China is moving towards a forceful solution to the issue of Taiwan and the disputed islands

Incredible economic China's success in just a few decades may now backfire. The United States is embarking on an active phase of strangling its main competitor, for which the Americans do not hesitate to use any means. Washington's agenda is now the creation of a broad international anti-Chinese coalition and a regional war with the Celestial Empire at the hands of its neighbors.

The main industry of the PRC is located on the coast, and most of its exports go by sea. Also through the Malacca Strait, which connects the Indian and Pacific Oceans, there are ships carrying oil, LNG and other natural resources to China, which are necessary for its production sphere. By blocking the sea routes with its own navy, the United States can bring down the PRC's foreign trade and undermine its industrial potential. In order to avoid such scenarios, Beijing has long begun to implement a large-scale infrastructure project of the overland "New Silk Road", which has several directions at once, and is also actively building its own navy. Today, the Chinese Navy is already superior in strength to the American Navy in the Asia-Pacific region.

For obvious reasons, this is the most serious geopolitical challenge for the "hegemon". Washington needs to somehow besiege Beijing, but it is desirable to do it with someone else's hands, without a direct confrontation and corresponding military losses. And then the time has come to remember how many countries in this region are extremely dissatisfied with the active expansionist policies China, as well as those having territorial disputes with it. And so the United States again began to rock the two long-standing conflicts around the Senkaku Islands and Taiwan.

The Senkaku or Diaoyu Islands group is the subject of a dispute between Beijing and Tokyo, as well as Taipei. In fact, they are controlled by the Japanese, but China does not agree with this formulation of the issue, claiming rich gas fields discovered near the archipelago. In 2012, the Japanese government officially bought the disputed islands from their private owners, their fellow citizens. In response to the "nationalization" in the PRC, pogroms and the closure of enterprises owned by Japanese companies began. Over a thousand Chinese fishing vessels and patrol ships of the PRC Navy set off to the islands in protest. Since then, visits by patrol ships to the waters that Tokyo considers to be its own have become permanent. In Japan, the latest such watch, lasting a record 112 days, was annoyed by the country's defense minister:

Unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force are completely unacceptable.

It is worth recalling that in March 2021, the new head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, confirmed the US readiness to defend the Senkaku archipelago in accordance with Article V of the US-Japan Security Treaty. What happens next if the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces, inspired by guarantees from Washington, decide to attack Chinese warships that violate state borders? A real regional war may start, which will gradually involve other parties.

Another pain point, where the Americans are now actively pressing, is, for example, Taiwan. Despite the fact that the island is legally considered part of the PRC, it is not actually controlled by it. Until now, Beijing has not been able to peacefully achieve reunification with this territory, despite certain positive developments. At the same time, the power scenario as such was never removed from the agenda, which could serve as the strengthening of the PLA and the PRC Navy. However, despite the lack of official recognition of Taiwan's independence, the United States sees itself as the guarantor of the security of the separatists. These are the Americans' double standards.

Currently, Washington has stepped up pressure in this direction. Last April, President Biden sent an unofficial delegation of former senior officials to Taipei as a sign of "commitment to Taiwan and its democracy," prompting a nervous reaction from Beijing. Then, in the pages of the influential publication The Times, the director of the Washington Center for Global Policy, Professor Azim Ibrahim, suggested that the British government invite Taiwan to the UN climate summit and the GXNUMX meeting, which would actually mean recognition of its independence. The need to coordinate the actions of the United States and Japan on the Taiwan issue was stated in a joint communiqué of the American and Japanese defense ministers:

The stability of the situation around Taiwan is important for the security of Japan and the stability of the international community.

Again this Japan! Recently, more and more Western military experts speculate about when exactly China will attack the island. At the same time, it is presented as a catastrophe of a universal scale. What are the conclusions of The Economist:

If the Seventh Fleet does not intervene, China will instantly become the dominant power in Asia. America's allies around the world will know they cannot count on her. Pax Americana will collapse.

Oh, these "defenders of democracy"! Let us also pay attention to the proposal of the former head of the NATO bloc Anders Rasmussen to Europe and Asia to jointly side with the United States in the event of Chinese aggression against the island and develop a form of collective anti-Chinese security. That is, in essence, we are talking about the possibility of creating a broad international coalition against Beijing. Needless to say, in this situation, it is the PRC that is least of all interested in starting a war against Taipei? Perhaps NATO will not be fighting in the East China Sea, but imposing economic sanctions against China is welcome.

As a matter of fact, this is why the Americans are planning everything: to arrange a regional turmoil with someone else's hands, to take control of sea communications, to achieve the introduction of collective Western sectoral sanctions against their competitor. After that, the "Chinese dragon" itself will gradually "deflate".
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  1. Binder Online Binder
    Binder (Miron) 5 June 2021 17: 31
    The annexation of Taiwan and the islands to the PRC by military means is simply unrealistic, the Chinese, despite their numbers and economic successes of recent decades, are not at all warriors, in their entire history they have not won a single war, and they have been repeatedly beaten by all and sundry - the Japanese, the Europeans, Russians.
    1. isofat Offline isofat
      isofat (isofat) 5 June 2021 18: 59
      Quote: Bindyuzhnik
      The Chinese, despite their numbers and the economic successes of recent decades, are not at all warriors ...

      These, not at all warriors, defended their country for thousands of years, built and protected it. And what were the "bindyuzhniki" soldiers doing all this time?
      1. Binder Online Binder
        Binder (Miron) 5 June 2021 20: 12
        For general development, you would at least look at the chronological table of Chinese history with one eye - you would not write nonsense. And the bindyuzhniki here are very far from the topic, although there are very dubious theories about the tribes of Israel, who reached China in ancient times ...
        1. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) 5 June 2021 21: 46
          Binder, but you have no other arguments? laughing

          1. shadow Offline shadow
            shadow 5 June 2021 23: 00
            1. isofat Offline isofat
              isofat (isofat) 5 June 2021 23: 40
              shadow... Already in our time, the twentieth century, one can find examples of how China successfully resisted aggression, including that of the American, the United States.

              In turn, the great warriors of the United States cannot boast that someone decided to conquer them, prepared and attacked, they didn't really fight.

              They also don't have much to brag about military victories, just think of a feat, to wipe out two Japanese cities from the face of the earth.

              You can see the top armies in the world, China is not in the last place. I threw a link to Rabinovich about how the Americans assess China, but it hardly dawned on him. He has grief, Netanyahu did not live up to expectations.
              1. shadow Offline shadow
                shadow 6 June 2021 00: 37
                Well, what kind of Americans are warriors, you can read here.

                And I threw off the link so that it would be clear that the whole history of China is one big myth.
                I watched the program about how they cheat with dates in world history and it said that in 1300, some year, the Vatican sent its envoy to China, who was supposed to spread the religion to this country. The messenger was immediately sent back. Then he offered the local ruler a deal: he draws a story: long and funny, and in return, churches will open on their territory. This report is still kept in the Vatican.
      2. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
        Rum rum (Rum rum) 5 June 2021 20: 31
        Chinese, this is the second option.
        "Bindyuzhniki" fled, and the Chinese, in response to the conquerors, simply multiplied more intensively and dissolved the conquerors in themselves.
        1. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) 6 June 2021 01: 15
          Rum rum, "bindyuzhniki" did not run away either. Some of them, of course, left their homeland, but voluntarily. That they were kicked out is a myth. Those who stayed for the most part accepted the Muslim faith. Today they are called Palestinians.
          1. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
            Rum rum (Rum rum) 6 June 2021 18: 40
            Voluntarily - they fled.
            1. isofat Offline isofat
              isofat (isofat) 6 June 2021 20: 05
              Rum rum... I'll leave you a link, there will be time, take a look. In our polemic, I do not accidentally avoid the verb - fled.

              I didn’t expand it, yet another topic is being discussed. smile
              1. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
                Rum rum (Rum rum) 7 June 2021 00: 52
                Thank you.
    2. Stanislav Bykov Offline Stanislav Bykov
      Stanislav Bykov (Stanislav) 5 June 2021 22: 22
      The Chinese, despite their numbers and the economic successes of recent decades, are not at all warriors.

      Warriors are not warriors, they even without tanks and planes, with only Kalash, your Israel will be occupied in a couple of days lol
  2. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 5 June 2021 20: 11
    I recommend everyone to fly to Hainan. The resort is wonderful ...
  3. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 6 June 2021 08: 11
    We have been moving for 70 years and will continue to move as easily. They don't need sanctions, we don't care.
  4. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 6 June 2021 10: 36
    Quote: Bindyuzhnik
    in their entire history they have not won a single war, and they were repeatedly beaten by all and sundry - Japanese, Europeans, Russians.

    This is not an argument at all. Europeans with firearms and cannons beat "boxers"? Here is the achievement.
    You try to beat the Chinese with missiles and aircraft carriers. laughing
  5. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 June 2021 11: 33
    ABOUT! The Maidan word "SEPARA" was sounded
    And according to the text: China is climbing on the 2nd territory, but the Americans are still to blame ...

    Meanwhile, Russia is happy to buy Taiwanese electronics ...
  6. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 7 June 2021 00: 25
    The United States missed its more or less real chance to contain China, and that was somewhere in 91-97 years. But they so eagerly devoured cheap goods and Chinese money in exchange for promissory notes that they simply could not stop, because the United States is ruled by capital. And the entire national interest of the United States is not the interest of the United States, but the interest of big capital in the United States. It's just that these interests often coincide, but as we see, not always.
    The whole issue will be decided at sea. This is a theater of military operations, which allows countries such as China and the United States to enter the "ring" - not many people will die there, there will be no civilian casualties and destruction ... pure war. By the way, at the same time, the United States will zero out a trillion of debt to China. And the United States can no longer make a mess with China with someone else's hands ... there are no such hands. It's not even a fact that the United States itself will emerge victorious.
  7. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 7 June 2021 07: 00
    Quote: Sergey Latyshev
    And according to the text: China is climbing on the 2nd territory, but the Americans are still to blame ...

    China "climbs" into its territories in fact