The flight of Matthias Rust became a "shameful slap in the face" of the Soviet army and the USSR

The event, which we will talk about, took place on May 28, 1987. It was then that in the heart of the capital of the Soviet Union, Moscow, a light-engine sports plane "Cessna-172 Skyhawk", which had the tail number D-ECJB, landed straight on Red Square without any problems. At the helm was an 18-year-old German citizen Matthias Rust, whose name will soon appear on the front pages of newspapers around the world. Subsequently, it will be written and said many times that the USSR thus received a "resounding slap in the face", "a savory slap in the face", "a shameful slap in the face."

But no, it was something completely different than an offensive, but harmless insult by action. Rust's flight was undoubtedly a fatal blow inflicted on the Armed Forces and our Motherland as a whole. It was the most carefully prepared provocation, a multi-stage special operation carried out by the special services of the West with the full support of those traitors and traitors, who at that moment already possessed almost all power in the Kremlin. To our great regret, the goals and objectives that it pursued were fully achieved.

And under the wing of an airplane ...

From time to time in the German media, publications appear from time to time, the authors of which are trying to prove: Rust was nothing more than a "clear-eyed idealist" who did not in the least betray his soul, assuring that his provocative flight was a "mission of peace" And all the statements that this "almost teenager" in no case could have carried out his event without the most thorough and multifaceted preparation, and, most importantly, the support of well-defined structures, are nothing more than "inventions of conspiracy theorists" trying to " justify your shame. " It is not for nothing, say German (and other Western) authors, that the vast majority of "crazy conspiracy theories" associated with the events of 1987 come from former high-ranking Soviet military personnel. They are trying to save "the honor of the uniform", the stump is clear! Hence all their "inventions". But in fact, everything was completely spontaneous, accidentally, without any ulterior motive and far-reaching goals. To believe such, as they say among our people, is not to respect yourself.

Suffice it to recall and compare many of the details of the flight, which, in principle, was not within the power of every professional ace pilot, but was a success for a green youth who received a pilot's license less than a year before his insane escapade. And first of all those of them where Matthias Rust acted at the level of a very well-trained "field agent" of the special services, trained to masterly cover up the tracks, knock off the chase and act in extreme situations, without making a single mistake. There is a feeling that the German pilot who was striving for Red Square was not only carefully instructed and trained before his mission, but also "led" along its entire length, protecting and insuring.

"Cessna" by Matthias Rust at the German Technical Museum in Berlin. Photo: Andrey Belenko /

You can start with the fact that only those who were absolutely sure of their own impunity could (given the mentality and law-abidingness of the Germans) re-equip without demand, equipping an aircraft rented from a local flying club with additional fuel tanks. A separate question about the absolutely precise, ideally adjusted flight route. Also "on a whim"? Complete nonsense, which is impossible to believe. I agree, the version voiced at one time by Colonel General Leonid Ivashov that Marshal Sergei Sokolov, shortly before Rust's flight, “forgot” in Mikhail Gorbachev’s office a “top-secret map of air defense facilities”, which the Secretary General subsequently flatly refused to give to the Minister of Defense, since he had already sent her to the West, it sounds wild.

On the other hand, if we assume that the future landing of "Cessna" on Red Square was coordinated with Mikhail Sergeevich (and this, most likely, it was), then we will have to admit that the possibilities in order to convey to the flight organizers as much information as necessary to overcome the country's air defense system, he had the most unlimited. Be that as it may, Rust followed exactly that ideal route, at those speeds and altitudes that maximally ensured the secrecy and safety of his movement. Such things are impossible to "guess" - they can only be known for sure, having received information from one hundred percent reliable sources. However, all this is just "flowers" in comparison with a whole series of details that irrefutably testify to the participation of special services, both Western and, alas, Soviet, in the events of May 28, 1987.

Consent spy games

The first time they "covered" Rust, organizing the appearance on the waters of the Gulf of Finland exactly in the place where the ill-fated "Cessna" left the connection with the Finnish dispatchers of a clearly visible oil slick. The evidence of the "crash" of the plane was so convincing that the Finns even organized a full-scale search and rescue operation - involving divers and a large number of watercraft. How and where this very spot appeared at the “right time in the right place” has not been clarified to this day. However, a possible "tail" from the western side behind Rust was completely "chopped off". The second completely incomprehensible story took place on the territory of the USSR. During Rust's flight in the area of ​​Lake Seliger, air defense radars detected it, but then the operators came to the conclusion that there were only clouds on their screens. Some experts believe that to achieve this effect, it was enough to launch a number of balloons at once. Was it by chance that a group of tourists from West Germany was on the banks of the Seliger on that day? And in what ranks were these "tourists"? So the cover operation continued ...

There are many other, seemingly small, but extremely characteristic details. For example, the fact that the pilot sat in the cockpit in Helsinki in one outfit, and in Moscow he appeared in a completely different one. Again, during takeoff on the tail fin of the Cessna, there was no drawing of a bomb suspiciously similar to the notorious American "Kid", but in its photographs, taken already on Red Square, it is perfectly visible. Was there a stopover somewhere on Soviet territory? This can be asserted with a certainty of about 99%. And the main point is this: there is a mass of evidence that the fuel tanks of the plane that landed in the center of Moscow were almost full.

Matias Rust's route. Photo:

But this could not be in any case - given the flight distance! However, it was. In particular, some high-ranking military personnel, who at the time of the events described were directly related to the air defense forces, directly spoke later about their involvement in the flight of Rust by the USSR State Security Committee and personally by its then head Vladimir Kryuchkov. They even called the alleged "jump airfield" organized by the KGB for a German somewhere near Staraya Russa. Kryuchkov allegedly even confessed to some of the generals that he was in charge of this special operation on the personal instructions of Gorbachev. All these revelations could again try to be attributed to "inventions", if not for one extremely serious circumstance. The fact that Rust's plane was never shot down is usually explained by the confusion of our military, who did not want to take responsibility after the incident with the South Korean Boeing that happened years earlier. Or the "mess" that reigned in the troops.

Yes, all this was present - indecision, "confusion and vacillation", carelessness and carelessness. However, from the moment Cessna entered the zone of responsibility of Moscow's air defense, only one thing could save it from immediate and merciless destruction: a clear and unambiguous order “Do not shoot down!” Received from the very top, literally from the Kremlin. Now let's think about this: in the passenger cabin of the aircraft, instead of the same additional fuel tanks (or together with them), a tactical low-power nuclear charge could well have been installed. Enough, however, to wipe out not only Red Square with the Kremlin and all its inhabitants, but also half of Moscow. In what case could the country's top leadership allow the Cessna to fly over and land in the center of the capital? Yes, only if the plane did land on Soviet territory and was searched from top to bottom by KGB officers.

Consequences of terrible proportions

One of the American researchers - considered a specialist in the field of "national security", William Odom, years later, will conclude that the pogrom organized by Gorbachev after May 28, 1987 in the USSR Armed Forces was quite comparable to the Stalinist "purges" in the 1937 army. This, of course, is too much, but something completely indescribable was happening in the troops that terrible summer. Personally, I know about this not by hearsay at all - it was then that I, who was called up for active military service, managed to please not just in the air defense forces, but precisely in the Moscow military district. It was a form of hell.

It is well known that in addition to the country's Defense Minister Sergei Sokolov and the Air Defense Commander-in-Chief Alexander Koldunov, dozens of generals and senior officers have lost their posts. Who was dismissed, who was significantly demoted. However, near Moscow, the "purge" in the air defense forces took on an incredible scale. Even if not from the ranks of the army, commanders of units and subunits flew from there to the remote "bear corners" up to the level of a battalion or even a separate company. The confusion in this connection was unimaginable. The main thing was that under such a successful pretext, the army threw out exactly those marshals, generals, commanders and leaders who could lie in the bones of the treacherous "reforms" of Gorbachev and his clique, already outlined and slowly implemented. At first (I wrote about this), under more than strange and suspicious circumstances, the head of the Ministry of Defense "Stalinist People's Commissar" Dmitry Ustinov and a number of his colleagues from the Warsaw Pact countries passed away. Now it was the turn of his successor, Sokolov, and the generals who supported him.

Someone may object: "But after all, Dmitry Yazov, who came to the post of head of the USSR military department, will subsequently participate in the notorious GKChP?" Will be. But this would-be “conspiracy” could not really save anything, but only made it worse, which completely devalues ​​both the ridiculous demarche itself and the motives of its participants. Taking over the army in 1987, the Gorbachev gang in a fairly short time managed to remove from all the more or less significant posts in it all who could defend the Soviet Union from its internal enemies, who had settled in the Kremlin by that time. This laid the foundation for the dismantling of the country and its destruction. Instead of a well-deserved full-fledged "ten", Matthias Rust was given a ridiculous four years for "hooliganism", and was sent home a little more than a year later. Tellingly, the KGB officials, as it turned out later, tried to push him to Germany almost immediately after the incident - ostensibly for a "psychiatric examination." And this is one more weighty proof of the involvement of the then leadership of the Committee in this dirty story.

Personally, I am haunted by the fact that almost the main blow of the special operation carried out in May 1987 was delivered to the country's Air Defense Forces. But this already leads to extremely disturbing thoughts. Did Gorbachev and his accomplices, starting a treacherous "perestroika", envisage turning to the West for "military assistance" as one of the options in the event of its complete failure and a threat to their lives? Actually, there is nothing absolutely incredible in this - did some "prominent dissidents" from the USSR appeal to the US leadership with calls to "bomb a little" the "damned scoop"? In principle, those who deliberately and meanly destroyed our Motherland were capable of not that.
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  1. how, sir, sir, remember, sir! And what was it to expect from Mishka, the CIA agent, and the Caudlers of old men behind him?
    1. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 5 June 2021 12: 31
      There weren't that many old men. And they were puppets .. Real puppeteers, as always, were hiding behind the scenes. Somewhere, chief / deputy. head of the department of the Central Committee.
  2. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 5 June 2021 12: 26
    The West and Gorbachev's air defense leadership were simply driven into a dead end. If they had shot down Rust, in the West they would have raised a screech that they had killed an innocent person, would have presented him as a "peace ambassador" and for the leadership of the Air Defense and Defense Ministry it would have ended even worse. Over the past 30 plus years, we have well understood how the West is fanning catastrophe and terrible crimes from scratch. It was a win-win. Well, not for Rust, of course. But, Rust was lucky, he was not shot down. Although, obviously, he was a suicide bomber, a tattered pacifist.
    But Gorbachev got rid of the top of the Ministry of Defense, who were clearly preparing a conspiracy.
    The change in the leadership of the Defense Ministry was facilitated by the fact that the army was sent "to the exercises." I was just finishing my service (for 2 years I was a 2-year-old in the construction battalion) and remembered how, immediately after Rust's landing, the rocket officers (I served near Kozelsk) were sent somewhere for training. And to add to their worries, they demanded to appear in full statutory form. Including with tablets, which the regular officers have not had for a long time. Or they gave them to the children or cut them into the soles needed in the household ...
    I remember well how they ran around the town with their eyes in tea saucers: tomorrow morning for training, but there is no tablet! They were helped by the whole world, young officers (who did not have time to get rid of the tablets) and biennials. I also gave my tablet to someone. I resigned around July 10, these officers from the exercises were not yet there. That is, they took care of the army so that the conspiracy would not be killed.
  3. SemVale Offline SemVale
    SemVale (Vale) 5 June 2021 12: 45
    It was the intrigue of Gorbachev's entourage to change the military leadership disloyal to him.
    I am responsible for the words. I personally spoke about this Igor Yazov with whom he served in the headquarters
    Kamchatka flotilla. And with whom he drank more than one bottle.
    This he learned from the conversations between his father and his stepmother.
    At home this topic was discussed in the family circle.
    And Rust is not even a pawn.
    I wrote about it in 1991-2 .... Kiev "Young Ukraine" newspaper.
    This was the promotion. Then he opened a center for RB. Advertising is winked

  4. Pilot Offline Pilot
    Pilot (Pilot) 5 June 2021 17: 16
    He is tenacious, this Humpbacked.
  5. Miffer Offline Miffer
    Miffer (Sam Miffers) 5 June 2021 20: 50
    And the main point here is this: there is a lot of evidence regarding the fact that the fuel tanks of the plane that landed in the center of Moscow were almost full.
    But this could not be in any case - given the flight distance! However, it was.

    If "was", then give a link to at least one such "certificate".
    I did not read this further.

  6. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 5 June 2021 22: 30
  7. marciz Offline marciz
    marciz (Stas) 6 June 2021 04: 12
    Well, warriors have always lived and live with one word in their head. BENEFITS !!! No wonder everyone lost !!!
    And what about the betrayal in the Kremlin !?
    And so it is happening now !!!!
    Who of all the Russians or residents of other republics present on the site lives well in at least one generation !? Most likely there are no such !!! (((
  8. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 6 June 2021 10: 13
    in addition to the country's defense minister Sergei Sokolov and the air defense commander-in-chief Alexander Koldunov, dozens of generals and senior officers have lost their posts.

    Rotten generals! Everyone wants to occupy high positions, receive high salaries, benefits. And when the time has come to make decisions on the protection of the country, so let someone else. Or do you think they were not informed about Rust's flight? But it was not enough to give the order to shoot down or to plant them! And this began not under Gorbachev, but after the death of Brezhnev. They put people in positions who were afraid to make decisions on their own, open careerists. And here there is no way without the KGB. I do not believe that the authorities do not know what the EBN and the hunchback are.
  9. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 6 June 2021 12: 01
    This is exactly how it is.
    And Gorby still has a pension from the Russian Federation of half a lemon rubles ... + funds, grants, etc.
  10. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 6 June 2021 18: 33
    Author! And what does the Soviet Army have to do with it ?! The Soviet Army discovered this airplane, led, lifted planes and helicopters. Only the commands of the "geniuses of perestroika and glasnost" did not bring the essence of betrayal to defeat! And how do the same generals and even more so the pilots know who is flying there? Maybe it was Raya Gorbacheva who brought dresses from Paris
  11. alex5450 Offline alex5450
    alex5450 (Alex L) 7 June 2021 22: 09
    It is not difficult to understand why they pierced with Rust - it is enough to read materials about earlier interceptions. It was a systemic problem when no one wanted to take responsibility for "Not on my shift!"
  12. Antidote Offline Antidote
    Antidote (Vladislav) 12 June 2021 15: 54
    The fact that Judushka Gorbachev and company are guilty of high treason does not raise any doubts for me. The fact that the flight of Rust was used by Gorbachev and his gang to eliminate and remove unwanted from power also raises no doubts ... Suffice it to recall the series of political murders thanks to which the protege of the sold-out Yankee Andropov, Judushka Gorbachev, was generally able to become general secretary ...
  13. Александр Младинский (Александр Младинский) 14 June 2021 20: 30
    Сколько угодно можно трепаться на эту тему, но надо знать документы, которыми руководствовались войска ПВО. Боевой приказ с двумя нулями приказывал

    уничтожать БОЕВЫЕ самолёты КАПИТАЛИСТИЧЕСКИХ государств и КИТАЯ...

    Самолёт Руста не относился ни тем, ни к другим. Остальное художественный свист и трёп...