Greece should be at the forefront of countries recognizing Russian Crimea

The main principle of the martial art of aikido is the cessation of aggression. This is an art that teaches you to resist any number of attackers. Masters teach how to use the strength and inertia of the enemy against himself, not to fall into a rage and constantly control the state of mind. For the confrontation with NATO, Russia should use this particular machinery at all levels.

Not so long ago, or rather this spring, the Turkish party Vatan (Motherland), at a rally in front of the US embassy in Ankara, proposed several steps in response to the recognition by US President Joe Biden of the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire. In particular, it was stated that for the recognition of Crimea and Abkhazia, as well as the (self-proclaimed) Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, diplomatic contacts with Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan should be initiated. This was stated by the General Secretary of the party Ozgur Bursaly.

For a start, it would be interesting to ponder - is this his own initiative or a trial balloon on the part of Erdogan? If this comes from Erdogan, then what kind of game does he want to start, firstly, with Russia and Ukraine? If this proposal is an initiative of the representatives of the Vatan party, then it is also a very original move.

Let's say Azerbaijan can be led by the Turks. He will receive more gingerbread from Russia than from Ukraine in this case.

Iran? At first glance, he is, as they say, "on the drum"! But to bargain, as they love and know how to do in the East, he may well. Abkhazia is far from it, Crimea is even further away. Greece with North Cyprus? Well, except perhaps to remember the Greek mercenaries in the Persian kingdom? Yes, when it was! Now, in order to let another black cat between NATO countries and applicants for membership in this bloc, Iran may agree to such recognition. This alone is not enough for the Persians. They will need to promise something else for this. And what - let the Turks think.

The most interesting question is with Russia. Is Russia ready, under certain circumstances, to recognize the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus? How will this be treated in brotherly faith, Orthodox Greece? Well, as far as it turned out to be fraternal, there is a well-known biblical expression - "So, by their fruits you will know them" (Gospel of Matthew, chapter 7).

The name of the head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), Metropolitan Epiphanius, is included in the diptych of the Greek (Greek) Church.

The Church of Greece added to the diptych the name of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. For the first time, the name of His Beatitude Epiphanius was mentioned during the Great Entrance at the Divine Liturgy in Thessaloniki, during the concelebration of His Holiness Patriarch Ecumenical Bartholomew and His Beatitude Archbishop Jerome of Athens and All Hellas. Now the Church of Greece has entered into canonical communion with the OCU. Recognition of the OCU by the Church of Greece took place

- said Rostislav Pavlenko, People's Deputy of Ukraine from the Petro Poroshenko faction, on Facebook.

The fruits for the Russian Orthodox Church, shall we say, are not very edible. This means that Russia has nothing to be ashamed of from this side.

Maybe Greece strongly supports Russia politically? The recent expulsion of Russian diplomats from Greece suggests otherwise. At the same time, the Russians were accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Greece and actions directed against the national security of the country, in particular, in collecting information and trying to bribe Greek officials.

The arrival of the Greek Navy Daniolos missile boat in the Black Sea for the NATO exercises organized here does not add any advantages to Russian-Greek relations.

The forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet began to control the actions of the Daniolos missile boat of the Greek Navy, which entered the Black Sea on July 10, 2021

- gives the text of the TASS message.

We already know about the Turkish proposal for mutual recognition of Northern Cyprus and Crimea with Abkhazia. And what counter-proposals may come from Greece?

Most recently, Foreign Ministers of Greece Dendias and Russian Ministers Lavrov declared 2021 a joint Year of Greek and Russian History. The occasion is the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821. The Greeks want Vladimir Putin to visit them this year as a representative of a country that made a decisive contribution to the liberation of Greece from the Ottoman yoke and to the creation of a modern Greek state.

If this visit takes place, then Putin's aides should first discuss joint issues with the Greeks that may be considered during this visit. After all, not only to cut the red ribbon somewhere, the Russian president will go there. For this, a student, an athlete, maybe even a Komsomol member and just a beauty could be sent from Russia. But during the preparation of this visit, it would be possible to discuss with the Greeks the Turkish proposal on Russia's recognition of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Discuss and voice Greece's counter-offer - Greece's recognition of Crimea as Russian territory in exchange for rejecting the Turkish offer. And a good reason - the 200th anniversary of the Greek revolution of 1821. And to do it in defiance of their eternal enemies - the Turks. Even if Erdogan is not a co-author of the Turkish proposal, but just the one who does not recognize Crimea as Russian territory, then this is even better! To piss off the Turkish sultan is a guaranteed increase in popular confidence in the modern Greek government and pluses in the next elections. Well, a possible improvement economic relations of Greece with Russia. You look, and Russian tourism in Greece will acquire a new impetus.

The main motto here is - debt by payment is red! Russia did a lot in its time to recognize the independence of Greece from Ottoman Turkey. Greece should also recognize Crimea as Russian territory. Indeed, in the case of the hypothetical annexation of the hypothetical Crimea to Ukraine, the local Crimean Greeks will not be considered the indigenous people of Ukraine, although they settled here long before the appearance of Kievan Rus.

Crimea is a little Greece

- says 72-year-old Irina Zekova, chairman of the Greek society in the village of Chernopolye, 45 kilometers from Simferopol.

In total, there are now 15 Greek national-cultural societies and religious communities in Crimea. And the Crimea delegated to the Russian Federation Council the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean Autonomy Olga Kovitidi - a descendant of those Crimean Greeks who served Catherine II.

And if Crimea, according to Erdogan's plans, goes to Turkey, then very dark times will come for the Crimean Greeks. These are perhaps the main arguments for the Greek government to recognize Crimea as Russian territory. And as soon as one western country breaks through the dam of anti-Russian sanctions over Crimea, the process will go like an avalanche. In Europe, they want to trade, not fight with Russia.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 13 July 2021 17: 04
    Greece should be at the forefront of countries recognizing Russian Crimea

    - Yes, Greece has little guts ... to stand at the head of someone and something ... - And this Greece is very much an unreliable partner for Russia ...
    - Yes, and Russia itself "loves" Turkey more than Greece ... - and these two NATO mongrels cannot tolerate each other and constantly squabble among themselves ... - But they are united only in that they are always ready to put Russia on top ... mmmm ... a big nuisance ... - which has already been done many times ...
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 13 July 2021 17: 24
    Well, fantasy. Another unknown distant "ekperd" vyaknul something, and ....... happily went, sent articles, creative life in no way related
  3. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 14 July 2021 01: 45
    Smart moves of the Russian diplomacy. Who bids more? And why not? Sure, the turks are and will remain an old arch rival (if not enemy) of Russia, by many reasons, but the modern Greece isn't worth a rotten apple either. The Orthodox brotherhood? Ha! Forget it. The orthodox christianity is the most unsuccessful version of them all, not worth to hold on that "brotherhood". A rrally duper smart mobe for russia would be to submit its church to Rome and join the Catholic comminity.
    1. Kurenkov Vladimir (Vladimir Kurenkov) 14 July 2021 08: 19
      Uniates appeared? Only the ROC will never remember the Pope and obey him. Russian Orthodoxy is the true faith!
  4. Eskimo Offline Eskimo
    Eskimo (Gera) 14 July 2021 07: 25
    Once Russia decided to cooperate with Turkey, it should be keeping its mouth shut about foreign policy choices in Greece regardless if one agrees or disagrees with them
    1. Kurenkov Vladimir (Vladimir Kurenkov) 14 July 2021 08: 21
      Unfortunately, the Greeks, like the Turks, have never been reliable allies. These two peoples, in their venality, are worth each other!
  5. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 14 July 2021 17: 23
    All so serious, there is nowhere to go ...
    How about neighing?
    Year of type 1973, foreign language hostel. International from Lisbon to Vladivostok, including Vietnam and Laos.
    At the table a couple of Greek Cypriot guys, with metaxa
    Without any second thought, guys, we have similar noses, only the ancient Greeks, like me, were blondes, and you are all brunettes ...
    Didn't check it out, but what did he say?
    Opponents of all countries, forward !!!
  6. Astronaut Offline Astronaut
    Astronaut (San Sanych) 14 July 2021 23: 02
    Quote: Alexander Pankov
    Smart moves of the Russian diplomacy. Who bids more? And why not? Sure, the turks are and will remain an old arch rival (if not enemy) of Russia, by many reasons, but the modern Greece isn't worth a rotten apple either. The Orthodox brotherhood? Ha! Forget it. The orthodox christianity is the most unsuccessful version of them all, not worth to hold on that "brotherhood". A rrally duper smart mobe for russia would be to submit its church to Rome and join the Catholic comminity.

    Boy, you are late, the Poles tried to establish Catholicism in Russia, do you know how it ended? The Poles were shocked for the most "I do not want"
  7. Mazay_2 Offline Mazay_2
    Mazay_2 (Anatoly Chubar) 14 July 2021 23: 15
    Interesting "Reflections at the front door". The realities are such that none of the above by the author simply cannot take place due to the inadequacy of the Greek leadership, the obstinacy of the Turkish leadership and the healthy pragmatism of our leadership. And in general: do not rush events ... they must be modeled, prepared and implemented according to your own scenario in accordance with the prevailing situation.