The main topic of Putin's meeting with Biden will be the "China question"

Already in June, Switzerland may host the first face-to-face meeting of Presidents Putin and Biden. At the same time, "Sleepy Joe" himself, as well as the German and French leaders made a number of openly conciliatory statements, which contrasts sharply with the "roll-over" that is now coming from the West in relation to our allied Belarus. What is the reason for such an atypical peacefulness on the part of Washington, Berlin and Paris?

Let's first go through the facts, and then try to understand their background. Let's take a look at the key statements by Biden, Merkel and Macron regarding the Russian agenda in recent weeks.

At first, the American president said that "Russian hackers" were not involved in the recent large-scale cyberattack on the operator of the Colonial Pipeline. It sounds rather unusual considering that sanctions were imposed against Moscow a little earlier and for a much lesser reason without evidence.

SecondlyJoe Biden, who during his presidential campaign sharply opposed Nord Stream 2, suddenly announced that further struggle with it had actually lost its meaning:

It was almost completed by the time I took office. I think that the introduction of sanctions now would be counterproductive from the point of view of our relations with Europe.

ThirdlyWhite House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Russia had nothing to do with the Ryanair landing incident in Belarus. These are the times. But what about our famous "Petrov and Boshirov"? Is it really possible without them?

FourthlyGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel also stated that there was no evidence of the involvement of Russian special services in the seizure of Belarusian oppositionist Roman Protasevich, who called on Minsk to immediately release both of them.

Fifthly, on the need to revise the sanctions policy French President Emmanuel Macron also spoke to Russia. According to him, restrictive measures have ceased to be effective:

We must <...> define a strategy for the medium and long term, given the fact that security in Europe goes through a demanding dialogue with Russia.

Taken together, all this looks as if the Kremlin has outplayed everyone again, and now everyone wants to be friends with us again. But is it? Does such a drastic change in the Western countries' approach to Russia have a different background? To adequately answer these questions, it is necessary to take into account the general geopolitical context. Who is listed as the main threat to the national security of the "hegemon"? That's right, Russia and ... China.

Quite frankly, it is the PRC that poses the greatest threat to the United States today due to the huge volumes of its economics and powerful military-industrial potential. The Chinese dragon, the brainchild of "globalists", has grown incredibly and poses a danger to its very overseas creators. The problem for the US Democratic Party is that the head of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, in ideological terms, rather refers to their implacable opponents, the "imperials," the Chinese "imperials," with whom the American "empire" Donald Trump staged a trade war. Comrade Xi's terms of office expire in 2023, but in 2018, the Celestial Empire underwent its own "zeroing", and a provision was removed from the country's constitution prohibiting holding the post of head of state for two 5-year terms (familiar, right?). This means that, in fact, Xi Jinping will be able to become the chairman of the PRC for life. The "globalists" no longer have any hope of a peaceful change of power in Beijing to a more pro-Western one. At the same time, the Communist Party of the PRC began to put pressure on its own corporations, whose owners, in an ideological sense, are allies of the American Democrats. Thus, the Chinese authorities harshly laid siege to the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, who allowed himself to publicly criticize the authorities.

And then what options for "democratizing" the Celestial Empire remain with Washington? Obviously, if it is not possible to take the PRC under indirect external control and gradually "drive it into a stall," then such a formidable adversary will have to be somehow weakened. It would be optimal if, instead of one powerful China, claiming the status of the world's second superpower, there would appear several smaller Chinas, constantly at war with each other, over which the world community, led by the United States, would assume the functions of an arbiter. For all the complexity of this task, there are certain prerequisites for the collapse of the PRC: there is a huge difference in the level of development and quality of life between the densely populated industrial coastline and the continental hinterland, the presence of such problematic regions as Xinjiang Uyghur, Hong Kong, Tibet, and we will not forget about Taiwan.

Beijing is strong as long as its economy is strong, but it is objectively export-oriented. If the EU and US markets are closed to China, this will lead to a real collapse, so the country's leadership is actively pursuing a policy of developing its own internal market in order to avoid total dependence on external ones. At the same time, the Celestial Empire got into debt. In 2020, the size of public debt to GDP was 66,8%, and this ratio is growing from year to year. To continue sustainable development, Beijing needs active external expansion, where China objectively collides with the interests of the "hegemon" and its allies. It turns out that the US can "besiege" and weaken the Celestial Empire by economic methods. To do this, the Americans need to put obstacles in the way of the development of the "New Silk Road", cut off China from external resources, and deprive allies.

And so we again return to the topic of an unexpected "warming" of relations between the West and Russia. What is our country for Beijing? This is a gigantic empty territory, huge natural resources, which the Kremlin itself is ready to sell to the Chinese at a reasonable price. This is a convenient transit space on the way from Asia to Europe, both by land and along the Northern Sea Route, which the Americans are unable to block. It is a reliable rear in a potential armed conflict in Beijing with its "rebel territories", where Russia can act as an ally and help with arms and military technology... And what, logically, should the "hegemon" and his satellites do?

That's right, try to tear Moscow away from the alliance with the PRC, prevent China from crushing Russia under itself, stop its "turn to the East", get guarantees of the Kremlin's neutrality in the event of some radical scenarios on the territory of its Chinese neighbor. Hence the unexpected "warming" in relations with the West, and "goodies" before the meeting of the two presidents, such as the possibility of allowing the completion and launch of Nord Stream 2 at least half of its design capacity.

However, it is possible that we just outplayed everyone again.
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  1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 27 May 2021 14: 06
    In 2020, the size of public debt to GDP was 66,8%,

    And what is the size of the US national debt?

    to try to tear Moscow away from the alliance with the PRC, to prevent China from crushing Russia under itself, to stop its “turn to the East”, to obtain guarantees of the Kremlin's neutrality in the event of some radical scenarios on the territory of its Chinese neighbor.

    To do this, you need to lift all sanctions, push NATO to the west and give Ukraine to Russia. Will the West go for it? Unlikely!

    Or maybe they want to lure Putin into a trap and infect some kind of virus at a meeting, from which the members of the American delegation will be vaccinated? It is very easy to release a virus by opening a briefcase with documents.
    They say that they infected the leaders of Latin America with something? Chavez burned out quickly. So it's better to meet in chemical protection, and even better virtually.
    1. 123 Online 123
      123 (123) 27 May 2021 14: 20
      To do this, you need to lift all sanctions, push NATO to the west and give Ukraine to Russia.

      The pre-sale preparation was forgotten. Before you give it away, you need to restore everything.
      And so they "ransacked" and abandoned, and we need to restore?
      1. Bulanov Online Bulanov
        Bulanov (Vladimir) 27 May 2021 14: 22
        Recovers easily under the Marshall Plan program. Ukraine itself will be able to recover if it is together with Russia. After the Second World War, the restoration quickly passed.
        1. 123 Online 123
          123 (123) 27 May 2021 14: 41
          I don’t mind. They need to indicate their account number where to transfer money for the implementation of the plan laughing
  2. Eh! It's just that the Western loot ran out of money, and the ball was blown away! This is just the beginning - soon, in tears and snot, they will beg for pennies from Trsch Si!
  3. Let the Chinese go to Africa, to Latin America, there are many unreached opportunities!
  4. Marzhecki Offline Marzhecki
    Marzhecki (Sergei) 27 May 2021 15: 08
    Quote: BoBot Robot - Free Thinking Machine
    Let the Chinese go to Africa, to Latin America, there are many unreached opportunities!

    So they've been there for a long time
  5. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 27 May 2021 15: 39
    Relations with the PRC are the main headache for the United States, and for the Russian Federation, only Ukraine can be the main topic.
  6. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 27 May 2021 16: 22
    Summit of the leaders of the two countries. And it is proposed to discuss the relationship of one of them with the third. Who could think of this before?
    Right! Zhenya is ours, who is Psaki.
  7. Alsur Offline Alsur
    Alsur (Alexey) 27 May 2021 16: 45
    Quote: Petr Vladimirovich
    Summit of the leaders of the two countries. And it is proposed to discuss the relationship of one of them with the third. Who could think of this before?
    Right! Zhenya is ours, who is Psaki.

    This happened more than once in history, in the 60s and 70s of the last century in the USA-USSR-China triangle. The United States always wanted to be friends against a third country, and they negotiated about this.
    1. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 27 May 2021 17: 11
      There was such President Nixon in the States. When I decided to make friends with the PRC against the USSR, I did it simply. I went to Beijing. And he decided everything.
      By the way, he had a branded bauble to stumble on the last step of the plane's ladder. And nothing, the guards were catching ... fellow
  8. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 27 May 2021 19: 46
    idiocy, and this is a very good reason to meet for China to discuss ... and what to discuss, China in 5 years will bend both fascington and the Kremlin "strategist"
  9. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 28 May 2021 00: 42
    The discussion will be about the new world order. Russia and China were forced to meet Biden in April.
    So far, it seems, everything fits together.
  10. Siegfried Offline Siegfried
    Siegfried (Gennady) 28 May 2021 20: 21
    it's so easy to tear Russia away from China by a banal warming of relations may not be enough. There is a conflict of ideologies, albeit not as acute as in the Cold War, but quite tangible in the West too (the rise of the right). Even if it is not noticeable, but Russia has its soft power and affects the societies of the West. Light autocracy vies with liberalism. Europe wants to transform Russia into a liberal democracy and is ready against this background to abandon restraining the development of Russia, hoping for new economic opportunities (capital investment, export growth, etc.). On the contrary, the USA has no interest in the development of Russia, since at best they will get EU + Russia and lose influence. Therefore, they will continue to adversely affect our country. Perhaps giving Russia a respite, the US wants to slow down the rapprochement between China and Russia, and keep Russia as an independent pole, something between the West and the East. But on the other hand, the United States also cannot afford not to restrain the development of Russia.
  11. Alexander Pankov (Alexander Pankow) 30 May 2021 01: 23
    No need to delude ourselves, this is not a turn in relation to Russia. You shouldn't pass off crumbs for a whole sandwich. How many times do you need to repeat to remember: for Western people, in their public consciousness, Russians are not even people, but non-people. Exactly, as in Hitler's ideology, it has taken root everywhere with the help of Hollywood. There will be no misunderstandings like "allies" for the second time.