Rainbow flag offensive: Russia is at the forefront of the defense against LGBT people

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights, which in the most categorical form demanded that Russia must legalize “same-sex unions” that are categorically unacceptable within the framework of the traditional values ​​of our country, is by no means unexpected. As, however, the sharply negative reaction to this, let's be frank, extremely impudent and initially provocative claim, immediately followed by representatives of the domestic authorities at various levels. In this regard, a completely natural question arises - why was all this done and is being done?

To more or less understand the reasons for what is happening, one should first of all remember that the ECHR's demarche with respect to Russia is only part of a much broader campaign, which is just now being carried out within the framework of the European Union, and not only of it. It is clear that the ongoing talk about "protecting human rights", "universal values" and the like should not be taken into account in any case. In this game there are completely different bets and completely different goals.

Free interpretation of human rights

The fact is that the European Court of Human Rights, which has a residence in Strasbourg, “suddenly” began to “bake” decisions in favor of “gay people” with the same skill that a good pastry chef makes hot cakes. There is a feeling that some monstrous conveyor has been included in the legislation of various countries with regard to their legalization. But who launched it and why? A few days after the adoption of the “fateful” decision in favor of the domestic “blue” ones, the ECHR delivered exactly the same verdict in the case based on the complaint of their “colleagues” from Italy.

Those, too, you know, were "infringed on their rights" and when trying to legitimize them in any way, excuse the expression, "relationship" instead of "advice and love" they said completely different words. No wonder - Italy is one of the few countries of the Old World where Christianity, the traditions and moral foundations based on it, have retained more or less firm positions. After all, the Holy See of the head of the Catholic Church is located in the heart of this country, even though the Vatican is de jure a separate state from it. That is why various “non-traditionalists” are not welcome there at all, and, in addition, according to Italian law, exactly as in ours, the family can be considered exclusively the union of a man and a woman, and not just anyone with anyone (or anything). To this, the hookers from Strasbourg objected that Rome is maliciously violating such “mossy” and “discriminatory” legal norms by nothing more than the Convention on Human Rights, a fundamental document for the Council of Europe, the judicial body of which, in fact, is the ECHR. Rather, specifically Article 8 of this very Convention. But this is just the real cheating and rigging!

The aforementioned document, really important, comprehensive and very thorough, was adopted in 1950. That is, in those days when no one had even heard of the "tolerance" that the brain had endured to the whole West, but all sorts of ... but to hell with tolerance! All sorts of perverts sat, as they should, quieter than water, below the grass and could not even think of any recognition of their own "dislocations" as the norm, and even more so about their aggressive propaganda. In the very same Article 8 of the Convention, referring to which, the ECHR made its decision clearly states that "state interference in family and private life is unacceptable." However, there are also reservations - this principle can be violated "in the interests of national and public security", "to protect health and morality", as well as "in order to protect the rights and freedoms of others."

It is from this point that those notorious double standards of modern Western society come into play, guided by which it has already sunk to the devil knows what. Strasbourg believes that the spread of “rosy” views in it does not threaten the national security and security of society. Well, you will, gentlemen, Europeans, but why are you then forced to drag recruits into your armies almost by force? Is it because your youth run to gay pride parades much more willingly than to defend their homeland? Well, as for "morality and health" - here, in my opinion, there is nothing to discuss. One hundred percent reason to put a reliable barrier on the path of the "rainbow" to legalization and recognition of them as "normal". As for the last point, how do you order to be with the rights and freedoms of those millions of Russians (or Italians) for whom perverted "love" is categorically unacceptable and disgusting? How about their right to shield their own children from her intrusive propaganda?

Is the “Eurogean Union” becoming a reality?

The most remarkable thing is that a little earlier, making a similar decision regarding Russia and accusing it of violating the same Article 8 of the Convention, the ECHR declared in its verdict that the rejection of the perverted "LGBT values" by the absolute majority of the citizens of our country can in no way serve the basis for the "infringement" of those who profess them. Like, "the minority is not obliged to obey the majority!" Excuse me, but this is exactly what you demand from us! And not only from us alone. At present, in particular, the governing bodies of the European Union are launching a campaign of persecution and persecution against Hungary. The authorities of this country found the courage to pass a law similar to the Russian one - on the categorical prohibition of the propaganda of various "rainbow" deviations among children and adolescents. And what?

The European Commission is already preparing a number of measures to "punish" Budapest, and the head of this body, Ursula von der Leyen, who called the Hungarian normative act aimed at protecting children "a shame", openly says that if it is not abolished, the country will be awaited " serious sanctions ”. Is this not a desire to subjugate the recalcitrant "minority" that remains in sound mind and firm memory and is trying to defend traditional values ​​to the will of the aggressive and vicious "majority" that has long been "gone from the reels" and is trying to forcibly "convert" everyone and everyone? At the same time, supporters of "rainbow" values ​​try to act not by washing, but by rolling, using not only open coercion, blackmail and threats, but also cunning. Both from Russia and from Italy, lawyers from the ECHR demand to legitimize, if not "same-sex marriages", then at least "unions" of perverts - "by finding a different form within the framework of the country's legislation, taking into account the social and cultural context."

Well, truly, "what an owl about a stump, what we will stump over an owl!" Before us is a kind of insinuating and seemingly soft attempt to force the defenders of traditional values ​​to retreat not even one step, but half a step, giving up, as it were, the very little of their own principles. Well, what does it cost you, right? Nobody demands to marry "little blue" or whatever else according to all the rules in the registry office or, forgive me, Lord, to marry in the church. If you don’t want it, you don’t need to. You just "equate them in rights" with normal people - and that's enough. Enough for now ... Fortunately, each of our compatriots knows the saying: "the claw is stuck - the whole bird is gone", as well as a children's fairy tale about a chanterelle with a rolling pin. Let these "chanterelles" of incomprehensible orientation spend the night in the hallway - at once you will be left without a roof over your head! It is worth making the slightest concession - and, you see, soon normal people will turn out to be a "minority". But no one will defend their rights - neither in Strasbourg, nor in Brussels.

Europe today is free to do whatever it wants, going crazy as it pleases. No one is surprised anymore news like the refusal of one of the world's largest airlines Lufthansa from the address "ladies and gentlemen", because it can mortally offend these very ... well, you know who. Or the introduction in the British government with great fanfare of the all-important post of “Special Representative for the Rights of the LGBT Community”. By the way, a real member of the House of Lords, a real sir, has been appointed to her. Sir gay, yeah ... Gentlemen, the British, Germans, Dutch and others can fool around as much as they like. If you want to degenerate, die out, yielding your land to the representatives of peoples, your crazy "values" do not share - your choice. Just don't try to drag everyone else along the same path to the underworld!

It should be mentioned that the recent decisions of the ECHR, adopted as if by a blueprint, have one very nasty feature. The point here is that this body works according to the Anglo-Saxon legal principle - precedent. If anyone does not know, let me explain - this means that each of his verdicts, adopted on one or another important issue, becomes, as it were, a template for resolving all similar cases. But the jurisdiction of the ECHR de jure includes all countries that are active members of the Council of Europe, and not only those that are members of the EU. That is, both our country and, for example, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan. And Turkey, by the way, too. If in Lithuania, which is struggling to comply with European "standards and values", the ECHR decision on the compulsory recognition of "same-sex unions" was categorically rejected (the speaker of the local Seimas Loreta Grauzhinene stated that the Lithuanian society has not yet " ripe ”), then what will happen in Hungary, Poland, or Orthodox Greece, which is very patriarchal in terms of morality? There is nothing to say about Muslim Turkey ... Judicial decisions aimed at forcing them to accept the unacceptable may turn out to be a "time bomb" laid under the very idea of ​​a "united Europe", and a terrible destructive force.

It's no secret that the sharply intensified offensive under the "rainbow flags" is coordinated, first of all, by those globalist forces that have gained the upper hand in the United States, and not only there, but practically everywhere in the West. The goal here is to create a kind of faceless mass out of all mankind, perhaps not gray, but iridescent in all possible colors. Crowds of biological organisms without faith, without morality, without a homeland, without a family, and ultimately without gender. Such a crowd, which, by and large, whether it is no longer people, but simply “creatures”, will certainly be much easier to manage than individuals who have some beliefs and values. Russia today stands at the forefront of confronting these terrible plans and will stand. The only place in it where the "rainbow" flag can fly is the facade of the US Embassy. This is where he belongs.
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  1. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 16 July 2021 14: 14
    Don't give a damn about LGBT people. The light did not converge on them like a wedge. While you are jumping around this caste, brain-killing programs like "Malakhov", "House 30" and other creepy rubbish have been playing on TV for 2 years. While you were screaming about LGBT people, 2-3 generations of hoes have already been raised in Russia, who, in principle, are not suitable in family life and for the role of a wife.

    What is the use of hysteria about such a petty problem of non-traditional propaganda, when the very foundation of society was finally destroyed 10 years ago? Now a traditional form of the Russian family has become the union of a walk-up davalka and a cuckold-you_y_me_second.

    Everyone knows that our families break up, with rare exceptions, after a few years. On an industrial scale, we produce generation after generation of fatherlessness with living fathers, who are raised by mothers who grew up on the ideals of House 2, "Instagram", dating sites, clubs and "scandalous programs in the evenings."

    Why are you running around like a written sack when there is simply no one to protect? Are you afraid that in the future there will be no one to defend the country because it will be full of effeminate and gays? There is a reason not to defend the country harder.

    If a war breaks out, where life expectancy can be measured in seconds, every man will ask himself: "What should he defend in this country?" He will look around, see yesterday's club bums who will only be glad to see Europeans on them. He will see child support and divorce proceedings that robbed him of his child. He will remember that society branded him with rubbish, which is to blame for the breakdown of the family and for all the troubles of his ex-wife. He will remember that around him the population for the most part has a criminal mentality, living on the principles of AUE. He will remember that he probably would not have lived up to retirement anyway.

    And after looking around, he will understand that he has nothing to defend and will send the country's defense to hell and dump it into a neighboring country. Yes, not everyone will do this, but 10-15% of the smartest of the mobilization reserve, the future average command staff.

    And here you are fighting LGBT people and all sorts of freaks.
    1. Eduard Aplombov Offline Eduard Aplombov
      Eduard Aplombov (Eduard Aplombov) 18 July 2021 02: 03
      I agree with the exception that even formally it is necessary to fight, even if the price of these office statements is negligible with what is happening on our media and TV, on the Internet
      no matter how cynical it sounds, the world needs a war, it cleans and sober up societies, even at the cost of many lives, otherwise this avalanche of pederast propaganda and fooling people cannot be stopped
      as Bulgakov said through the lips of a hero - Then fire! The fire with which it all began and with which we all end!
    2. kurilovaleksei1941 (alexey kurilov) 18 July 2021 08: 24
      to a neighboring country? To Ukraine or what? So get out right now, no one is holding
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 July 2021 14: 15
    The topic is nasty. And unacceptable for us. It would be better to publish the full name of who is pushing this topic in general, to understand belonging to our enemies. Although I already know who is who. Even on our site, some are itching to meet men.
  3. from Severodonetsk 16 July 2021 15: 18
    I have a BIG question for the leadership of Russia - why do we comply with laws, decisions, etc. those international structures where there are no representatives from Russia? Who exactly made the decisions to carry out illegal and politically motivated anti-Russian decisions? ... ACL? Is this state treason to the Motherland?
    1. Ulysses Offline Ulysses
      Ulysses (Alexey) 16 July 2021 21: 34
      I have a BIG question for the leadership of Russia - why do we comply with laws, decisions, etc. those international structures where there are no representatives from Russia?

      To which Russian leadership do you have a question?
      The constitution was adopted under Yeltsin.

      Under Medvedev, even a Russian representative was appointed to the ECHR, whose name you do not even know.
      A clown whose term of office expires and he most likely will not live in Russia.

      Last year, the constitution was amended and we are no longer obliged to fulfill the wishes of foreign structures that are in conflict with our national interests.


      Sergey Mikhailovich Shakhrai is a Russian statesman and legal scholar, Doctor of Law, professor, one of the authors of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

      Try to find the address of this treason and spit in his face.
      From both of us.
  4. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 16 July 2021 20: 33
    All TV, almost all theaters, all pop is gomosyatina, she has occupied everything on the sly, and is waiting for a signal for a breakthrough ... And the authorities completely indulge and promote this ... Only this does not happen, all normal people will rise and they will will be thrown in the throat, creatures ...
  5. andrei.yack0wl Offline andrei.yack0wl
    andrei.yack0wl (Andrey Yakovlev) 16 July 2021 22: 44
    Now accept the rainbow ones, and then they will say let's be tolerant of cannibals (if someone really wants to eat a neighbor, let him kill and eat, that's his right) then we will be tolerant to pedophiles, to maniacs, to rapists. Maybe the European human rights community of the Taliban They will invite you to your place, they will pay for the flight, they will give you a pistol, and they will substitute your forehead.
  6. Khaertdinov Radik (Radik Khaertdinov) 17 July 2021 10: 34
    Strasbourg, this is Sodom and Gomorrah! Let him collect and register all these gay lesbians and the like ... There they belong!
  7. Alexander K_2 Offline Alexander K_2
    Alexander K_2 (Alexander K) 17 July 2021 12: 30
    Maybe the Russian leadership will find other issues for urgent resolution, or have all the problems already been resolved and only LGBT people remain?
  8. shiva Offline shiva
    shiva (Ivan) 17 July 2021 12: 34
    I saw the opinion that the struggle for the rights of the LGBT minority is akin to the struggle for the rights of women (as at the beginning of the 20th century) or the struggle against slavery and other black inequality (blm the last wave) and is quite right for itself. I agree that fighting for the rights of dogs, blacks and Chinese people to visit saloons is a natural social pressure in a healthy developing society.
    LGBT activists also say - we do not propagandize, we are fighting for equal social rights. (Say, a gay family cannot get a preferential mortgage and get maternity capital). Again, I agree that over time, the presence of primary sexual characteristics will no longer be an argument in queues for benefits. A long skirt will go down in history, like Domostroy, and a social unit does not necessarily have to consist of two people - one science fiction writer wrote that the optimum is 3m3zh.
    But once again I would like to draw your attention to the fact that these are social trends in a developing, evolving society. Of course, evolution also has dead ends, which then die off. But this is what we are talking about - a tolerant society after millennia of racial / religious / national / sexual / neighborly intolerance - this is either a transition to a new stage and the birth of a super-society (Morlocks) or a burp of evolution (eloi). ;)
    It was also argued that male chauvinism has a double standard - the inhabitants of the island of Lesbos have the right to life, and Sodom must be destroyed. On one of the paid sites of the relevant content, they decided to follow the path of Hollywood - every second actor (and most importantly, an actress) is dark in color, with a narrow cut of the eyes and always a trance of a voluminous tolerant build. And if earlier it was just aesthetically pleasing to admire the figures of Venus and silicone nymphs intertwining in Greek ease, now as you look at the screen, which is all occupied by a sweaty black cellulite ischial part with a dangling process - you immediately understand - it has come ...
    (Do not delete the comment, admins, write what is wrong - I will fix it)
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 17 July 2021 17: 28
    Yes, in your army ...... they stick to Russian conscripts leading to suicide !!!
  11. ear Offline ear
    ear (Sergey G) 17 July 2021 17: 34
    Take a closer look at the photo. Empty street. PR.
  12. baunti Markoni Offline baunti Markoni
    baunti Markoni (baunti markoni) 17 July 2021 22: 19
    Baldness of the brain is coming from sweet Europe. Some perverts promote others ... European values. Very funny.
  13. Canich-dotoshnii 22 July 2021 09: 17
    Yes, it has long been necessary to send this gay Europe together with the EU and LGBT to where Makar did not drive calves.
    To impose sanctions on judges of the European Court of Justice for interfering in the affairs of Russia.
    But citizens of enemy states from the government and the State Duma will not allow this to be done.