Ryanair plane landing in Minsk: who managed to play on Lukashenka's impulsiveness

To be honest, I'm not at all sure that Aleksandr Grigorievich, before “mining” the plane and “forcibly” planting it in his own Minsk, asked Vladimir Vladimirovich's permission. Moreover, knowing Alexander Grigorievich, I am more than sure that he himself put Vladimir Vladimirovich before the fact - the terrorist has been detained, is giving confessions in the KGB pre-trial detention center.

In principle, I do not see anything criminal in the very fact of the arrest of Roman Protasevich. After all, it is the legitimate right of a sovereign country to catch people who have transgressed its law. Sovereignty is just that. In a neighboring country that has defeated insanity, thousands of criminals roam its territory, kill other people and they are not even punished for this. Moreover, they are still dictating their will to her legally elected president, who no longer knows what to do to please them (I hope it is clear which country I am talking about).

In the situation with Belarus, I was struck by the instantaneous consolidated reaction of the collective West (more precisely, its European part), and the fact that the daddy began to back down the next day, explaining all this with a certain message from Hamas, allegedly received on the Belarusian servers of the Minsk airport from an email address in Switzerland, in which the soldiers of Islam demanded that the EU stop supporting Israel, promising to blow up the plane in retaliation in case of failure. If I immediately had questions - what does Hamas have to do with it, where is Belarus and where is Israel, and why they sent a message to Minsk, and not to Athens or Vilnius (after all, they have at least something to do with the EU), then what to say about EU?

There in Europe, naturally, no one believed his words, and although they could not prove otherwise, this was not part of their plans, and the very next day, by a joint decision of the EU, Belarus was declared an air blockade. At the same time, some countries with reduced social responsibility rushed to do this even before the announcement of the general decision of the EU, I mean the country of zhovto-blakit benches (well, she had her own reason for this, more about it below). And some giants of European democracy, such as Poland, Lithuania and Great Britain, proposed not to limit themselves to this, but to "screw in" the sanctions in full, naturally, not forgetting the Russian Federation in them (and who would doubt ?!), with the shutdown of the Yamal-EU gas pipeline and the final ban on the construction of SP-2 (I'm not even talking about logic, what does the Russian Federation have to do with this?). After that, vague doubts began to torment me - which came first, the egg or the chicken? Isn't all this a setup with the Belarusian "bulk"? Everything started spinning very quickly! Such decisions are not made in one day. And here, despite Sherkhan's decision that he sees no reason for sanctions against Belarus and its airline Belavia, which was voiced by Jane Psaki herself, local "tobacco" headed by a retired goat drummer London who left the EU not so long ago and no influence on his decisions not having, make decisions that run directly counter to the decisions of Sherkhan himself. When did this happen, and who is twirling whom - a dog's tail or a dog's tail ?!

Daddy, however, did not achieve anything with his explanations, he only showed his own weakness. In such situations, the states do not apologize to anyone when they need to, they can forcefully put the No. 1 President of Bolivia Evo Morales in Vienna and search him in search of their fugitive agent Snowden and, finding nothing, without even apologizing, let him go. And this is not even the territory of the United States, not Pennsylvania or Washington, this is Vienna, and they apply their laws extraterritorially, but what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the bull. An ordinary Irish low-cost airline does not at all pull the President of Bolivia on board the No. 1, but the dad got even more for him than Muammar Gaddafi did for the Pan American Boeing 747 that was blown up in the sky over Lockerbie. The strength of the state lies precisely in this, so as not to condescend even to apologies and explanations - you need to prove my guilt, and I consider myself entitled to act as I do.

A victim of manipulation control

But in this situation, I propose to look at it from a slightly different angle. Here everyone explains to us that such a development of the plot plays into the hands of Moscow, since it cuts off the last paths of retreat to the West for the multi-vector Lukashenko, and he has no choice but to go into the warm embrace of Moscow. But does Moscow itself need his pathetic embrace? He had no other way anyway - there were enemies all around, sooner or later he would crawl on his belly in search of protection and money under the walls of the Kremlin. But now he crawled early, and his kissing with Putin ended with another loan of half a billion "evergreen American presidents." And further - more, the Russian Federation will have to carry Belarus, which is under the next sanctions, on its hump, on which the LPNR and Syria are already sitting, and a bunch of all sorts of "Nagorno-Karabakhs" with "Tajiks" and "Kirghizia". And the Russian budget is not rubber. Maybe this was the goal of the enemies of Russia, to provoke the father to a spontaneous reaction, playing on some psychological features of his impulsive nature and susceptibility to manipulative control, pouring information about the journey of our fugitive oppositional Varangian from Athens to the Baltic states through the airspace of the Republic of Belarus through his people in his entourage ? An innocent photo of his girlfriend on Instagram, where she was captured in company with our hero against the background of the historical monuments of Athens, was enough to launch a totalitarian machine to intercept him. And then the dad himself began to build a wall, near which he would later be shot.

In all these tales about the fugitive Belarusian oppositionist who was accidentally discovered among the passengers of the detained plane, in my opinion, even those who tell them do not particularly believe. I can imagine the following picture: operatives with service dogs, trained on explosives, are digging among the luggage scattered around the cabin, a figure with stained underpants, vaguely reminiscent of a fugitive terrorist. Not believing their eyes, they ask her: "Aren't you Roman Protasevich for an hour?" The one, sweating with fear: "Um, nicht ferstein." Das ist fantastish, what luck! Sorry to prison and do not forget your lady. And further in the prison, he will tell everything under the video camera. And how he served in "Azov", and how many were killed on his combat account, and who paid for his subversive activities, attendance, addresses and passwords, everything up to how and for what he called the incumbent president "earthworm". Only those who believe in all this in the West, they will say, have knocked out confessions under torture. They are worthless. And what will Lukashenka gain as a result? Why is Roma Protasevich not a pawn that was sacrificed in exchange for a tempo? It is the tempo, not the quality, here timing is everything (I hope everyone understands chess terminology here?).

Who benefits?

Remember the events of the recent past. November 2018, the upcoming summit meeting between Trump and Putin on the sidelines of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina. What ripped her off? What kind of nonsense event that even Trump himself considered a trifle? Some unfortunate trip of three Ukrainian seedy troughs from the Black Sea to the Azov through the Kerch Strait without permission from the Russian side decided the outcome of a big policy (then the breakthrough did not happen, the pause dragged on for another three years). No sooner had the American president announced that it was "a very good time" to hold a meeting with Putin, than an hour later, on board a government plane flying to Argentina, after consultations with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and National Security Officer John Bolton, he changes his mind. Do you have any associations? Less than 3 weeks are left before the summit meeting in Geneva announced by Biden between the heads of the Russian Federation and the United States. Who is it in Europe across the throat, you do not know?

The first one who attracts attention is, of course, Kiev. Well, he's got a selfish interest. Firstly, he is afraid that the white gentlemen behind his back will agree on his interests, draining them in exchange for geopolitical nishtyaks. And rightly so, he is afraid, it will be so, just not now, now they have no time for him, now they will simply designate a circle of mutual interests (detente, removal of tension in Russian-American relations, which have already degraded below the plinth (ambassadors of both countries are now at home , and not in the host countries, where is it worse ?!); limiting the arms race, especially in promising areas where America is lagging behind; the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan; Iranian nuclear program; the Middle East; China, moreover, I would put China in the first place ; Ukraine does not even smell there, it can be viewed exclusively as a bargaining chip in exchange for something). And secondly, realizing that, firstly, everything will be decided without him, Kiev is trying to get out of the Minsk format under the guise of a scandal with an "act of air piracy", refusing to fly to the "capital of international terrorism." Even if something breaks off with the second one, it will not change anything in fact, they will move the negotiations from Minsk to Chisinau or Astana, while maintaining the Minsk format, so what? True, if he gets out of it himself, then this will untie Moscow's hands for the recognition of the LPR. This suits us, Putin is just waiting for this.

In addition to Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania were the loudest demanded of outrageous sanctions against the criminal Belarusian regime. These countries also show an undisguised selfish interest. Firstly, the investigation of the KGB of the Republic of Bashkortostan will easily go on the trail of their special services, whose ears stick out there, without even hiding. What the detainee will tell "under torture" can only be assumed, but they do not expect anything good for themselves, therefore they spill the place of the alleged fire with water in advance. They don't mind water! The disruption of the Russian-American summit talks is also in their plans, since under the last American president they went to the "beloved wives" of Donald Ibrahimovich (Warsaw was even going to call the planned American military base on its territory "Fort Trump", while under Biden, the opening of the base hung again). Agree, there is a reason not to want the rapprochement between the Russian Federation and the United States. I am not even talking about Nord Stream 2, which is like a bone in the throat to both defendants.

But the main initiator of all these events here is London. It is London and MI6 that stand behind all those Eastern European Buratins who have launched a noisy activity to defame the criminal Lukashenka regime and outlaw it. It is London that is the very backstage Karabas-Barabas that pulls the strings of our Polish-Lithuanian clowns. It seems that he was the first to suggest including sanctions against the Russian Federation, and specifically against the gas pipelines SP-2 and Yamal-EU, in the sanctions against Belarus.

All this looks rather piquant against the background of Washington's rather peaceful rhetoric. It is clear that the White House does not want to aggravate relations with Moscow on the eve of the planned summit, but for some European mongrels, whom Putin figuratively called jackals, dictate their will to Sherkhan, this has not happened in world politics (or, if we follow Kipling, in world jungle). Apparently, Sher Khan is completely weakened, and the tobacco shows him where to go. The author of the primary source, to which Putin refers, it sounded: "And we will go to the north!" Looks like the tobaccos are hinting at England. Who is she hiding under in The Jungle Book, I can't understand? Kipling doesn't have it in the jungle.
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  1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 3 June 2021 08: 47
    This is all verbal husk.
    Personally, I am interested in the exact time of the aircraft's turn and the time of arrival of the signal about its "mining".
    1. Digital error Offline Digital error
      Digital error (Eugene) 3 June 2021 08: 58
      This is yes. And also - was the fighter the cause of the turn, or was it only accompanying the plane after the turn.
    2. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
      Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 3 June 2021 09: 23
      It has been documented that the message about the bomb on board arrived 24 minutes later, after the dispatcher reported this from the RB on board the aircraft. It doesn't matter. No country in the world believed in the official version of Belarus. V. Volkonsky's analysis is very interesting. The author proceeded from the well-known: who benefits? And if we put aside the derogatory phrases that reduce the readability of the publication, then there is a basis for a meaningful exchange of views. The material is not colored by the unsubstantiated statements that Protasevich is a terrorist. As for me, the losers are definitely Belarus. Out of the blue, getting such material and reputational losses is a failure. The idea of ​​handing over blogger Protasevich to the LPR - they say we don't need him for a hundred years, and the plane was forced to land in connection with the message about a bomb on board - not the best. This is "the pitiful babble of acquittal, of fate, the verdict has come true." Yes, each country has its own reasons to kick Butt. And Russia will have to support financially this political bankruptcy. "Whatever it is, but all are relatives." The whole question is, how long will Belarus be pressed with sanctions? And how far will the integration of the BR with the Russian Federation go in this regard? And in what form? The unification of two union states into a confederation, or the entry of the Republic of Belarus into the Russian Federation by three regions?
  2. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 3 June 2021 08: 58
    Quote: Xuli (o) Tebenado
    This is all verbal husk.
    Personally, I am interested in the exact time of the aircraft's turn and the time of arrival of the signal about its "mining".

    And what could be of interest there? First, the pilots were informed about the bomb, then, 25 minutes later, they received an email from Switzerland about this bomb. From an organization that has never committed a terrorist attack outside Israel during its entire existence. The blogger, of course, is Mr. Vnyuk, but to land the plane in this way - the one who gave the command to do it - is a much larger Mr. Nuk.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 3 June 2021 09: 11
    Ah, typical fist-waving after a fight. "he would have given it if they had caught up"

    It could be worse.
  4. Congenial ..!
    That is, it was the Mi-6 (together with Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states) that inspired the potato grower to land a civilian plane of a foreign country with the help of a fighter? ..
    This reminded me of a conversation on Russian radio Panasenkov with State Duma deputy Fedorov, in which Fedorov argued that corruption in Russia is stimulated by the State Department (!) .. and when Panasenkov asked, they say, recently, a billion (!) Of your party member was found at home ... so, Apparently, the State Department planted this money for a member of United Russia too? ... then the Russian lawmaker began to drive a blizzard, that "the opponent had no arguments" ..))
    In short, the author's thought is clear ..!)) Apparently an electronic chip has been introduced into Lukashenka, into the area of ​​the brain that makes decisions, and the Mi-6, the State Department, the authorities of Kiev, Poland and the Baltic states take turns to control Lukashenka's actions))) They also argue who controls Lukashenka today ... like a radio-controlled toy ..))
    In principle, there is no need to expect any other analytics in the Russian media! ..
  5. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 3 June 2021 16: 44
    Lukashenka made his "U-turn over the Atlantic"
  6. zenion Offline zenion
    zenion (zinovy) 3 June 2021 21: 27
    Like a song linked in several places. I want it so much, I haven't finished all summer. Stand up the way I want! The songs are different, but related.
  7. Vladest Offline Vladest
    Vladest (Vladimir) 4 June 2021 14: 27
    In terms of money, this case will probably fall into the Guinness Book of Records.