Sergei) 2 August 2018 13: 12
        An interesting hypothesis that could answer the question of ahead of schedule ...
      2. Vkd dvk Offline Vkd dvk
        Vkd dvk (Victor) 3 August 2018 16: 54
        "Accidental information leak, vile betrayal" is a remarkable confirmation of Putin's message about the nuclear rocket engine.
        Very similar to the Status-6 leak. Don’t you?
  3. EnGenius Offline EnGenius
    EnGenius (Engenius) 2 August 2018 15: 26
    Carry more money with Lockheed rogues! You can also recall cold fusion, which seems to be working for the good of civilization.

    The situation with tokomaks is such that they actually work, but at the moment they are research and do not have a power surplus - that is, more energy is spent on their work.
  4. trahterist Offline trahterist
    trahterist (Elmars) 2 August 2018 17: 23
    Google ITER!
    And how much money was invested into it by the participating countries.
    And nothing has changed...
    The Mask would have been dragged along, clowns ... he might not even talk like that, the talker is visible.
  5. Ivan Petroff Offline Ivan Petroff
    Ivan Petroff (Ivan Petroff) 2 August 2018 17: 56
    What if this is true? Where then to put oil and gas?
  6. Kreedjer Offline Kreedjer
    Kreedjer (Ololosh) 3 August 2018 01: 28
    РќР ° С З Р ° ть СЃ того, С З С‚Рѕ РЅР ° Р · РІР ° РЅРёРµ РўРћРљРљРђРњРђРљ это СЂСѓСЃСЃРєР ° СЏ Р ° Р ± Р ± ревЃР° С ° ° RјS <R№ RєSЂSѓS,RѕR№, RїRμSЂRІS <R№ RїRѕS,RμRЅS Röhr ° F † "‡ SЊRЅRѕ RєRѕRјRјRμSЂS RμSЃRєRoR№ RјRμR¶RґSѓRЅR ° SЂRѕRґRЅS <R№ S,RμSЂRјRѕSЏRґRμSЂRЅS <R№ SЂRμR RєS,RѕSЂ ° F ± ‰ SѓRґSѓS RμRіRѕ ITER SЃS,SЂRѕRoS,SЃSЏ SЃRѕRІRјRμSЃS,RЅRѕ SЃ SЂRѕSЃSЃRoR№SЃRєRoRјRo SѓS ‡ RμRЅS <RјRo RoRіSЂR ° SЋS ‰ RoRјRo S,R ° Rј RіR "P ° RІRЅSѓSЋ SЂRѕR" SЊ (RѕS ‡ ± RμRЅSЊ RіSЂSѓR of the PS RіRѕRІRѕSЂSЏ RІSЃRμ RѕSЃS,R ° P »СЊРЅС‹ Рµ стрР° РЅС ‹С‚Р ° Рј ЃРєРѕСЂРµРµ РєР ° Рє СЂР ° Р · РЅРѕСЂР ° Р ± РѕС ‡ РёРµ Рё РѕРґРЅР ° РёР · СЌС‚РёС ... стрР° РЅ РЎРЁРђ) СѓРіР ° РґР ° Р№СРР R ° R »СЊРЅС‹ С ... РїСЂРѕС € Р ° рен РІ этой С‚РµС ... РЅРѕР »РѕРіРёРё.
    The "complex geometry" of stellarators / torsotrons "solving the problems of conventional tokamaks" goes back to the times of the USSR (one even inherited Ukraine), almost half a century as they came up with, but there is no free energy.
    P RєR ° Rє SЃR ° RјRѕR "RμS,RѕSЃS,SЂRѕR№S ‰ RoRєRo RїR" P ° RЅRoSЂSѓSЋS, RїRѕR "SѓS ‡ R ° S,SЊ SЌRЅRμSЂRіRoSЋ Röhr · SЂRμR RєS,RѕSЂR ° °? РћСЃРѕР ± енно это РёРЅЅ‚ересно РёСЃС ... РѕРґСЏ РёР · СѓРєР ° Р · Р ° РЅРЅС ‹С ... СЂР ° Р · меров. КстР° ти, РґР »СЏ некоторы ‹С ... РІРѕР · можно Р ± удет РѕС‚РєСЂС ‹С‚ием тот С „Р ° РЃСєС ° Рј реР° ктор РЅРµ только РЅРµ РґР ° ет СЌР »РµРєС‚СЂРёС ‡ ествР°, РЅРѕ РµС ° РРРРРРСР… Р ... .
    1. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 3 August 2018 13: 02
  7. Kot Kotofeevich Offline Kot Kotofeevich
    Kot Kotofeevich (Kot Kotofeyevich) 3 August 2018 09: 50
    Energy is around us, you just need to be able to take it. Tesla realized this back in 1899, in Colorado. He offered Morgan to design a perpetual motion machine. "But this is a disaster for us, everyone will receive an inexhaustible source of energy?" thought Morgan.
    Тему Р · Р ° РєСЂС ‹Р» Рё Рё Р ± РѕР »СЊС € Рµ уже РЅРёРєРѕРіРґР ° РЅРµ РїРѕРґРЅРёРјР ° Р» Рё.
  8. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 3 August 2018 12: 56
    РџРѕРґРѕР ± РЅС ‹Рµ СЃРѕРѕР ± С ‰ ения РїРѕСЏРІР» яются РєР ° Р¶РґС ‹Рµ 3 РіРѕРґР ° РІРѕС‚ уже 60 Р »РµС‚РҐС °РҐС °РҐСЏРҐСЏРҐСЏРҐСЏРҐСЏРҐСЏРҐСЏ RіRѕRІRѕSЂRoR "C ‡ S,Rѕ, RІRѕR · RјRѕR¶RЅRѕ SЃR ° Rј RїRѕRґS ... RѕRґ RЅRμ RІRμSЂRμRЅ Ryo RјS <RЅRoRєRѕRіRґR RЅRμ RѕRІR °" P ° RґRμRμRј RўRЇ SЃRoRЅS,RμR · RѕRј SЃ RєRѕRЅS RμRїS † † RoRμR№ RўRћRљRђRњRђRљ.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. Mikhail Anokhin_2 (Kara Chumysh) 4 August 2018 21: 41
    R'RsR · RјRsR¶RЅRs Ryo это. РќРѕ Р Р¤ С З РµРіРѕ Р ± оятся? РќСѓ РЅРµ стР° нем торговР° ть РіР ° Р · РѕРј Рё РЅРµС „тью Рё С З С‚Рѕ? Р'СЃРµ СЂР ° РІРЅРѕ деньги (РґРѕР »Р» Р ° СЂС ‹) РјС‹ РЅРµ можем РёСЃРїРѕР »СЊР · РѕРІР ° ть внутѸаР° СР •Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р ° СРЅРЅРРР °РЅР °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р ° СРРР °Р °Р °Р ° СРЅР ° СЅР ° С РєРѕР№ Р'Р ° С € ингтонский консенсус Рё РѕРЅ РЅРµ РїРѕР · РІРѕР »СЏРµС‚.
  11. pafegosoff Offline pafegosoff
    pafegosoff (Arkhip Pafegosov) 4 August 2018 21: 44
    Рђ С З С‚Рѕ тР° Рј РІ РќРѕРІРѕСЃРёР ± РёСЂСЃРєРµ? РђР »Рё это РёС… РїСЂРёР ± РѕСЂ РѕРєР ° Р · Р ° Р» СЃСЏ Сѓ мерикР° РЅС † ев?
  12. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 7 August 2018 11: 20
    СтР° тейкР° мутновР° тР° Рё Р ± Р ± еР· РѕРѕРєР ° Р · Р ° тельнР°, РІСЃРµ РЅР ° веру, С З С‚Рѕ С ‡ Р ° С СЃС‚РЅР ° СЏ РєРѕРјРїР ° С € РєР ° Lockheed Martin РёСЃРєР »СЋС ‡ ител СЊРЅРѕР№ РІРѕ Р ° грессии стР° Р »Р ° РІ ядерны С ... РёСЃСЃР »РµРґРѕРІР ° РЅРёСЏС ....
  13. Kerensky Offline Kerensky
    Kerensky (Kirill) 8 August 2018 18: 20
    Well, in fact, work is underway, commercial espionage has not been canceled either. The firm understands perfectly well that it is necessary to feed journalists and spies ... We will wait for "free" energy.
  14. Askel Offline Askel
    Askel (Alexander) 8 August 2018 22: 25
    РќСѓ РґР °, РІ Р »РѕРєС ... РёРґРµ СЂР ° Р ± отР° СЋС‚ РјР ° стерР° своего делР°. Р С ... РіР »Р ° РІРЅР ° СЏ СЃРїРµС † РёР ° Р» РёР · Р ° С † РёСЏ - РїРѕРїРёР »Р ± юджетов, РґР ° РІ тР° РєРёС ... РјР ° СЃС € С‚ ° Р ± Р ° С ..., РєРѕС‚РѕСЂС ‹Рµ РЅР ° С € РёРј СЃРїРµС † РёР ° Р» истР° Рј Рё РЅРµ СЃРЅРёР »РёСЃСЊ.
    1. voyaka uh-repa Offline voyaka uh-repa
      voyaka uh-repa (Alexey) 13 August 2018 10: 38
      Р С ... РіР »Р ° РІРЅР ° СЏ СЃРїРµС † РёР ° Р» РёР · Р ° С † РёСЏ - СЂР ° Р · СЂР ° Р ± откР° Рё РјР ° СЃСЃРѕРІС ‹Р№ серийны ‹РїСѓСЃРє военной С‚РµС ... РЅРёРєРё.
      P "P ° PI S,R RєRoS ° ... ° RјR SЃS € S,R ° F ± P ° C ... RєRѕS,RѕSЂS <Rμ SЂRѕSЃSЃRoR№SЃRєRoRј SЃRїRμS † Röhr ° P" ° RoSЃS,R Rј Ryo RЅRμ SЃRЅRoR "RoSЃSЊ . smile
  15. voyaka uh-repa Offline voyaka uh-repa
    voyaka uh-repa (Alexey) 13 August 2018 10: 36
    R нтересно! РЇ СѓР¶ РґСѓРјР ° Р », дел Рѕ Р · Р ° РіР »РѕС ... Р» Рѕ.
    RќRμ RЅR SЃRєR ° ° ° F RЅRґR "SЊRЅRѕ Röhr · RІRμSЃS,RЅRѕRј RїR ° F S,RμRЅS,Rμ" Ryo RoS,R ° F "SЊSЏRЅSЃRєRѕRіRѕ SѓS ‡ RμRЅRѕRіRѕ RѕSЃRЅRѕRІR ° Roes of the PS ... SЂRμR ° RєS,RѕSЂ?
    R ›РѕРєС ... РёРґ РєСѓРїРёР» РїР ° С‚РµРЅС ‚Рё прототип Р» РµС ‚10 РЅР ° Р · Р ° Рґ.
    And silence...
  16. peta locksmith Offline peta locksmith
    peta locksmith (Peter) 2 September 2018 03: 13
    keywords "supposed" and "may be"
  17. bratchanin3 Offline bratchanin3
    bratchanin3 (Gennady) 3 September 2018 10: 07
    РќСѓ РґР °, С З СѓРґРѕ С З СѓРґРЅРѕРµ, никто РЅРµ СЃРјРѕРі, Р ° Р ° мерикР° РЅС † С ‹СЃРјРѕРіР °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р °Р ° Р . Кто это виделнР° СЏРІСѓ, РєСЂРѕРјРµ Р ± РѕР» товни РІ Р ° мерикР° РЅСЃРєРёС ... журнР° Р ... Р » Меня СѓРґРёРІР »СЏРµС‚ простотР° Р ° вторР°.
  18. nikolai Offline nikolai
    nikolai (РќРёРєРѕР »Р ° Р№ РђР» РёС „иренко) 4 September 2018 23: 01
    The Americans did not invent anything, but once again “staked out” the technology. They patented a dummy called a compact fusion reactor. At the same time, they did not patent any practical and new solutions, and this is not necessary. This patent - a patent for an idea, will allow in the future to allow or prohibit the construction of any thermonuclear reactors by third-party manufacturers, or to charge a good bribe for it. The Americans are too far behind Russia in working with the atom, if anyone is destined to build such a reactor, it will be the Russian Federation. By the way, the lag in the development of nuclear power of the United States from Russia and spurs them to engage in such "breakthrough" patents. For example, when scientists, no matter which country, come close to the technology of cold fusion and the very possibility of the process will be scientifically proven, the Americans will again patent the cold fusion reactor, despite the fact that the reactor itself will appear in 50 years and not in America. it is America that will fuel the construction of these reactors in the world.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  19. vikganz Offline vikganz
    vikganz (Vik Ganz) 11 January 2019 00: 15
    Рђ С З С‚Рѕ же РІС ‹СЃС‚СѓРІР» ение ПутинР° 1 РјР ° ртР° Рѕ СЂР ° кете СЃ неогрР° РЅРёС ‡ РµЃЅЅЅ
    Сергей, С‚С ‹РЅР ° РєРѕРіРѕ СЂР ° Р ± отР° РµС € СЊ?