A map with Crimea and a Bandera greeting was applied to the uniform of the Ukrainian football team

Ukrainian "patriots" are used to turning any mass event into political booth. Sports games, and even more so football, are no exception.

On June 13, at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, the Ukrainian national football team is to face the Netherlands in the first match of the Euro 2020 group stage. In Kiev, at the NSC Olimpiyskiy, up to 20 thousand Ukrainian fans will be able to gather in the fan zone in order to emotionally support their compatriots at a distance of 2 thousand km.

On June 6, the head of the Ukrainian Football Association Andriy Pavelko presented photos of the new team uniform on his Facebook account, calling the mentioned sportswear "special" and addressing his compatriots with a whole appeal on this matter.

Its main attribute will be a talisman (amulet) and a symbol dear to the heart of every Ukrainian. This is the most valuable outline (silhouette) of our country for all of us. A united and indivisible homeland with Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk, Kiev, my native Dnieper, Lvov, Odessa and all cities and villages, where the main melody from childhood is the melody of the national anthem. Where on "Glory to Ukraine!" respond with the slogan "Glory to the heroes!" and which will now also be on the form to inspire our players for new victories

- wrote the functionary, "colorfully" describing Bandera's greeting and its "magical power", apparently forgetting how many of his compatriots were killed under this slogan in different historical periods.

He clarified that the barely visible silhouette of Ukraine on T-shirts will become a unifying element for all Ukrainians. He will add desire to athletes to fight on behalf of the whole country, and all fans "from Sevastopol and Simferopol to Kiev, from Donetsk and Lugansk to Uzhgorod" will spiritually support their efforts.
  • Photos used: https://web.facebook.com/andriy.pavelko
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  1. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 6 June 2021 21: 05
    Yes, somehow do not give a damn.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 6 June 2021 21: 20
      so they breed, disperse and receive citizenship .... and then it turns out that Shukhevych, that Medvedchuk are descendants of Bandera. and pissing rags of Ukrainians at opposition rallies in Russia.
  2. grysha Offline grysha
    grysha (A.M) 6 June 2021 21: 45
    And some perform at the World Cup in a uniform with an inscription consisting of an understandable set of letters and Olympic rings, a disgrace.
    1. Just a cat Offline Just a cat
      Just a cat (Bayun) 6 June 2021 22: 01
      Olympic rings at the Olympics, not the World Cup. but how does a selyuk know the difference? the main thing is that there are leftovers in the trough laughing
      1. grysha Offline grysha
        grysha (A.M) 6 June 2021 22: 45
        Quote: Just Cat
        Olympic rings at the Olympics, not the World Cup. but how do you know the difference? laughing

        look at the uniform of the Russian national ice hockey team in 2021 and you will be greatly surprised by the five letters "o" that Leonid Brezhnev read in the famous joke and before insulting others, do not ask yourself a lot of information.
        1. Digital error Offline Digital error
          Digital error (Eugene) 6 June 2021 23: 01
          Quote: grysha
          ask for information

          And what kind of tattoo on the right hand of this football player ... Stepanenko?
          Some kind of muhozhuk with a ball in the foreground in a gas mask, and in the back there are crosses over gloomy domes. A picture based on the puppy chtoli anthem? Darkness, emptiness and either the claws (of a German eagle?), Or some hooks hanging over the flyworm. I'm not out of spite, but I'm interested in information, this is not disclosed in the article ...
        2. avg Offline avg
          avg (Alexander) 6 June 2021 23: 11
          Yes, you are already being driven everywhere, everyone is tired of it. In addition to show-off, no mind, no conscience.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 6 June 2021 22: 48
    The T-shirt doesn't look like a map, you just need to wash it sometimes, they sweat, stains remain.
    Heroic lard! from the inside out wrote? Is it like a password? Like kids, fucking hotler youth laughing
    Yes figs with them with clowns, let yourself still have a trident on your forehead.
  4. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 7 June 2021 09: 16
    And the fans from Sevastopol, Simferopol, Lugansk and Donetsk have, spiritually and physically, sent Banderzians on an erotic journey non-stop for 7 years!
    By the way, the Sumerians are unfinished, and why didn't they add lace panties to the images with wet mriyas? They would look very Euroharmonic on your igrunas! laughing
  5. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 7 June 2021 09: 24
    Well, what's so terrible about that? This is a young state, and like everything young, they exaggerate everything. And you can find fascist-patriotism in Russian society, on OK or FB they stink enough.
  6. Heroes Heroes Offline Heroes Heroes
    Heroes Heroes (Sergei) 7 June 2021 11: 42
    Funny, wide and wretched. Ukrainians in one word. What will you take from them? I understand this T-shirt is the last fart in a puddle. From bestial anger and powerlessness.