British Stream: the Russian gas pipeline the British are trying to forget about

Considering in past text the black list of Russia's sworn "friends" under the general title "Ocean's 11", I promised to tell why this list is topped by Britain, and not the United States, as some naively believed until now. I have already partially answered this question in the previous text (read who is interested), but there I surveyed all the enemies of Russia, today I will dwell on the subjects of Her Majesty in more detail.

The well-known expression "the British woman crap" did not go from yesterday, and not even from the day before yesterday in the Soviet period. It dates back to the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) - Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. Britain in the 19th century and in the 20th was our worst enemy, nothing has changed in the 21st century. The 19th century was marked by the Crimean War of 1853-56, where the United Kingdom opposed Tsarist Russia as part of a coalition of the British, French and Ottoman Empires and the Sardinian Kingdom, the 20th - by the Civil War of 1918-20, where the British tried to strangle the young Soviet state as part of the combined forces of the Entente (though they did it somehow sluggishly). The forced alliance of 1941-45 ended with the plans of Operation Unthinkable, which Churchill nurtured, and which he did not dare to implement (which is a pity, maybe then the current политическая the map of the world would have a different look, and there would be neither the United States nor Britain in their current form).

For those who do not know (although I am sure there are none here), I will say that at a time when the Red Army troops were fighting on the outskirts of Berlin, Churchill was already planning to declare war on Stalin, not hesitating to use even unbroken German units for this (about 10-12 Nazi divisions), found themselves in the US-British zone of occupation. The start of the operation was planned for July 1, 1945. The Joint Planning Headquarters of the British War Cabinet began to develop it back in mid-April 1945. On April 25, a historic meeting of Soviet and American troops took place on the Elbe in the Torgau region, and on May 22, the plan was already ready, and was submitted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Britain's highest headquarters body, the plan was developed in secret even from him!). Poland became a stumbling block.

Churchill viewed Poland as the key to Eastern Europe and believed that the Anglo-Americans should under no circumstances allow the establishment of communist rule in it. In a May 4 letter to his Foreign Minister Eden, Churchill suggested that the "Polish impasse" could be resolved by refusing to withdraw American troops in Germany to the line of occupation agreed in Yalta until the Polish issue is resolved.

Subsequently, in his memoirs, Churchill formulated his view of the situation that had developed in the spring of 1945 as follows:

The destruction of Germany's military power entailed a fundamental change in the relationship between communist Russia and Western democracies. They lost their common enemy, the war against which was almost the only link that tied their alliance. From now on, Russian imperialism and communist doctrine did not see and did not set a limit to their advancement and striving for final domination.

From this, according to Churchill, the following practical conclusions for Western strategy and politics flowed:

first, Soviet Russia became a mortal threat to the free world;

secondly, it is necessary to immediately create a new front against its rapid advance;

thirdly, this front in Europe should go as far east as possible;

fourthly, the main and true goal of the Anglo-American armies is Berlin;

fifthly, the liberation of Czechoslovakia and the entry of American troops into Prague is of utmost importance;

sixth, Vienna, essentially all of Austria, should be governed by the Western powers, at least on an equal footing with the Russians;

seventh, it is necessary to curb the aggressive claims of Marshal Tito against Italy ...

As you can see, not all Churchill's plans were destined to come true. There were a number of objective reasons for this. The death of Roosevelt on April 12, 1945, and the arrival in his place of President Truman, who took an even tougher stance on the Polish question, only spurred London to action. But still, having weighed all the risks, then Churchill did not dare to declare war on the Soviets, and soon (on July 26, 1945) he was generally removed from the post of prime minister (albeit not for long). It’s a pity, it’s a pity, if this happened, then the world community would not have puzzled over whether to close the Nord Stream 2 under construction at the request of Britain and whether to cut off gas supplies via the Yamal-EU gas pipeline because that dad planted a "mined" Irish Boeing in the Minsk airport, or not.

But, nevertheless, history has no subjunctive mood, and the confrontation between the Soviet Union and Britain continued. How it ended, you know well without me, the Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher in the late 80s so fooled our marked henpecked Gorbachev that he leaked to her and her friend Reagan all our national interests in exchange for Donald chewing gum and the promise of world peace ... Let’s not sprinkle ashes on our heads again, what happened, it’s just that on our side, the people in the main leadership positions were not those who could and should have made such decisions in terms of their intellectual potential. Gorbachev did not even hold a candle to the maize Khrushchev, who knocked his shoe on the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, not to mention Andropov (it is a pity that he died so early, maybe we would now live like the Chinese). The potential of Madame Thatcher is eloquently indicated by the recently emerging fact that in 1982 she was ready to use nuclear weapons in the confrontation with Argentina over the Falkland / Malvinas Islands (this was told to Jacob Kedmi many years later in a private conversation by the commander of the submarine of Her Majesty's fleet, which received participation in that operation). But the order was not received.

In the 21st century, we also drank from a vile Englishwoman, starting with poor Litvinenko, killed by polonium-210, whose death the British special services tried to sew on us, to Berezovsky, who died under unknown circumstances, and the notorious "victims" of the legendary "Novice" Skripals and Navalny , and ending with the High London Court, the sixth year of the murder of the case of 3 billion Yanukovych. Everything suggests that Britain is our systemic existential enemy, which sees its existence only in confrontation with us.

Building a cordon sanitaire along our western borders from the limitrophe states that hate us for various reasons, who are historically due to unrealized imperial ambitions (such as Poland and Lithuania, experiencing phantom pains about the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania); who, because of a long-held grudge for the annexation of the Soviet period (such as Latvia, Estonia and the same Lithuania); who is for the "horrors" of socialism they experienced during the period of developed socialism (such as Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania); and some for a small stew (such as Georgia and Ukraine), received from the hands of that same Englishwoman, and not even Uncle Sam at all, although he also took part there. The Americans act explicitly, deliberately, like an elephant in a china shop, while an Englishwoman does dirty tricks on the sly, choosing the right moment.

And her current actions are caused by concerns about the upcoming summit of the top officials of the Russian Federation and the United States in Geneva and are aimed at disrupting a possible warming of relations between Uncle Sam (in the person of old Biden) and Putin's Russia. Those. Britain in its hatred in Russia turned out to be holier than the Pope, or rather the old man Biden and the American establishment behind him. Who's got a tail, and who's a dog, decide for yourself, but it seems to me that Britain is definitely not a tail.

Failed British Stream

Now everyone has already forgotten that at one time "Nord Stream-1", about which copies were broken no less than about "Nord Stream-2", we tried to reach the British Isles. There was such a plan. Even before all the events with Ukraine, when we were still naively trying to be friends and trade with the whole world. During the reign of the valiant Dmitry Anatolyevich. How then were we mistaken ?! Although maybe, if they did manage to do it, then maybe the events in Ukraine would have taken a different path? Although unlikely! The presence of the Yamal-EU pipe did not in any way affect the behavior of the Poles, only the steel became even more impudent. And the British began to become impudent even before the appearance of the British pipe.

How then Gazprom dealt with the arrogant subjects of the British crown, it is worth remembering this once again. The story, I must say, came out very instructive. They still can't forgive us, that's why they are dirty.

And the background is as follows. On November 8, 2011, in Lubmin, Germany, a solemn symbolic launch of the first line of Nord Stream 1 (then it was simply called Nord Stream without a number) took place with the participation of top officials from four states at once (there was both Frau Merkel and Mr. Medvedev, as well as the premieres of France and the Netherlands Francois Fillon and Marc Rutte). A year later, on October 1, 8, the second line was launched. The end point of the offshore section is the German coast, the area of ​​the Greifswald NPP. In the same 2012, British Petroleum approached Gazprom with a proposal for a joint project to lay two more strings of a gas pipeline with a design capacity of 2 billion cubic meters of gas / year from Greifswald through Denmark along the bottom of the Baltic and North Seas to Norfolk County (Britain).

The fact is that the island's own gas production fell at a catastrophic rate. Even then, Britain bought half of the volume it needed abroad, mainly from Qatar. Now, just 7 years later, its own production covers only 30% of the needs of the United Kingdom. It will get worse from now on! The British had to diversify their supplies in order not to become completely dependent on Qatar. By the way, their forecasters looked into the water - now Qatar is more and more oriented towards the SEA market, where the price of LNG is several times higher than the European one, the islanders get only the leftovers, they have to fuss. Norway is running out of gas, and American LNG is expensive. The only salvation is Gazprom.

They went to him. Russian gas - cheap and reliable! Gazprom was only too happy with BP's proposal. Okay, shook hands. And they began to prepare those. documentation. It was planned to begin laying the British Stream in 2014, about a thousand kilometers by land (through the territory of Denmark) and by water (along the bottom of the Baltic and North Seas) with a branch to Holland (side branch). They planned to finish it in two years.

But a difficult 2014 has come. You know what happened in 2014 without me. And although British Prime Minister David Cameron promised that politics would not affect the implementation of the project, in reality everything turned out somewhat differently. Sanctions, counter-sanctions. The British were among the confidants of these. Apparently they were waiting for the collapse of Russia, hoping to take it with unwashed hands. Began to download the rights and on the project of the gas pipeline. I want it, I don’t want it! It got to the point that the British Crown filed wished for the sole right to develop a gas field in the Kara Sea, which will ensure the filling of the pipe. Miller endured as best he could, seeking consensus. The bargaining dragged on for another two years, until 2016.

And in December 2016, there was an incident (not yet belly, but serious!). According to the decision of the European court, Gazprom was excommunicated from 50% of the capacity of the onshore extension of the SP-1 gas pipeline "Opal". Those. at first, the European Commission gave the go-ahead for 100% of the pipe's capacity, and there were no other applicants for it (it just so happened that apart from Gazprom, there were no other suppliers of pipe gas, it’s stupidly not in nature!), but the Poles were quick to jump these Poles!) and through the court canceled the permission of the European Commission. Behind the Poles, guess whose ears were sticking out? Not even America (it was then not up to it, the presidential elections were going on), but our beloved Britons. In short, they drove Gazprom behind Mozhai.

Why did they do it? Smell the fried smell. Not even out of a desire to please the United States (the president just changed there, our beloved Donald Ibrahimovich came instead of Obama), but out of a desire to spoil the Russian Federation (at that time they still had an illusory hope that Russia could be dumped, another stone into its garden, one more drop - and Russia will collapse, and then go, take it with your bare hands). Naive people, not to say a stronger word, when it was possible to take Russia with your bare hands? They beat us - it only makes us stronger!

The answer came unexpectedly. In the style of Putin. Asymmetric. Yes, such that the subjects of the British crown still hiccup. And they will hiccup for a long time! Thunder struck out of the blue. Where he was not even expected. At a press conference of Gazprom, its press secretary Sergei Kupriyanov said approximately the following (I quote from memory):

Russia was not allowed into the OPAL. Therefore, we are not interested in continuing Nord Stream to Great Britain. We have about 60 billion cubic meters of transit and we believe that this is enough. The project is closed. Thanks to all. Everybody's Free!.

At that moment, someone fell from the chair. Literally! British journalists attending the press conference just got their eyes out of their orbits. British Petroleum was already preparing to accept Gazprom's surrender, and then suddenly bam: "Come on, goodbye!"

Well, what are you going to do with these Russians ?! What problems will soon begin for their Polish friends with Russian gas, I already told earlier (go in, do not be lazy, there real firewood is coming for the Poles). And so it will be with everyone who crosses our path. Ukraine, can you hear me? You are next!
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    our beloved Donald Ibrahimovic came

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      thought for a long time who P and B were - Putin and Berezovsky, Pushkin and Beria, Pozharsky and Boris Godunov, it turned out to be Petrov and Vasechkin aka Boshirov - свежий текст
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