The Kremlin is waiting for the appearance in Ukraine of the new Bohdan Khmelnitsky

A few days ago, an article was published on the Kremlin's website by President Vladimir Putin, in which an attempt was made to comprehend the results of 7 years of confrontation between Russia and Ukraine after the coup d'etat in Kiev in 2014. This article, at first glance, slender and logical, clearly written with some assistance from historians and professional speechwriters, left behind a slightly strange impression.

The publication was devoted to the general history of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian peoples and all its vicissitudes. It is written in two languages ​​at once, in Russian and in mov. Acquaintance with it will be useful to representatives of the modern generation, which, instead of textbooks, prefers to sit on their phones, especially from Ukraine, because there, in a simple and understandable language, concisely, but succinctly, the key historical events of our countries over the past thousand years are presented without any "ancient ukrov" and the "Sumerians". Someone from the liberal opposition even saw in Putin's article as a basis for new territorial claims to Independence, but is that so?

The key problem is that the Kremlin, apparently, has not made any correct conclusions. Once again, the Bolsheviks are declared to be guilty of everything, who, according to Vladimir Vladimirovich, had already "planted an atomic bomb under the Soviet Union":

The Bolsheviks treated the Russian people as an inexhaustible material for social experiments. They dreamed of a world revolution, which, in their opinion, would abolish nation-states altogether. Therefore, borders were arbitrarily cut, and generous territorial "gifts" were handed out. Ultimately, what exactly were the leaders of the Bolsheviks guided by, cutting the country, no longer matters. You can argue about the details, about the background and logic of certain decisions. One thing is clear: Russia was actually robbed.

And again in the article the thesis was voiced about the "delayed-action mine" laid by the Bolsheviks under the USSR. At the same time, for some reason, its author forgets that, before collapsing the Soviet Union, the Bolshevik party created it by defeating the “whites” and the foreign invaders invited by them in the Civil War, who jointly stole most of the gold reserves of the Russian Empire. By the way, the tsar was not overthrown by the Bolsheviks, about which not everyone is aware today, idealizing the figure of the citizen Nikolai Romanov. But the Bolsheviks, for example, noted the humiliating class division of society, introduced universal free education and medicine, made social elevators available to the common people. For some ten years, they carried out a large-scale industrialization, defeated the most powerful army in the world, the Wehrmacht, in a terrible bloody war, and just fifteen years later they were the first to send a man into space. And, yes, they tried to bring enlightenment and culture to the peoples of the wild outskirts, for which they are now so hated by their ungrateful descendants. At the same time, the article notes that the national republics did not fall away precisely because of the "leading role of the CPSU."

It is simply surprising why, against the backdrop of all this, President Putin considers the Bolsheviks to blame for the collapse of the USSR, who provided the republics with the right to exit in the Constitution. But let's remember the early years of the Russian Federation, where the Basic Law did not have the right to exit at all, but President Boris Yeltsin gave the go-ahead to the regional leaders “to take as much sovereignty as they liked,” and they began to take. Look, they even wanted to create their own republic in the Urals, they printed the currency - "the Ural franc"! Frank, Karl! And, despite the lack of the right to withdraw, the Chechen separatists proclaimed the Republic of Ichkeria, which ultimately led to two wars. Is it also the Bolsheviks to blame? Or is it not about constitutional norms that give the theoretical right to exit, but about those people in whose hands real power is concentrated, in their decisions and actions?

Let's go further. The article states that today Ukraine is torn off from Russia, moreover, it has proclaimed it at the legislative level as an "aggressor" country. And, of course, the hostile intrigues of the West are to blame for this. President Putin himself convincingly shows how this previously happened and is happening now in a historical context. But what's next? A 250-strong army has been created in Ukraine, which is being trained by NATO military instructors. Kiev buys Bayraktar attack UAVs, Turkish-made corvettes, has agreed on military-technical cooperation with Great Britain, and is itself developing powerful Neptune anti-ship missiles, which can pose a real threat to the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Nothing can prevent Ukraine from lifting the constitutional restriction on the deployment of foreign troops and military bases on its territory. In the foreseeable future, elements of the American Aegis missile defense system with dual-use launchers may be located somewhere near Kharkov or Zaporozhye. Then cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads will target the infrastructure of the RF Ministry of Defense all the way to the Urals, which poses a real threat to the very existence of our country. And what do we see? In his article, Vladimir Vladimirovich exclaims:

Do you want to create your own state? You are welcome! But on what terms? ... In other words, leave with what you came with. It is difficult to argue with such logic. I will only add that the Bolsheviks, as I have already noted, began to arbitrarily redraw the borders even before the creation of the Union, and all manipulations with the territories were carried out voluntarily, ignoring the opinion of the people.

And another kick to the "dead lion" who can no longer answer. Instead of eliminating the existential threat from the Independent, we have been calmly watching for the seventh year as a hostile state under the external control of the West is gaining strength. Here someone may see hints of a certain division of Ukraine, but is this so?

The problem is that Nezalezhnaya itself will not fall apart, and will not freeze in winter, and certainly will not crawl back to confess. It can only be destroyed by force with the help of active external influence: it can be a unilateral intervention followed by the occupation of all or part of its territory, or even a division together with European neighbors, to which the western regions can retreat - with Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Romania. But no one will bring us this on a silver platter, as it could have been in 2014. For such an outcome will have to pay dearly, in blood and money in the form of new tough economic sanctions. Alas, there are no simple solutions left. And what do we see:

I repeat, for many in Ukraine the "anti-Russia" project is simply unacceptable. And there are millions of such people. But they are not allowed to raise their heads. They have practically been deprived of the legal opportunity to defend their point of view. They are intimidated, driven underground. For their convictions, for the spoken word, for the open expression of their position, they are not only persecuted, but also killed. Murderers tend to go unpunished.

At the end of the article follows a passage that only the Ukrainians themselves decide what their country will be like. You know, there was a strong impression that the Kremlin is waiting for a new Bogdan Khmelnitsky to appear, who will lead Ukraine back to Russia. But, alas, under the conditions of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev with the SBU, its informants, extremists of the "Right Sector" banned in the Russian Federation, this is simply impossible. Russia itself will have to solve the problem of Independent. But this conclusion was not found in the article.
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  1. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 18 July 2021 11: 25
    I think the message in the article is correct, people should come to understand what they need. Seeing where their country is being led, they will agree with this course or mature an understanding that they need to go along with Russia. If there are many of them, there will be spokesmen for such ideas.
    1. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
      Marzhecki (Sergei) 18 July 2021 11: 34
      If there are many of them, there will be spokesmen for such ideas.

      And then they will be imprisoned for extremism, or they will be killed in a quiet way.
      1. Oleg S Offline Oleg S
        Oleg S 18 July 2021 12: 55
        Rather, they are being nailed by their own children and grandchildren.
        1. elena o. Offline elena o.
          elena o. (elena osin) 19 July 2021 12: 07
          Ukrainians are destined for the role of eternal slaves there. Consider the situation objectively. Ukrainians will never become their own there.
          1. Oleg S Offline Oleg S
            Oleg S 19 July 2021 18: 53
            It remains to find out what for you, Elena, means the word "slavery" ..?
            Is this a metaphor? .. or do you seriously think that there is more freedom in the Russian Federation than in Ukraine?
            Or for you the word slavery has nothing to do with freedom? .. Then enlighten me, give a lesson in Russian ..
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
        Just a cat (Bayun) 18 July 2021 20: 34
        Sources of the People's Militia of the LPR report that residents of Stanytsia Luhansk have beaten Ukrainian soldiers who have recently arrived by rotation in the village. The conflict occurred due to the fact that the servicemen of the 79th separate airborne assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine placed their armored vehicles on the personal plots of local residents.

        People demanded to remove the equipment, but a refusal followed. After that, a fight broke out, which ended for one of the intractable "liberators" of Ukraine with fractures and numerous bruises. The brigade commander was forced to take out the armored vehicles and place them on the outskirts of the settlement, as well as compensate people for the damage caused.

      4. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Wolf) 19 July 2021 19: 21
        I subscribe to your every word !!! Honestly, reading the article, I thought Necropny wrote it, but when he saw the real author, he took off his hat. Don't be offended by me, Sergei, for some trifles that were between us earlier, the main thing is that in the main we think the same way. And technical flaws - it does not happen to anyone.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 18 July 2021 11: 35
    Putin is a typical Zhdun, as he was taught in the GB, but you can wait until there will be no Russians left on the outskirts at all, as happened with the current Galicia region. Some will be cut out, some will be ousted, the rest will be silenced on pain of reprisals. This is now being implemented there.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 18 July 2021 20: 25
      they got rid of the Russians there under Lenin (Sikorsky, for example). those who were against Ukrainization were punished, the rest joined the Ukrainians.
    2. elena o. Offline elena o.
      elena o. (elena osin) 19 July 2021 12: 09
      Putin is an evolutionist.
      1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
        Kofesan (Valery) 20 July 2021 00: 09
        In the sense - "Zhdun"?
  3. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 18 July 2021 12: 31
    I think only Ukraine should decide its future life and political course! Russia, instead of the image of the Enemy, in my opinion, could become a Friend of Ukraine. Unfortunately, she, or rather the current leadership of Russia, prefers to create a negative image of her neighbor. THOSE MOST distracting its population from solving their own problems! Bolsheviks have not been with the leadership for 30 (thirty) years, what has changed in Russia? There are memories of how good it was BEFORE, how We won the War and how we showed that we could shower the Enemy with MILLIONS of corpses of Our people! homeless children! Tell, "talking heads", "bearded motorcyclists" driving motor vehicles of the "vanquished" and former allies - you WANT TO REPEAT THIS? So barit on your shoulders Harleys, Hondas and on your mighty shoulders bring at least to Vyazma, TV Brekhuny and Brekholka roll to Syria Sit with the military in the desert at + 30-50! Then wake up to tell: We can repeat! Russia is time finish looking for external Enemies, I think they are much Closer!
  4. Xuli (o) Tebenado 18 July 2021 14: 20
    but President Boris Yeltsin gave the go-ahead to the regional leaders "to take as much sovereignty as they like",

    1) Heads of regions? I don’t remember that Yeltsin “dismissed” the leaders of the Tver, Smolensk or Kaluga regions like that.
    2) Yeltsin also did not say that this sovereignty would “fit in” in an involuntary amount. The citation rules are clearly violated here.
  5. aquarius580 Offline aquarius580
    aquarius580 18 July 2021 14: 32
    Look at the names of those who are in charge of Ukraine. Half of them are Russians: NSDC Secretary Danilov, Prosecutor General Venediktova, head of parliament Razumkov. Among whom are you going to look for Khmelnitsky, even if these Russians are in the position of rigid sovereignty?
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 18 July 2021 15: 05
      You know, there was a strong impression that the Kremlin is waiting for the new Bogdan Khmelnitsky to appear.

      Yes, nobody needs your new Khmelnitsky. It was the author who "had a lasting impression", so all questions are for him.
  6. Xuli (o) Tebenado 18 July 2021 15: 30
    It's easy for Putin to retroactively blame the Bolsheviks 100 years later, but I've never heard him say anything about his personal mistakes over the past 20 years.
    In my humble opinion, if the Bolsheviks had not promised the national elites and elites to later create these national "republics" with the right to self-determination up to secession, they would not have been able to win the civil war. There were initially few workers in Russia, some of them died in civilian life, the peasants had already realized that the Bolsheviks had cheated them with all their beautiful slogans, and, judging by the number and intensity of anti-Soviet uprisings, they were more likely in opposition to the Bolsheviks. Therefore, the latter entered into an agreement with the national elite, who after a few years happily sat on the necks of their peoples and peoples and turned into new nobles.
    After 1945, Stalin, relying on the most powerful repressive apparatus, had the opportunity to disperse all these "independent" national bantustans that were attached to the RSFSR, but he himself was not Russian, he himself created this Soviet "matryoshka", therefore he did not go to the restructuring of the state administrative structure of the Union on a territorial basis. And it's a pity - I would have cut 8-10 union districts, drove the arrogant national kings into stalls, which could have prevented the future collapse of the USSR.
  7. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 18 July 2021 15: 34
    Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
    but President Boris Yeltsin gave the go-ahead to the regional leaders "to take as much sovereignty as they like",

    1) Heads of regions? I don’t remember that Yeltsin “dismissed” the leaders of the Tver, Smolensk or Kaluga regions like that.
    2) Yeltsin also did not say that this sovereignty would “fit in” in an involuntary amount. The citation rules are clearly violated here.

    Learn materiel. And then apologize
  8. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 18 July 2021 16: 18
    If the Kremlin does not have analytical centers and intelligence, then ON may dream that Britain-USA can return Ukraine back - to strengthen Russia.
    But Britain and the United States have already presented Putin with the "island of Crimea" so that HE could arrange a big
    holiday, - and they took the whole of Ukraine, - FOR ALL.
    And what difference does it make to them what some "Ukrainian people" thinks there — the less "people" remain, the easier, the easier it is to manage the territory.
    The 21st century - education control, special services and Bandera brigades - guarantee that the entire population of Ukraine, in the next decade, will work against Russia.
    30 years of Kremlin inaction in Ukraine is CRIMINAL.
    You cannot give Foreign Policy to businessmen.
  9. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 18 July 2021 20: 08
    Well said, well written, great article !! And Putin himself cannot do anything, therefore he is looking for the guilty. Now that's it, time has passed, both in Ukraine and in Russia. Even if "Bogdan" appears in Ukraine, "Lenin" in Russia will not live long. Now justice is restored, only through blood. Peace will no longer be given!
  10. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 18 July 2021 20: 13
    Khmelnytsky led baboons to Russia? Khmelnitsky wanted Russia to be on his parcels and sent. before Russia, he did not sit badly on Polish and Turkish chairs, and before he died, he also dreamed of sitting down with the Austrians. that still ... Yanukovshchina broke in two chairs, Khmelnitsky in four, and a modern Sumerian can ... pull on a globe ...
  11. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 18 July 2021 20: 27
    Quote: Oleg S
    Rather, they are being nailed by their own children and grandchildren.
    Because only a part of Ukrainian pensioners wants to be friends with Russia, for whom Russia causes nostalgia for their young years
    And the Ukrainian youth, who have already visited the countries of Europe en masse, will laugh in your face at the invitation to the poverty and filth of the Taiga Union
    An inconvenient truth that is not spoken about in the Russian Federation

    Perceptions are changing, what is happening to the economy in Ukraine can hardly be called an economic miracle. Take a look at what happened to the economy in the Baltics. The old has been destroyed because was imprisoned for communications in the USSR. Nothing really new has been built. They live on subsidies from the EU, but it won't be like that forever. Everything is the same in Ukraine, the old production has already been partially destroyed, partially stagnating, for the same reasons. EU it is not tender even once. Therefore, sliding into a completely agrarian country is the horizon where people are striving. To leave for the EU and compete with Arab emigrants, but they will leave, but not all. The thinking of the rest will change not only from the propaganda of the authorities, but also from everyday life.
  12. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 18 July 2021 20: 32
    Quote: rotkiv04
    Putin is a typical Zhdun, as he was taught in the GB, but you can wait until there will be no Russians left on the outskirts at all, as happened with the current Galicia region. Some will be cut out, some will be ousted, the rest will be silenced on pain of reprisals. This is now being implemented there.

    Well, what can you do, this is everyone's choice. For example, there was such a people - the Phoenicians and they lived on the territory of modern Tunisia, in the entire famous city - Carthage, in strife and civil strife, they lost their chance to remain a people and now they are not at all, and the Arabs live in this place. That's the whole story.
  13. Yuri Nemov Offline Yuri Nemov
    Yuri Nemov (Yuri Nemov) 18 July 2021 23: 12
    Whatever one may say, but Putin is right! It was the Bolsheviks who destroyed Russia, and this fact devalues ​​all their previous "merits". What's the use of their revolution if in the end they sold their homeland? It was the party that rushed to sell the country wholesale and retail. Why now these pitiful excuses?
  14. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
    Kofesan (Valery) 19 July 2021 08: 09
    The meaning of the "message" is pretty obvious. Namely, the statement that Ukraine has turned into anti-Russia, which is unnatural, and contradicts the entire history of relations between these two (now different) parts of the same world. And it is true.

    But the purpose of the article is camouflaged. But it's also pretty primitive. The goal (and apparently this article is just the beginning) is to remove responsibility personally from the president for inaction and a contemplative position, especially at a time when it was possible to strangle the enemy in the bud. That is, for 2014-2015,2017, XNUMX.
    And the article is a small step towards the rehabilitation of the "observer" position. There will be other steps ...

    Automatically and without hesitation comes an analogy with the 50s of the last century. Then, inspired by the victory in the terrible war, the leadership of the USSR decided to go for an example with the former Bandera and not only ... and released them from prison. The most frostbitten ones were destroyed, and those who received a term could become outcasts, just like their ideology. They could, but did not ...

    At the time, the ZK received money for felling Banderva. Small, but still MONEY! These were those who did not want to risk their worthless lives in 41 and deserted to the forests. They did not have much choice, and they, for farm reasons, gradually joined the fierce and frostbitten nationalists - Bandera, who united and led the inhabitants of the caches. They could justify this step for themselves only within the "ideological" independence. But also the fact is that they, ZK, were paid money in the camps. Small ones. but MONEY. And then the country lived on workdays! No one had any money. They were swollen from hunger, dying of hunger and even for stealing a handful of grain could get a sentence. Therefore, when they returned, they (the Westerners) bought houses for themselves, cattle, got married (as economic and well-to-do on beauties) and ... began to mock. They scoffed at fellow villagers who were in the front ranks of the warriors in the Second World War, the defeated ideology of fascism.

    And with all their existence they proved to the poor people that they are more "smart", or what? And what did it look like in the eyes of those who lost their daughter, son, father from hunger in the war ...?

    Then draw your own conclusions. After all, everyone knows that what is watered grows. So Putin and watering the point of view that it was "inevitable"
    1. Radziminsky Victor (Radziminsky Victor) 19 July 2021 19: 03
      Yes, Kofesan, now not only Putin, but the entire information service of the Kremlin, will rush
      prove that the loss of Ukraine was INEVITABLE.
      But - it is Putin who is responsible for Russia's Foreign Policy in the countries of the former USSR.
      And it is Putin who MUST, through dozens of channels, INFLUENCE what is happening in the post-Soviet countries.
      And it is Putin who is OBLIGED to protect the lives of RUSSIANS in the countries of the former USSR.
      And the rout, the destruction of all pro-Russian forces in Ukraine ...
      And the territory of Ukraine, given over to NATO military bases ...
      This is the result of the PRESIDENT's inaction.
      But will Russia be able to DEMAND - for the President to fulfill his duties?
      1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
        Kofesan (Valery) 19 July 2021 19: 30
        What can I say? Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye! But he had all the information about the training of shock troops of 25, 000 people on the territory of NATO "newcomers" countries for organizing Maidans in Ukraine, including in 30!
        And ...? The small one has eliminated itself. And now these "detachments" do not even mention one word, not even half a word! And not by chance!
        Because, as the question follows: "And if you knew? ... And then what did you do that, g ....?" (don't think lord)

        ... Nikolai also thought that everything was calm in Russia. And that's how it came out. And this one is afraid. Therefore, he senses where he is "vulnerable". But time really takes its toll. And all the power is in ...

  15. zloybond Offline zloybond
    zloybond (steppenwolf) 19 July 2021 12: 48
    For this Bogdan to appear, Russia must at least stop leading the people of Donbass by the nose, who have long voted and decided everything. But Russia is trying to "cheat" to put it mildly. Therefore, not only a new movement, but also one that has already begun, will soon fizzle out in empty hopes and promises.
    1. Kofesan Offline Kofesan
      Kofesan (Valery) 19 July 2021 22: 50
      Do not confuse Russia and the "commanders-in-chief". And if you are told that 98% is for the owner of Peskov, it is better to ask your neighbor on the train. And then draw conclusions. Although I understand you. This is already a disgusting crime - pushing Donbass back into ..., okay lol , I will say more delicately - "to Ukraine"!
  16. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 19 July 2021 20: 13
    In 2013, Bandera militants under the leadership of the SBU trained in summer camps in Ukraine. It was in the public domain and everyone knows. Well, if it is known and no measures were taken, then there was a conspiracy. People of cunning nationality rule here and there