Super-heavy rocket to conquer the moon was first shown in the USA

The American super-heavy rocket Space Launch System is presented in a launch configuration for the first time. Specialists from the Kennedy Space Center (Florida) have finished attaching two boosters to the main stage of the carrier, which is 65 meters long.

Recall that the SLS is a two-stage super-heavy rocket that NASA plans to use to send astronauts out of low-Earth orbit. In particular, the carrier will be used to launch the Orion spacecraft as part of the Artemis-2 manned lunar mission.

It is reported that the "Space Launch System" in its basic configuration will be able to launch up to 95 tons of payload into reference orbit. At the same time, further development of the carrier design can increase this figure by another 35 tons.

The total cost of the SLS program, which started in 2011, is $ 35 billion. The main developer of the super-heavy rocket is the Boeing Corporation. According to preliminary calculations, the creation of one serial version of the carrier will cost 800 million dollars.

The Space Launch System should start its first flight at the end of this year as part of the Artemis-1 mission. In the course of the latter, the Orion spacecraft will have to make an unmanned flight around our natural satellite. In turn, a manned mission is scheduled for 2023.
  • Photos Used: NASA
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  1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
    Just a cat (Bayun) 15 June 2021 11: 55
    it was 2023 ... blacks rode in the usa, the population of ukraine was 10 million ... hi
  2. alexey alexeyev_2 (Alexey Alekseev) 15 June 2021 11: 59
    And they seem to have conquered it 50 years ago. Or I'm confusing something
  3. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 17 July 2021 06: 56
    Boeing wants $ 1.6 billion for one-time orders of the carrier. For the same money, the Angara-А5B will bring not 95, but 600 tons to LEO. In addition, the carrier has lost in efficiency compared to Saturn-5. Progress is evident.
  4. ont65 Offline ont65
    ont65 (Oleg) 26 July 2021 01: 55
    NASA signed a contract with SpaceX to launch Falcon Heavy under the Europa Clipper program for $ 178 million, although initially the plans included SLS, which helped save $ 2 billion in a total budget of $ 4.25 billion. Musk, through incredible tricks, managed to approach the cost of launch services comparable with Proton-M. It seems that the SLS program, which absorbed a lot of money, will remain out of work. By the way, Musk takes the launches and programs of Artemis from the Deep Space Gateway for himself, and SLS remains a demonstrator of American power in the pictures.