BOD "Admiral Vinogradov": on the way to becoming a cruiser

Very little time has passed since the return to the Navy of the modernized BOD pr. 1155 "Marshal Shaposhnikov", now reclassified as a frigate (pr. 1155M), when fresh information appeared that sheds light on the fate of its brother, the BOD "Admiral Vinogradov. ". So, according to a recent interview with the commander of the Pacific Fleet, Admiral Sergei Avakyants, the stage of working out the promising appearance of the updated ship is coming to an end. In addition, the possibility of a serious increase in the composition of its strike missile armament is being considered, and the task is set to increase the capabilities of air defense. At the same time, Avakyants separately emphasized that the "Admiral Vinogradov" will not exactly repeat the "Marshal Shaposhnikov", since the ship's weapon systems in Russia have already been improved.

In order to draw any categorical conclusions on the fact of this statement, it is necessary to return to the situation with the modernization of the Shaposhnikov and give a balanced assessment of the changes on the ship.

What is the new frigate?

Judging by the statements of the enterprise at the facilities of which the modernization was carried out - JSC Dalzavod Ship Repair Center, it notes the uniqueness of the modernized ship design and an order of magnitude increased combat capabilities: the frigate received several modern radar stations, an advanced combat information and control system (BIUS) Sigma, TK-25 electronic warfare system, SOI 5P-30P radar information processing system, Tyulpan-V1 helicopter landing complex, MP-123-02 / 3 Bagheera universal naval artillery fire control system. However, the main feature of the updated "Marshal Shaposhnikov" was the universal shipborne firing complex 3S14 (UKSK), which allows launching "Caliber", "Onyx" and hypersonic "Zircons".

Needless to say, there are really a lot of changes and they are visible to the naked eye: instead of two AK-100 nose guns, there is now one modified gun mount A-190-01 - much faster than its predecessors and less noticeable for the radar. The Rastrub-B quad launchers installed on the side under the bridge were replaced by the Uranium anti-ship missile launchers. At the same time, the updated ship for oddity retained a significant number of obsolete weapons, which, even at the frigate testing stage, caused a lot of acute questions in the expert community. The attention was primarily attracted by serious gaps in the air defense and anti-aircraft defense of the ship, which in many respects devalued the whole meaning of the large-scale modernization undertaken.

With a standard displacement of 7 thousand tons, the frigate "Marshal Shaposhnikov" ultimately received a much weaker composition of weapons than the 4,5-ton frigates of the "Admiral Gorshkov" type of the second series (with 32 "Calibers" declared by the developer on board). The modernized frigate retains the outdated Dagger air defense systems and lacks an anti-torpedo defense system. Especially eye-catching torpedo tubes CHTA-53, which, without any exaggeration, are frank antiques and by now, together with torpedoes SET-65 and 53-65K, no longer have any serious combat value. As a result, it turns out that, as a shock carrier, the modernized Shaposhnikov is weak for its displacement, has insufficient air defense even for self-defense and even more serious shortcomings in anti-submarine defense (especially in terms of protection against torpedoes).

Apparently, the listed claims to the ship became so obvious that even before the ship was put into operation, the Pacific Fleet command, together with Dalzavod, hastily put forward proposals for the modernization of the next ships of Project 1155, in particular, the Admiral Vinogradov in a much more perfect version. ... Moreover, realizing the problematic nature of promoting sound ideas in the Russian Navy, these proposals were purposefully made public by presenting them at the Dalzavod stand with subsequent publication on the Web.

How does the fleet want to see "Vinogradov"?

As can be seen from the stand, it is proposed to double (compared to Shaposhnikov) the arsenal of tactical strike weapons, replace the obsolete Kinzhal air defense system with a modern Shtil-1 air defense system, seriously improve electronic weapons, and most importantly, provide a full-fledged anti-torpedo and anti-submarine protection by installing the "Package" complex. Such modernization will undoubtedly turn the Vinogradov into the most powerful ship in the entire Navy (not counting TARKRs), its missile ammunition, strike and defensive capabilities (32 UKSK cells for Caliber and Zircon, 16 Uran missiles, 48 ​​anti-aircraft missiles) will, without any exaggeration, correspond to the capabilities of a light missile cruiser. At the same time, the modernized GAS Polynom, coupled with the Packet complex and the Answer missiles, as well as an air group of two helicopters, will enable the ship not only to effectively defend itself against enemy submarine torpedoes, but also to act as a submarine hunter.

The lack of modernization of modern air defense systems of self-defense (for example, ZAK "Broadsword" or ZRAK "Pantsir-M") looks somewhat controversial. Perhaps this is the weakest point of the proposed project, since the "standard" AK-630 installations already meet the requirements of modern anti-aircraft combat very little. At the same time, this drawback does not look critical, given the highly effective medium-range air defense system with significant ammunition, as well as a set of electronic warfare equipment (consisting of 8 PK-10 passive jamming systems) and the already mentioned TK-25 electronic warfare system.

In general, the project for the renovation of the ship proposed by the Navy is extremely conceptually thought out for our days. And given that the naval leadership has formed a concrete understanding of what it wants to see as a result of the modernization program for the ships of the 1155 project, there is every chance for a similar update of the rest of the BODs in service. Separately, in this case, the question will arise about the fate of "Marshal Shaposhnikov", which, like the "first pancake" - "came out lumpy", but it is possible that in the future it will still be brought to mind.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 16 June 2021 08: 41
    God grant that this does not end with empty chatter, because. our fleet is not yet up to par. We would also like to recreate the updated BZHRK, which is very problematic to find in the vastness of our country, otherwise we are in such a hurry in everything that we are often late, as before 1941.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 June 2021 10: 49
    Admiral Vinogradov - Project 1155 large anti-submarine ship. Hull number - 572. Named after Admiral N. I. Vinogradov. Wikipedia
    Length: 163 m
    Start of construction: February 5, 1986
    Launching: June 4, 1987
    Draft: 6,2 m
    Width: 19 m
    Anti-submarine weapons: SJSC "Polynom" (8 PLUR 85RU); 2х12-213 mm RBU-6000
    Missile armament: 2 x SAM "Dagger" (64 SAM)

    What would Putin modernize if there were no Soviet "galoshes"? I haven’t bought my "galoshes" for 20 years. The nonsense said by Putin will stay with him forever!
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 16 June 2021 11: 48
      What kind of person are you, Pan Stalevar, everyone is always dissatisfied with Russia, and on this resource you are not particularly respected, but you keep grumbling and throwing mud at it ...

      Quote: steel maker
      What would Putin modernize if there were no Soviet "galoshes"?

      -And you know how many millennia a simple wheel has been modernized, which your Ukroneanderthal brothers invented, and nothing, revolves in all its guises.
      1. avg Offline avg
        avg (Alexander) 16 June 2021 16: 00
        So he is not a man, he is a young lieutenant of Pidrozdila Information and Psychological Operations. His task is to throw shit into porridge.
    2. nuh.khun Offline nuh.khun
      nuh.khun (Hung Nuh) 18 June 2021 01: 37
      forum on another topic, useful information in your post 0, and sprinkled saliva here as if P personally pinched your cuticles.
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 18 June 2021 08: 12
        Naf-naf, judging by your comment, this is my comment on your cuticles pinched, even sparks from your eyes. What is an example of Putin's Russia, so that ships of this class could be built in a year?
    3. Dart2027 Offline Dart2027
      Dart2027 20 June 2021 11: 05
      Quote: steel maker
      I haven’t bought my "galoshes" for 20 years.

      I bought frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov class.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 16 June 2021 14: 01
    And the well-fed will never understand the hungry. As for respect, it is 50 to 50. And I would like my arguments to be refuted by the same arguments, and not to grumble and not throw mud at my criticism. Google to help you. Or do you think that Putin is not 20 years old to build his own fleet? Then he needs to go to China for an internship. They will teach him how to raise the country from his knees, and not trade his territory!
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 16 June 2021 15: 44
      Quote: steel maker
      Or do you think that Putin is not 20 years old,

      Apparently, 20 years is not enough to cleanse the Gorbachev-Yeltsin Augean stables, and even with the "help" of such "brothers-in-arms" as you and your Vashigton masters together with the "collective West", and if it were not for the scum of the Gorbachev, Yeltsin and others them, who threw the USSR and Russia into a huge economic and political abyss, then Russia would now be in the forefront in all respects.
      1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
        steelmaker 16 June 2021 19: 07
        and 20 years is not enough

        So you yourself have confirmed - mediocrities rule!
      2. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter (Gleb) 17 June 2021 09: 34
        Gorbachevs, Yeltsins and others like them, who threw off the USSR

        So that's who built the "galoshes". Clear. But it seems they were not, but if you look closely, it was not at all "galoshes" were built in the USSR. Some of them are still sailing the seas in the US Navy.
        But what do you have against Boris Nikolaich, because it was he who managed to resist the evil eSSSR and gave Russia independence within today's boundaries. For which he is honored and glorified, centers and universities. "The greatest figure" unparalleled in history.
  4. Dukhskrepny Offline Dukhskrepny
    Dukhskrepny (Vasya) 16 June 2021 14: 21
    Ordinary Putinism. Swipe for a ruble, a blow for a penny. Only money is not a pity for Putin's druzhbanov yachts
  5. bpk572 Offline bpk572
    bpk572 16 June 2021 16: 38
    The material does not contain a single photograph of the "Admiral Vinogradov" BOD.
  6. Tektor Offline Tektor
    Tektor (Tektor) 18 June 2021 13: 51
    Yes, Calm and Package will clearly improve performance characteristics.
  7. faiver Offline faiver
    faiver (Andrei) 23 June 2021 19: 10
    The author, please, but in the photographs of both Shaposhnikov and Vinogradov, the same quantity of both calibers and uraniums is indicated, where does the double increase in strike weapons come from?

    (32 UKSK cells for "Caliber" and "Zircon", 16 "Uranus" missiles, 48 ​​anti-aircraft missiles)

    - where will you stuff? the architecture of the ship does not allow, the modernization of Shaposhnikov has already been dismantled on the shelves ... hi